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Evidence from the United States, Brazil, Japan, and Sweden does indicate that, as income inequality increases, so does the suicide rate. (Photo: Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images) Views
Why Is America’s Suicide Epidemic Hitting Trump’s Base So Hard?
The death(s) of the working class in the age of Trump
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This line of Centrist critique is quite revealing. It perpetuates a prevailing discourse that progressives exist at the political extreme and therefore would like to further split the nation into warring camps. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images) Views
The Divisive Center vs. The Unifying Left
Bernie Sanders did more than just win the Fox News Town Hall, he revealed a different way of bringing the country together
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Abolishing the Electoral College would level the playing field. It would ensure that people, not parties or mechanisms, determine who leads the country. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Abolish the Electoral College, Empower the People
Republicans don't respect Americans enough to let them pick their own president
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Zuzana Čaputová News
"Erin Brockovich of Slovakia" Elected Nation's First Female President
Win by anti-corruption campaigner and lawyer seen as win for pro-European Union forces
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People are envisioning, electing and beginning to enact a true progressive agenda to advance our nation's democratic ideals of economic fairness, social justice and equal opportunity for all. (Photo: Campaign for America's Future ) Views
It's Not Socialism; It's What the People Want
Far from socialism, this is democratic populism, reversing decades of government policies that take from the many to give to the wealthy few
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and former vice president Joe Biden. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Democrats Need to Think Big for 2020
We need a true populist, someone who is able to detail how Trump has betrayed the very workers he claims to serve
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Our task is to keep doing what brought us this far: organizing, harmonizing and mobilizing.(Photo: Screenshot) Views
Push, Push, Push: How Movements Succeed
Push on we must, for it's the only way We the People have ever made progress toward the democratic society we seek
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Progressive Populists account for 44.6 percent of the electorate according to this study. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Views
What Swings the Swing Voter?
Today, a similar common denominator unites every identity group with every economic populist: All have much to gain from policies that address rising inequality
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The Yellow Vests Rise Up Against the Elites and Neoliberal Austerity
What this movement started out as is not necessarily what it will become
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Exposing Our 'Populist' President as a Naked Plutocrat
Public Citizen's brief connects the dots, documenting with concise, easy-to-grasp specifics how Trump the faux populist has systematically sold out the working families whose votes he cynically swiped, handing our government to a kakistocracy of corporate plutocrats.
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