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Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh meets with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in her office on Capitol Hill on August 21, 2018 in Washington, DC. News
Kavanaugh's Accuser Comes Forward, Speaks Out: ‘I Thought He Might Inadvertently Kill Me’
The accuser, a professor at Palo Alto University, passed a polygraph test. Will Kavanaugh take one?
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Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the third day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill News
'Totally Disqualifying': Demands for Kavanaugh to Withdraw After Letter Details Alleged Sexual Assault
The New Yorker provides information on contents of letter Sen. Dianne Feinstein forwarded to FBI
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Protesters in Maine visited one of Sen. Susan Collins's offices last week to demand that she vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for an appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. News
Tens of Thousands of People Raising Money to Defeat Collins If She Votes for Kavanaugh Is Not "Bribery," Say Her Opponents, It's Democracy
"The idea of Susan Collins attacking an effort by 35,000 small dollar donors as bribery is politics at its worst...Unlike Supreme Court judges, senators do not enjoy a lifetime guarantee of their seat; they are accountable to the people."
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Whip the vote News
With 19 Democrats Still 'On the Fence,' Progressives Say That If Schumer Won't Whip His Caucus to Stop Kavanaugh, They Will
"We need all Democratic senators to unite in opposition to Trump's Supreme Court nominee."
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News Flash (Duh) For Kavanaugh: Contraception Is Not Abortion
Shameful sham. Reuters Photo. Front photo by Alex Brandon/AP In what was dubbed a telling "red-alarm moment" in his turbulent confirmation hearings Thursday, increasingly slimy Brett Kavanaugh dropped his fastidious " Roe v. Wade is important precedent" mask long enough to conflate birth control -...
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Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) appeared satisfied with Judge Brett Kavanaugh's statement last month that Roe vs. Wade is "settled law"—but revelations in his confirmation hearings have shown that he believes the law could be overruled by the Supreme Court. News
Fund to Unseat Susan Collins in 2020 Climbs to $500,000 as Leaked Doc Offers New Evidence Kavanaugh Clear Threat to Roe v. Wade
"Kavanaugh not only believes Supreme Court precedent can 'always' be overturned, he said Roe v. Wade is not settled law. This directly contradicts what he's said in his hearing—but confirms what we already knew. What else is he hiding?"
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U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh News
As Day Two of Kavanaugh Hearings Kicks Off, Frustrated Progressives Rail Against Schumer: 'You Are Failing Us'
"Unbelievably, nearly two dozen Democrats have still not come out against Kavanaugh," groups noted in a letter to the Senate Minority Leader. "That is not the leadership we need."
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Groups supporting Kavanaugh’s nomination dwarf groups opposing it by a 3-1 margin on television. (Photo Illustration: Brennan Center/ Views
What We Know About the Money Behind Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Fight
Before senators ask Judge Brett Kavanaugh a single question in his confirmation hearings this week, the debate over his nomination to the Supreme Court will have already been playing out for weeks in TV ads
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'This Is Not a Drill': As Hearings Begin, Democrats Told to 'Go for the Jugular' to #StopKavanaugh
"We're going to make sure our senators hear us. We don't want someone determined to rollback our rights on the bench of our highest court! It's time to get loud!"
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kava-no sign News
Legal Analysis Exposes Kavanaugh's Long History of Siding With Corporate Power Over the Common Good
"The most eye-catching conclusion," says the author, is the Trump nominee's inconsistent reasoning coupled with an "overwhelming tendency to reach conclusions favorable to corporations."
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