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Pompeo has become Mussolini, in the same way that Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu long since had. (Photo: Guardian Screenshot) Views
Fascists R Us: Trump and Pompeo’s Deny That Israeli Squatting on Palestinian Land Is Illegal
A combination of US Evangelical lawlessness and white supremacy with incessant lobbying by the Zionist far right has finally put the United States in the position of supporting the policies of the Axis in World War II.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks during the 2019 J Street National Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on October 28, 2019. News
Trump 'Pandering to His Extremist Base' on Israeli Settlements, Says Bernie Sanders
Sanders was one of a number of critics who saw the Monday announcement that the White House won't treat the settlements as illegal as another attack on the Palestinian people.
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday announced the U.S. is reversing course on decades of nominal opposition to Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine. News
'There Is No More Two-State Solution': Trump Administration to Further Soften Opposition to West Bank Settlements
"How the hell is it possible for the U.S. policy to be any softer?"
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Protesters gathered at the Eiffel Tower News
Delivering 'Catastrophic Message in a Moment of Great Urgency,' Trump Formally Begins Ditching Paris Climate Deal
"President Trump's decision to walk away from the Paris agreement is irresponsible and shortsighted."
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo looks on as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House June 20, 2019 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Views
Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and the Rise of the 'Shallow State'
Pompeo nauseates me almost more than any other member of the president's inner circle, even though there are far more despicable characters to be found there.
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Senators Say Trump May Have Violated Federal Law by Pressuring Countries Into Opposing Abortion Rights
The administration, charged Democratic senators, pressured 70 countries to support an effort "to deny resources and education that could help millions of women and girls around the world."
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Syrian Arab and Kurdish civilians flee amid Turkish bombardment on Syria's northeastern town of Ras al-Ain in the Hasakeh province along the Turkish border on October 9, 2019. News
Critics Denounce Turkey's Ceasefire Demand Announced by Pence as 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Syrian Kurds
President Trump, meanwhile, said Kurdish homeland had to be "cleared out" or Turkey would have had to "kill millions of people."
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Considering that Pompeo is widely known as both a war hawk—a proponent of war with Iran—and an ally of blatant Islamophobes, his declaration of service to a perfect God is definitely troubling. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
The Collusion Of Church and State
Where are the values—religious or otherwise—that can save this recklessly careening, war-addicted, carbon-spewing state from participating both in its own and the whole planet's destruction?
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Our Mad Dog President—and His Bible-Thumping Kennel Pals
The White House theocrats may be the biggest danger of all.
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Leaders of faith and human rights groups News
Human Rights Leaders Arrested at US Capitol Protesting 'Cruel' Trump Plan to Slash Refugee Cap
"We are sending a strong message to the administration that the country we want to live in is one where we take care of people who need safety and we are not afraid to be silenced."
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