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“The Trump administration over its first two years has shown a pervasive pattern of sidelining science in critical decisionmaking, compromising our nation’s ability to meet current and future public health and environmental challenges.” (Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) Views
“Tell Me Donald. Exactly How Much Is a Human Life Being Sold For?”
The numbers do not lie: Trump is killing his voters.
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"Health Warning" reads sign Views
Trump Swamp Threatens Waters of the US
Trump wants to give the nation’s chronic polluters freedom from consequence for harming ecosystems and the nation’s drinking water.
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Consequences of Trump's 'Egregious' War on Science Mount as People and Planet Suffer
"With the president just denying the existence of science," the Trump administration has put right-wing ideology ahead both facts and public health
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“Green New Deal” in US “Must Be Mirrored by a Global Green Deal”
“Right now, the economy is controlled by big corporations whose profits are dependent on the continuation of climate change. This arrangement benefits few, but comes at the detriment of our planet and all its inhabitants."
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Exploitation of the environment through over-extraction of resources and toxic pollution are externalities that are rarely discussed in the context of “the market” or economic growth. (Photo: iStock) Views
An Economy That Does Not Consider Ecology Is Not Sustainable
As long as economics always takes precedence, ecology will inevitably come back to bite us in the ass
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Representatives of United States President Donald Trump himself also made a presentation about the benefits of coal, natural gas and nuclear power. (Photo: Joanna Flisowska/Climate Action Network) Views
Coal in, Activists Kept Out at Katowice Climate Talks
All progress made during the first week of climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland was overshadowed by the deportation of at least 12 civil society representatives and the no-holds-barred promotion of the coal industry at the official conference venue
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Those who stand in the way of protecting people and countless other species from the worst consequences of climate disruption, especially those with the power to do something, are committing crimes against humanity. They aren’t fit to lead. (Photo: The White House via Flickr) Views
Politicians Who Deny Reality Aren’t Fit to Lead
When faced with conclusive evidence of a major threat to citizens, a true leader would do everything possible to confront it
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 Greta Thunberg is leading a school strike and sits outside of the Swedish Parliament, in an effort to force politicians to act on climate change. (Photograph: Michael Campanella for the Guardian) Views
I'm Striking From School to Protest Inaction on Climate Change – You Should Too
Every Friday, I miss classes to sit outside my country’s parliament. I will continue to do so until leaders come into line with the Paris agreement
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 “We’ve got involved because at this stage we can’t vote, we’re not politicians and we want to make a difference. We can’t stand around waiting.” (Photo: Views
Australian Kids Plan “Big School Walkout for Climate Action”
“When young people try to have a voice in politics, Scott Morrison is shutting them down, yet he’s happy to listen to the coal lobby and big corporations who continue to profit from making climate change worse.”
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'Crime Against Humanity' and 'International Embarrassment': Trump Refuses to 'Believe' Climate Report
His administration just released a major report detailing far-reaching impacts of the climate crisis. His response? "I don't believe it."
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