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President Donald Trump News
Threatening 'Swift' Retaliation if US, Israel, or Allies Probed, Trump Celebrates ICC's Rejected War Crimes Probe as 'Major International Victory'
Victims' advocates called the court's decision "a grave disappointment for survivors of war-on-terror era torture who have waited nearly two decades for justice"
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A sign outside the International Criminal Court in The Hague News
Following Trump Administration's Bullying, ICC Judges Reject Probe Into War Crimes in Afghanistan
The decision represents "a shocking abandonment of the victims"
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is joined by Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott News
Citing Assange's Work Exposing US 'Atrocities,' UK Labour Leaders Speak Out Against Extradition Effort
The WikiLeaks publisher, says shadow home secretary, "is being pursued because he has exposed wrongdoing by U.S. administrations and their military forces."
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Fatou Bensouda News
'Shameful': Trump Admin Revokes ICC Prosecutor's Visa Over Probe of Potential US War Crimes in Afghanistan
Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda's office said she will continue her work for the Hague-based tribunal "without fear or favor."
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'Renouncing Violence' Is a Demand Made Almost Exclusively of Muslims
What makes the West's arbitrary, violent occupations per se justified, while less sophisticated counter-occupations who refuse to go full Gandhi are committing a profound moral transgression?
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Men stand over bodies during a protest in Kunduz province north of Afghanistan, Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019. News
US Bombing Kills 10 Children in Afghanistan: UN
Deadly airstrikes comes amid record civilian casualties in war-ravaged country
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The Death of Peace: How the US Empire Starts Wars, But Refuses to End Them
America's senior generals find no exits from endless war
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo News
'Blatant Effort to Intimidate and Retaliate': Pompeo Imposes Visa Ban on ICC Staff Probing US War Crimes
"It reeks of the very totalitarian practices that are characteristic of the worst human rights abusers."
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Children in Street Kids School, Kabul, March 2019. (Photo: Maya Evans) Views
Can We Divest From Weapons Dealers?
Impoverished people living in numerous countries today would stand a far better chance of survival, and risk far less trauma, if weapon manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Raytheon stopped manufacturing and selling death-dealing products
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'The American People Do Not Want Endless War': Sanders, Warren, and Ocasio-Cortez Back Pledge to Bring Post-9/11 Conflicts to a Close
"Congress must reassert its constitutional authority over the use of force and responsibly end these interventions," said the Vermont senator.
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