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Swedish Activist Fined for Viral Live-Streamed Protest Against Deportation of Afghan Asylum Seeker
"It is right to save lives and wrong to be punished for trying."
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Muhammad Ali teaching a “relational learning circle” class during orientation at the APV Borderfree . (Photo: Dr. Hakim) Views
What it Really Takes to Secure Peace in Afghanistan
Constant military surveillance of Afghans yields almost no real intelligence about the problems they face each day. An unusual group of volunteers uses a far different approach
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What term best describes a war that has cost something like a trillion dollars, killed and maimed tens of thousands, and produced a protracted stalemate? (Photo: JCS via Flickr) Views
Lost in TrumpWorld: What Matters and What Doesn't
War in the shadows (of you know who)
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Despite media’s agonizing over a potential drawdown of American empire, it’s still unlikely that Trump will ever withdraw completely from Afghanistan.(Photo: Screenshot) Views
Media Rally Around ‘Forever War’ in Afghanistan
Corporate media needn’t worry: At least under a Donald Trump presidency, the US empire isn’t going anywhere soon.
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Afghan security officials inspect the scene of a 2017 suicide car bombing in Kandahar province. (Photo: AP) Views
A Brief History of Our Longest, Most Futile War
The grand plan to transform Afghanistan into a democracy by force was a U.S. imperial fantasy
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Voting Against McConnell Amendment, Sanders Says 'American People Do Not Want Endless War'
While rejecting Trump's "reckless" foreign policy, said senator, "It is the job of Congress to responsibly end these military interventions and bring our troops home."
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Defying War and Defining Peace in Afghanistan
Since 2001, and at a cost of $800 billion, the U.S. military has caused irreparable and horrific losses in Afghanistan
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US airstrike on Afghanistan. Views
Afghanistan: America's Shameful War
An ancient Hindu prayer says, ‘Lord Shiva, save us from the claw of the tiger, the fang of the cobra, and the vengeance of the Afghan.’ The United States, champion of freedom and self-determination, is now in its 18th year of colonial war in Afghanistan. This miserable, stalemated conflict is...
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In the years that followed, the very idea of a peace dividend, even the phrase itself, would simply vanish. (Photo: Program Executive Office Soldier/Flickr/cc) Views
Amnesia and the 'Bleeding Wound': Afghanistan and the Implosion of America
If you were against the single most disastrous, megalomanic foreign policy act of this century, there’s no place for you in present-day Washington, not in the administration, either party in Congress, or even in memory
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The Wall, The Endless War, and the Troops Who Pay
Neither Trump nor the rest of the Establishment appear to give a damn about the men and women whom they praise so effusively
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