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Single-payer health care, which works so well in other countries, would reduce the outrageous fees some doctors charge in our bloated system, and end the stranglehold that for-profit interests currently have on patients and their pocketbooks. (Photo: Molly Adams/Flickr/cc) Views
The AMA Stops Us From Getting Health Care
We demand you step out of the way of Medicare For All, which is the health care we want and need
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People’s Action hit on all cylinders in D.C. –with rallies, protests and marches, and in committee rooms and offices and on Capitol Hill. (Photo: People's Action) Views
#PeoplesWave Rises Up For #MedicareForAll
The forces working against us are very strong, so we must keep growing our movement
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Ashley Bennett (center left) and other People’s Action leaders at the office of Sen. Elizabeth Warren in December, 2018. (Photo credit: People’s Action) Views
We Will Not Rest Until Housing Justice Is Done
For too long, big banks and the one percent have built fortunes on the backs of low-income tenants
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GND News
'Now Is the Time to Be Bold and Unapologetic': Progressives Building 'Unprecedented Political Coalition' Around Green New Deal
"The only solution that matches the scale of our multiple crises, including global warming, corporate control of our food system, income inequality, and the general decline of our environment and our democracy"
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The Declaration for American Democracy News
'Our Democracy Is Sick': Progressive Groups Join Forces to Ensure Voting Rights and End Corporate Sabotage of Common Good
"Today our system is in crisis," warns the new Declaration for American Democracy. "Together we must build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, voting rights are fully enforced, and everyone's voice is heard."
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Towns Carried by Trump in 2016 Among Those Planning 'Community Cookouts' to Raise Funds for Detained and Separated Families
"A lot of people who live in communities that Trump won in 2016 are people who are standing with migrant families today."
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Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy News
'Our Democracy Is Under Attack': Broad Coalition Hosts 175+ #ConfrontCorruption Vigils Nationwide
"R ecent self-dealing, conflicts of interest, and attacks on the rule of law have dragged our country to a new low, but the roots of today's corruption extend well beyond any one president or Congress. "
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The Future of "American" Is Up To Us
Many of our nation’s best moments have been when we heeded the call to stand down hatred and racism. Now should be one of those times.
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Here's the Story of How I Met Detained Minors on My Flight From Texas
“How old are you?” I asked in Spanish. “Sixteen,” she answered. “Did you come here with your families?” “Alone.” she said. “Are you scared?” I asked. “Yes.”
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Vigil for Charlottesville in Minneapolis, MN this week. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue, Flickr / CC) Views
Charlottesville Is An Urgent Call for Voting Rights
Saturday night I arrived in Virginia as the conscience of the country and world turned toward the state. Earlier that day, hundreds of organized white supremacists gathered for a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in the mountainous Western part of the state, home to the University of...
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