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Corporate Media Team With Trump to Disparage Public Health Experts
Contrary to a recent New York Times headline, it's clearly not a question of "who" is protesting, when it comes to public health recommendations. It's "what" is being protested.
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Protesters in protective gear dig mock graves symbolizing deaths due to Covid-19 to protest against the Brazilian government's handling of the pandemic on June 11, 2020 at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo: Fabio Alarico Teixeira/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) News
Amid Growing Death Toll in Brazil, Bolsonaro's Handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic Condemned as 'Pitiful'
"This is the worst public health crisis we've faced—and it has come at a time when we have the worst government in the world."
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Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva News
Lula Warns 'Reckless' Pandemic Response by Bolsonaro Leading Brazil 'to the Slaughterhouse'
The former Brazilian president joined a growing global chorus criticizing how the country's current leader has handled the public health crisis.
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discarded vegetables in florida News
Amplifying Food Supply Chain Concerns, 230+ Coronavirus Cases Close Down Top US Pork Producer
The indefinite shutdown comes as farmers nationwide are forced to dump fresh milk and mulch unharvested produce back into the ground.
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Anita Dunn News
Biden Adviser Compares Sanders at Debate to the 'Kind of Protester Who Often Shows Up at Campaign Events'
"Let this sink in. Understand that all of us in the Sanders campaign are seen as nothing but trespassers on their party property and they absolutely cannot wait to call the cops."
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U.S. President Donald Trump shakes the hand of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro News
Conflicting Reports About Brazil President Bolsonaro Intensify Alarm Over Trump's Possible Exposure to Coronavirus
"If Trump really hasn't been tested since this, it's extreme medial recklessness and political irresponsibility. If he has, then it's a scandalous that we don't know the results."
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Glenn Greenwald News
'Not Good Enough': After Judge's Ruling, Greenwald Vows to Take Press Freedom Case to Brazil's Supreme Court
"We want a clear ruling from the Supreme Court that will enduringly protect the right of a free press against further assaults from the Bolsonaro government."
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David Miranda and Glenn Greenwald News
Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda on Bolsonaro's Far-Right Movement in Brazil: 'We Intend to Fight This Repression, Not Flee From It'
The Rio de Janeiro-based couple, an American journalist and Brazilian congressman, detail the attacks they have endured over the past year.
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Snowden and Greenwald News
Snowden Warns Targeting of Greenwald and Assange Shows Governments 'Ready to Stop the Presses—If They Can'
"The most essential journalism of every era," says the NSA whistleblower, "is precisely that which a government attempts to silence."
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Glenn Greenwald Views
When Computer Crimes Are Used to Silence Journalists
Why EFF stands against the prosecution of Glenn Greenwald
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