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Guatemalan migrants deported from the United States remain outside the Air Force Base after their arrival in Guatemala City on July 31, 2019. Views
All or Nothing: A Green New Deal for Central America
The Trump administration is already campaigning for the upcoming elections and its main target is an easy fragile one – migration and how to put the brakes on it. Turning Guatemala into a temporary prison has been its latest achievement.
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The Old Democratic Trade Paradigm Is Collapsing. Good Riddance.
"Critically, Warren would also include the welfare of other countries as part of the considerations" as she negotiates a trade deal
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In the quarter-century under NAFTA, more than 1 million American jobs were lost, U.S. wages stagnated and U.S. trade deficits with Mexico increased. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Views
Whether It’s the New NAFTA or the Old NAFTA, It Serves the 1 Percent
One percenters like Mulvaney, self-dealing corporate honchos and fancy-pants corporate lobbyists negotiated the deals. They didn’t give a damn about jobs or wages or workers’ welfare.
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The migrants’ stories, gaunt faces, and vulnerability continue to haunt me. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
A Border Crisis of Our Own Making
For 30 years I've led faith delegations to Central America, seeing firsthand how U.S. policies displaced the people now arriving at our border
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Washington Post depiction (3/27/19) of a “Border at ‘Breaking Point'” Views
Outlets Denounced as ‘Enemies of People’ Still Promote Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Narratives
Establishment outlets have helped spread the Trump administration’s message
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For anyone paying attention, its no coincidence that two of the three countries have the highest numbers of refugees are Afghanistan and Syria—countries that have born a large brunt of the US’ War on Terror. (Photo: Getty) Views
Democrats Might Oppose Trump’s National Emergency, But They’re Hardly the Resistance
While Congress and Trump debate the legality of declaring a National Emergency, our violence abroad causing forced migration will continue unabated.
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The New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index determined that Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest place in the world. The HPI considers three variables: happiness, ecological footprint, and life expectancy. (Photo: Susan Hardman) Views
Why Costa Rica Tops the Happiness Index
How a focus on peace is helping this Central American country top the Happy Planet Index
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"El Salvador provides perhaps the most striking case of how US responsibility is obscured in the current immigration debate, based on the notoriety of Mara Salvatrucha, a predominantly Salvadoran street gang better known as MS-13." (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Key Fact Obscured in Immigration Coverage: MS-13 Was Made in USA
Perhaps more outrageous is the failure of the establishment press to grapple with how current immigration issues are connected to US intervention in Central America, and the subsequent gang violence it helped trigger
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"In Mexico, the influx of corn has created a situation where U.S.-grown corn is cheaper than corn grown in Mexico, pushing farmers and families off their land." (Photo: Richard Perry/NYTimes) Views
Recognizing the Neoliberal Roots at the Heart of Trump's Cruel and Inhumane Border Policies
America’s unique responsibility for creating this crisis is one of the many reasons that we have to put an end to the president's "zero-tolerance" policy.
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How Regenerative Food and Farming Can Reverse Rural Poverty and Forced Migration in the Americas
"Regenerative food and farming is the new gold standard for climate and environmentally friendly agriculture and land use across the world."
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