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Elliot Abrams Confirms to Senate Hearing That US Still 'Working Hard' to Overthrow Maduro in Venezuela
Admission was latest sign that high pressure campaign on Venezuela's leftist government—including crushing economic sanctions—remains.
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We must ask ourselves whether we will continue to accept our government’s participation in a Trump administration regime change effort that effectively undermines the ability of ordinary Venezuelans to feed themselves. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
Canada's Support for Trump Administration's Venezuela Policy
Ottawa has not criticized the devastating US sanctions. Quite the opposite. It has egged the bully on.
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An all-encompassing expression of goodwill in the form of a New Good Neighbor Policy will meet resistance from vested economic and military interests, as well as those persuaded by racist arguments.(Photo: CC) Views
Long Overdue for Latin America: A New "Good Neighbor Policy"
Instead of continuing down this imperial path of endless confrontation, U.S. policymakers need to stop, recalibrate, and design an entirely new approach to inter-American relations.
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A January 2015 meeting between Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Vice President Biden—unlikely to be repeated if Biden wins the presidency. (Photo: AP) Views
Biden and Trump on Venezuela: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Biden’s policies are the same policies and exact rhetoric used by the Trump administration.
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President Nicolás Maduro addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters on May 1, 2019, a day after Guaidó’s attempted coup. Views
Bolton Weaves a Tall Tale in his Venezuela Chapter
Four major sanctions over 10 months that crippled the Venezuelan economy are hardly indicative of an administration that "vacillated and wobbled", in Bolton’s words.
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Ireland and Norway endorsed the Basel Ban Amendment on eliminating the export of waste from rich to poor countries. Canada has refused to support the initiative, which became binding last year after 97 countries ratified it.  (Image: Canadian Foreign Policy Institute) Views
Canada Isn't the Right Choice for the UN Security Council
For progressive Canadians the message is simple: Better than the USA is not good enough.
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Photo from Telesur (via People’s Dispatch, 5/6/20) of captured mercenaries in Venezuela. Views
Corporate Media Don’t Think Americans Paid to Invade Venezuela Count as Mercenaries
It’s clear that the men behind the La Guaira invasion aren’t described as mercenaries because the US government and media alike favor regime change in Venezuela.
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The townspeople of Chuao, Venezuela, being honored for their role in the capture of eight mercenaries. Views
Botched Infiltration of Venezuela Leaves Guaidó Tainted Beyond Repair
Unless Democrats begin to take advantage of the liability Guaidó represents and push back against Trump’s regime change efforts, there seems to be little hope of improving U.S.–Venezuela relations, regardless of who wins the presidency in November.
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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro describes how mercenaries attempting a coup failed miserably on Sunday morning. News
'Simply Unacceptable': Progressives Condemn Apparent Mercenary Coup Attempt on Venezuela in Midst of Pandemic
"The U.S. is looking for excuses to invade Venezuela, and that is why it uses mercenaries."
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Littoral combat ship USS Detroit off the coast of Venezuela. (Photo: US Navy/DoD) Views
Threatening Military Intervention in Venezuela During a Pandemic?
With cities in Venezuela under lockdown and the country struggling to address a looming public health crisis and yet another economic shock, it is clear that the Trump administration sees a new opportunity to exercise "maximum pressure" to try to achieve regime change.
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