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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) News
Warren Challenges Facebook's Political Advertising Policy—With Ad That Falsely Claims CEO Zuckerberg Endorsed Trump
"Facebook holds incredible power to affect elections and our national debate," said the presidential hopeful. "They've decided to let political figures lie to you."
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Police body cameras Views
California Just Blocked Police Body Cam Use of Face Recognition
The rise of face and other biometric surveillance technologies gives governments an unprecedented power to track, classify, and discriminate against people based on their most personal, innate features.
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Despite long-standing reassurances by vendors and election officials that voting machines cannot be hacked because they are not connected to the internet, recent security reports reveal that many voting machines are connected to the internet and possibly have been for years. (Photo: Getty) Views
Voting Machines Pose A Greater Threat to Our Elections Than Foreign Agents
Security experts are alarmed at internet connectivity in voting systems because it can allow hackers to inject malware that disrupts or changes the outcome of an election.
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg News
'Does Anyone Think That's a Bad Thing?': Leaked Zuckerberg Audio Suggests Warren Vow to Break Up Facebook Has Tech Giant Spooked
"I'm not afraid to hold Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon accountable," tweeted the 2020 candidate on Tuesday. "It's time to #BreakUpBigTech."
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Just as Digital Privacy Advocates Warned, Bezos Admits Amazon Writing Its Own Laws on Facial Recognition
This technology, says one critic, "poses a profound threat to the future of human liberty that can't be mitigated by industry-friendly regulations."
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Google Becomes Evil
Why is the tech giant censoring alternative web sites?
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Because 'Everything Is on Fire,' Nearly 1,000 Amazon Workers Pledge to Walk Out and Join Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20
"We understand the threat of the climate crisis and want to work for a company that makes climate a priority."
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Democrats need to use the tools available in a rapidly changing digital landscape to reach 2020 voters. Views
Democratic Candidates Must Communicate Differently to Impress a New Generation of Voters
And they need to start now
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Use holds smart phone showing Facebook's news feed News
'A Major Step Forward': Multi-State Probe Targets Facebook's Possible Antitrust Violations
"Even the largest social media platform in the world must follow the law and respect consumers."
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A young girl uses a laptop News
Advocates Blast 'Paltry' $170 Million Penalty for Google's Violations of Child Privacy Rules
"The FTC let Google off the hook with a drop-in-the-bucket fine. Not a single Google executive or investor will bat an eye."
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