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Study Suggests Twitter Bots Have 'Substantial Impact' on Spreading Climate Misinformation
A quarter of climate-related tweets in the studied period—around when Trump announced plans to ditch the Paris agreement—came from bots.
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"Huge Win" for Tech Workers' Rights as Kickstarter Employees Vote to Unionize
"To all tech and creative workers looking to fight for your rights, this is only just the beginning!"
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On Thursday, Free Press Action released its 2020 “Right to Connect Voter Guide,” an analysis of presidential candidates’ positions on vital media and technology policies. It analyzes the positions of nine Democratic and Republican presidential candidates polling at 3 percent or above in recent national polls. (Image: Free Press Action) Views
Your Emoji-Based Guide to Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Media and Tech Policy
President Donald Trump gets all frowns, but Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren stand out for their proposals to invest billions to expand internet access and rein in steep broadband prices that keep low-income families and people of color offline.
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A display shows a facial recognition system for law enforcement News
'Breathtaking Assault on Our Rights': Privacy Advocates Decry London Police Plan to Use Live Facial Recognition Cameras
"This decision represents an enormous expansion of the surveillance state and a serious threat to civil liberties in the U.K."
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UN Report on Saudi Prince's Hacking of Bezos's Phone Raises Questions Over Other Potentially Compromised Elites
"If the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally hacked Bezos's phone via malicious files sent over text, it seems extremely likely he's hacked heads of state the same way."
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'Stop This Sale': 11 NGO Leaders at Davos Warn Against Pending Private Equity Takeover of .Org Domain
"The security of civil society should not be entrusted to private equity."
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The House on Wednesday passed a telecommunications bill with a unique section designed to reassure service providers. News
'A Win for Telecom': House Overwhelmingly Passes 5G Bill That Bars Consideration of Industry Nationalization
"This legislation looks to be a handout to big telecom."
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Big Tech must do more in the 2020 election to protect the public. Views
A New Year's Resolution for Big Tech: Step Up to Stop Hate
There's a very real possibility that the same companies that fell down on the job in 2016 will once again be a force for evil in 2020.
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Protesters against the Indian government's anti-Muslim citizenship bill are wary of police use of facial recognition technology. News
'An Act of Mass Surveillance': India Use of Facial Recognition Tech Against Protesters Angers Privacy Advocates
Privacy advocates on Monday raised concerns over reports that Indian security forces used facial recognition technology to identify dissidents at a political rally in December and warned that if left unchecked the government would continue to suppress dissent. "The use of the system for profiling...
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Federal Study on Racial Biases in Facial Recognition Technology Confirms Warnings of Civil Liberties Groups
African American and Asian American men were misidentified 100 times as often as white men.
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