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Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive
"Pesticides cause a multitude of adverse effects on humans. However, they are especially harmful to children."
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"Industrial agribusiness, led by multi-billion dollar corporations like Tyson, is destroying our most precious natural resource—water." (Photo: Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources) Views
From 'Sea to Shining Sea,' Industrial Ag Fouls America's Waterways
Given agriculture’s role in destroying our most precious natural resource, you’d think the U.S. Congress would do everything in its power to protect your water.
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Alarm Sounds After EU Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell
Critics of the deal warn the decision will allow the companies, "together with BASF, to become data giants in agriculture—the 'Facebooks of farming'—with all the pitfalls that entails."
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Boosting Hopes for Total Ban, EU Regulator's New Assessment Confirms Neonics' Harm to Bees
"We have been playing Russian Roulette with the future of our bees for far too long"
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Despite Major Public Opposition, EU Reportedly Set to Approve Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell
"A merged Bayer-Monsanto would be relentless in its pursuit of putting corporate profits over the protection of small farms—eventually driving up prices for consumers."
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The most significant sources of phosmet exposure in children’s diets are peaches, peas, apples, blueberries, milk and contaminated drinking water. Views
Pruitt’s EPA Abandoning Duty to Protect Kids From Dangerous Pesticides
These pesticides persist as residues on some of the most popular foods in kids’ diets. Yet both will likely be used on agricultural crops until at least 2022.
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Report Illustrates Dire Consequences of Corporate Consolidation Throughout Global Food Chain
"The fight for market share is achieved at the expense of the weakest links in the chain: farmers, and workers."
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Ahead of EU Glyphosate Vote, Greenpeace Demands Nothing Less Than Total Ban
Environmentalists celebrate parliament's vote for outright ban while warning against executive arm's proposed compromise
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A farmer plows a field in Gragnague, Midi-Pyrenees, France. (Photo: Lelou/cc/flickr) Views
New Study Shows Glyphosate Contaminated Soils Put Half of Europe at Risk
"Agribusiness giants have always interfered in the decisions of governments and international regulatory agencies in order to increase their profits from the agrichemicals market, as well as to keep their control on the food market."
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Tainted Honey: Bee-Poisoning Pesticides Found Globally
Lead researcher says there were "relatively few places where we did not find any" samples contaminated with neonics known to harm bees
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