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People cycle as the sun sets on Lake Shinji in Matsue, Shimane prefecture on July 25, 2008. News
'Landmark New Research' Links Neonics With Collapse of Fisheries
"Just awful, what gruesome harm we are inflicting on the environment."
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Ten years into AGRA, Global Hunger Index scores remained in the "serious" or "alarming" categories for 12 of the 13 AGRA countries. (Photo: Global Justice Now/cc/flickr) Views
The Battle for the Future of Food in Africa
Certain policies, strongly promoted by the Gates Foundation, open Africa to the multinational seed companies in the name of modernization, but they undermine climate resilience and food security for Africa’s small-scale farmers.
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The answer the threats facing the bees and other pollinators, writes filmmaker Peter Nelson "is not going to come from the top, but is going to come from our own citizen actions on a grassroots level." (Photo: Peter Nelson / 'The Pollinators') Views
What's Wrong With the Bees? Our New Film, "The Pollinators," Seeks an Answer
If these beekeepers are worried, we all should be: our diet depends upon pollination for one of every three bites we eat.
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A French mayor banned the pesticide glysophate from areas near homes in his village and inspired other municipalities to do the same. News
After Mayor of Small Village Bans Glyphosate, Dozens of Others Join Rebellion Against French Law
Tests on the people of Langouët showed levels of glyphosate—one of the most widely used herbicides and the active ingredient in RoundUp—in their urine up to 30 times the recommended limit. It was especially high in children.
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Not Just the Bees, First-of-Its-Kind Study Shows Neonics May Be Killing Birds Too
"It's clear evidence these chemicals can affect populations."
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Protesters hold balloons on January 20, 2018 in Berlin during a demonstration under the slogan "We are fed up" against agricultural politics and the use of glyphosate, dumping exports and for sustainable agriculture. News
Because 'A World Without Insects Is Not Worth Living In,' Germany Announces Plan to Ban Glyphosate
"What we need is more humming and buzzing."
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Cotton Field Views
Big Ag Is a Major Obstacle to Combating the Climate Crisis
Grim as the recent U.N.'s climate report is, it doesn't go far enough to confront the dangerous government-hijacking power of agribusiness
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Honeybees, essential pollinators, are under threat due to a new Trump administration rule allowing widespread use of a dangerous pesticide. News
Groups Sue Trump's EPA in Response to 'Nauseating' Approval of Bee-Killing Pesticide
"Pure pro-pesticide politics."
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A protester holds dead bees News
Bolsonaro Greenlights New Pesticides Even as Advocates Mourn Half Billion Dead Bees in Brazil
"The death of all these bees is a sign that we're being poisoned."
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"The Biggest Little Farm” will likely leave you inspired, hopeful even, and you'll want all your friends to see it. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Got Climate Anxiety? Watch "The Biggest Little Farm"—a Template for Regeneration
The real takeaway from this movie is that the miracle of self-renewal can happen anywhere, once soil-health restoration becomes the priority and the processes that allow nature to regenerate are set into motion.
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