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Trans people live in poverty at more than double the national rate—and 30 percent of us have been homeless. (Photo: shutterstock / zimmytws) Views
The Supreme Court Needs to Protect Trans People from Discrimination
"I wasn’t hired because I am trans. And in more than half the country—twenty-nine states, in fact—that’s perfectly legal."
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A pedestrian walks past tents and trash News
Day After Trump Denigrates Homeless, Sanders Unveils $2.5 Trillion #HousingForAll Plan to Address Crisis
"My administration will be looking out for working families and tenants, not the billionaires who control Wall Street."
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'Internment Camps for the Homeless': Housing Advocates Horrified by Trump Push for 'Crackdown' on California Homelessness
"Further efforts to criminalize or otherwise harm people experiencing homelessness are unconscionable."
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Anti-war demonstration in New York City on the 16th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, October 7 2017. (Photo: Erik McGregor/SIPA USA/PA Images) Views
Should We Feed Hungry Children, or the War Machine?
Every dollar of public money financing US militarism abroad is a dollar that could fight hunger, homelessness, or climate change.
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Boston police destroyed wheelchairs belonging to homeless residents Tuesday night. News
'Heartbreaking' Scene on Boston Streets as Police Destroy Wheelchairs Belonging to Homeless Residents
"Can we all agree that it is inhumane and cruel and a waste of resources to crush the wheelchairs of people who are living on the street after a car accident in a full body cast?"
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It's one thing to have a president who thinks "Out of sight; out of mind" should be an actual public policy. It's another thing to have a president who's clearly out of his mind. (Photo: AFP/Timothy A. Clary) Views
The Mad Corruptions of Trump Inc.
We have a president who's clearly out of his mind
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LGBTQ+ activists News
'Dangerous and Disgraceful': HUD Proposal Would Let Homeless Shelters Turn Away Trans People
Critics condemned the proposal as "yet another example of tragic cruelty of this administration."
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Fair Housing Advocates Applaud Oregon's Historic Rent Control Law—But Vow to Fight for Even Better Protections
"Let's call this cap 'anti-price gouging,' and continue to demand that the state lift the ban on rent control so that local lawmakers can finish the job the state was unwilling to do."
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There’s no reason why anyone should die in the United States because it’s too hard to find shelter—especially from extreme weather conditions accelerated by climate change. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Imagine Being Homeless During the Polar Vortex
While the president chased after his wall, the real national emergency was people dying in extreme weather
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Bergen County Ended Chronic Homelessness, So Can Every Other Community
“If your goal is not to eliminate homelessness in your community then your efforts will seem aimless.”
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