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Why We Should Commandeer Hotels to House the Homeless
Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis in plain sight and a bleak indictment of capitalism. Now the capitalists have a chance—a duty, really—to step up in the clutch.
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While some small businesses have managed to get government loans to keep paying their workers, they’ve received no similar protection from landlords demanding their monthly rent. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
If Small Businesses Aren't Essential, Neither Is Collecting Rent
Without rent and mortgage relief, millions of families and smaller landlords could lose their homes and businesses.
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We needed a Homes Guarantee yesterday. We need national rent control so landlords can’t jack up prices for the sole purpose of squeezing every last drop of profit they can out of their working-class tenants. (Photo: Jeremy Hogan/Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images) Views
Coronavirus Is a Housing Crisis. Here’s How We Fix It.
How can you shelter in place if you don’t have shelter?
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) News
'Absurdity and Cruelty' of US Healthcare System, Says Sanders, 'Should Now Be Apparent to All'
As the country faces the coronavirus pandemic and an economic crisis, the senator explains the "need to articulate a new direction for America."
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Tenant right advocates including Karissa Stotts organized a honking vehicle protest around the U.S. Bank building in Minneapolis on April 8, 2020. News
Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Canceling Rent and Suspending Mortgage Payments During Pandemic
"My bill to cancel rent and mortgages isn't just necessary," says Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, "it's popular."
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Facing Our Other Crises With Lessons From COVID-19
As we prepare to bring our economies back from their pause, it is time to work hard for a just and green recovery. We have the resources, the scientific and technical knowledge, and the proven policies for all of us to live well.
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The one certainty is that the most vulnerable and excluded members of society will suffer the worst consequences, as with all economic crises. (Photo: Giacomo Carra on Unsplash) Views
Will Covid-19 Spur a Peoples’ Bailout for the World’s Poorest?
The question is whether Covid-19 will awaken us to the stark inequalities of our world, or does it simply represent a new cause of impoverishment for the vast swathes of humanity who have long been disregarded by the public’s conscience?
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As Thousands of Las Vegas Hotel Rooms Sit Empty, City Paints 'Social Distancing Boxes' in Parking Lot for Homeless People
"This is America."
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St. Martin de Porres homeless shelter client Randy Armstrong says the coronavirus “sucks.” There are 212 mats at St. Martin de Porres shelter for men like Armstrong over the age of 50. He’s shoved his mat against the wall for more space. (Photo: Alan Berner / The Seattle Times) Views
Six Quick—But Very Important—Points About Coronavirus and Poverty in the US
The most vulnerable among us simply do not have the same options as the most privileged.
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An aerial view of homes destroyed by the Camp Fire on February 11, 2019 in Paradise, California. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Views
The Climate-Fueled Camp Fire Took Their Homes. Now They Are at Risk of Losing FEMA Housing Too.
It's time for our country to focus on massive, extreme events—fueled by climate change—that result in the instantaneous homelessness of tens of thousands of people.
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