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'Astounding': Email Shows Ex-EPA Chief Pruitt Locked Out His Own Agency's Top Experts While Hatching War on Science
"Crafting any significant proposal behind closed doors without even bothering to notify career scientific staff suggests that it's much more about politics than it is about science."
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Making 'Fringe' Scientist Who Argues Exposure Good for People a Key Witness, Trump's EPA Moves to Roll Back Radiation Safety Rules
"The agency is ignoring scientific evidence by instead claiming a little radiation is good for you. This is clearly an attempt to save industry money at the expense of women and children's health."
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More Proof Trump EPA 'Working for Coal Millionaires' as EPA Plan to Weaken Mercury Regulations Revealed
"If anyone needed further proof that Wheeler and Wehrum are still working for coal millionaires, this is it."
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The 'Burn It All Down' Approach: Trump Uses Dire Warming Predictions to Justify Increasing Emissions
"The amazing thing they're saying is human activities are going to lead to this rise of carbon dioxide that is disastrous for the environment and society. And then they're saying they're not going to do anything about it."
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Our survey of federal scientists confirmed that morale is desperately low, and that many offices no longer feel they have the staff to do their jobs. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
The EPA Can’t Stop Polluters When the Trump Administration Cuts Enforcement Staff
These staff reductions fly in the face of Congressional action that appropriated funds for the EPA to maintain these programs
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EPA Exodus: Nearly 1,600 Workers Have Left Since Trump Took Office, Analysis Shows
"My feeling was I could do better work to protect the environment outside the EPA," says one former agency employee
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“The analysis describes the different methods states might use to regulate coal-powered plants, and the health effects of each option.” (Photo: Jack Sem, / Flickr Creative Commons) Views
EPA Coal Plan Could Cause Up to 1,400 Premature Deaths Annually (and Trump's EPA Knows It But Doesn't Care)
“With the Trump dirty power plan we see again that the Trump administration cares more about extending the lives of coal plants than the American people.”
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Two Truths and a Lie: Trump Won’t Save Coal or Slow Clean Energy With Clean Power Plan Rollback
The Trump administration’s new, enfeebled policy doesn’t come close to meeting the legal threshold required of the EPA to create safeguards against carbon emissions
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Trump's Coal-Friendly EPA Rule Decried as 'Sheer Reckless Folly' and 'All-Out Assault on Our Climate and Communities'
"Trump is actively destroying the planet in order to enrich his billionaire friends in the fossil fuel industry. We must fight back."
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Former Koch Industries Lawyer Turned Top Trump EPA Official Set to Deliver Major Win for Big Polluters
"Even if the president ends up in prison, we're going to be paying for this era for the rest of our lives."
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