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 A Yemeni boy rides a bike on rubble of houses destroyed in a recent airstrike carried out by warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition, on May 23, 2019 in Sana'a, Yemen. News
Outrage After Trump, Advancing "Alarming Desire to Sow Chaos Abroad," Uses Loophole to Send US Bombs to Saudis
"These weapons will be used to create even more death and destruction."
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Activists protest President Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban" in Washington, D.C. on January 29, 2017. Views
The Muslim and The Trump
It is not only in President Xi that Mr. Trump finds a companion spirit when the topic is Muslims.
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Views
The Terrifying Implications of India’s Elections for People and the Planet
The Modi government’s far-right bigotry is well-known, but its equally disturbing environmental record isn’t.
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kids in berlin News
"We're Stepping Up—Join Us": Climate Leaders Answer Youth School Strikers' Call for Global Action
"There's something fundamentally undignified about leaving our troubles to school kids to resolve. It's time for the elders to act like elders."
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The migration crisis is, more accurately, a crisis of displacement. It is the product of a model of globalization that prioritizes the profits of a few over the lives of the many. (Photo by Orlando Sierra/Stringer/Getty Images) Views
The Right to Stay Home
Welcoming migrants is not enough—We need to change the global economy of displacement
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As Millions March to Demand Climate Action, Research Reveals Protests Make People More Optimistic About Affecting Change
"People who participate in marches can gain public support, convince people that change can occur, and also normalize the participants themselves."
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President Donald Trump addresses supporters at a rally in October 2018. News
'This Is Big': 76 Retired US Generals and Diplomats Warn Trump Against War With Iran
"We have witnessed first-hand how quickly disputes can spiral out of control."
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'Save Our Planet, Save Our Future': Youth Demand Action With Massive Climate Strikes Worldwide
May 24th school strikes said to be biggest yet
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The truth is that tribal people are the best conservationists and understand their environment better than anyone else.(Photo: Survival International) Views
A Colonialist Land Grab Is Happening Right Now in Congo
In the name of "conservation," thousands of families, tribes and communities in Africa and Asia have had their land stolen and been forced into destitution and despair
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 ‘We are the people who happen to be alive at the moment when our choices will determine the future for thousands of years’. (Photo: Stéphane Mahé/Reuters)  Views
We’re Stepping Up—Join Us For a Day to Halt This Climate Crisis
We’re calling for a global strike on 20 September. Disrupting our normal lives is the only way to secure our future
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