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Bluefin Trevally and Leather Bass hunting together News
New Report on Ocean Oxygen Loss Gives 'Ultimate Wake-Up Call' to Act on Climate
"Decisions taken at the ongoing climate conference will determine whether our ocean continues to sustain a rich variety of life, or whether habitable, oxygen-rich marine areas are increasingly, progressively, and irrevocably lost."
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An estimated 500,000 activists took part in a climate justice protest in Madrid on Friday, December 6, 2019. (Photo: @GretaThunberg) News
Even as 500,000 March in Madrid, Greta Thunberg Warns Climate Movement Has 'Achieved Nothing' Until Emissions Fall
"We cannot afford more days going by without real action being taken."
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A river at risk of drying up near the agricultural village of Guapinol, Honduras. The phrase “Cuidemos los bosques,” painted onto a rock by villagers, translates to “Protect the forests.” (Photo: Lawyers for Civil Rights) Views
'Fleeing Not Migrating'
Climate change, pollution, and violence drive people to the U.S. border, even with no promise of a path to citizenship.
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Trump-Led Shift Away From Multilateralism Risks Survival of Future Generations and Planet, Warn The Elders
Former leaders and peace advocates known as the Elders urge countries to continue working together to fight nuclear proliferation, the climate crisis, and global injustice.
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Young climate activists staged a silent sit-in Friday at the United Nations climate conference in Madrid News
As Press Swarm Greta, Fellow Youth Activists Stage 'Powerful and Strong' Silent Protest at COP 25
"We need climate action and we need change right now. And the time to act is now."
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"Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a record level of 407.8 parts per million in 2018 and continued to rise in 2019. CO2 lasts in the atmosphere for centuries and the ocean for even longer, thus locking in climate change." (Photo: Andrew Hart/flickr/cc) Views
Despite Warmest Decade on Record, We Still Act Like "Addicts Blowing Our Carbon Budget"
"Another lost year leading to another lost decade. I don’t want to belittle the important things that have happened and are happening, but they are not enough. People will look back at us and wonder, 'What were you doing?'"
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From off-grid solar home systems to utility-scale solar and wind, the potential for major advances in the use of renewable energy is also growing rapidly on the African continent. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Africa Could Power a Green Revolution
With a thriving off-grid solar market and hundreds of millions of people waiting for electricity, the continent offers huge potential for renewables.
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Riot police pepper spray nonviolent demonstrators at the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organization protests. (Photo: Steve Kaiser / Flickr) Views
How the Battle of Seattle Made the Truth About Globalization True
Twenty years ago, experts refused to see the truth about the dark side of globalization. Then Seattle happened.
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Amazon relies on taxpayers subsidizing its workers’ livelihoods, but it also refuses to pay its fair share of taxes. (Photo: Tony Webster / Flickr/ CC BY-SA 2.0) Views
Amazon Abuses Workers and the Climate—Because It Can
Far more effective than individuals walking away from the company (although that doesn’t hurt), is collective action to change the laws that Amazon benefits from.
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Be Best, My Ass
Hypocrisy shining through. No cage for her, yet. OK, we are now and truly done with the con man and his money-grubbing hussy squatting in the White House. To date, the Birther Queen of Hypocrisy has stayed shrewdly silent through it all: The rapes, lies, cruelty, racism, corruption, bullying,...
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