Jake Johnson, staff writer
"What if—hear me out—instead of privatizing the war in Afghanistan, we ended it. Crazy, I know. But, maybe..."
Julia Conley, staff writer
Medicare for All advocates march in Los Angeles in February 2017. (Photo: Molly Adams/Flickr/cc)
"Once again, the main impediment to the success of Medicare for All is actually...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Cali fire
Although Trump has proved a historic villain in terms of addressing the urgent...


Last week, the "world's most moral army" bombed and leveled Gaza's much-loved al-Meshal Theater and Cultural Center, rare home to hundreds of artists, dancers and writers and vital symbol of Palestinian identity, to "make residents feel the price of escalation." The next day, the Palestinian band al-Anqaa (or Phoenix) returned in defiance to play for their beleaguered neighbors, because "art is, too, a form of resistance."