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May 2008

Saturday, May 31

  • Dump Dirt in Oceans to ‘Fertilise’ Them
  • Black Bloggers Fight to Make Voices Heard
  • Congress May Question McClellan About Book
  • Licensed to Plunder
  • Canada Defends Clause Softening Impact of Cluster-Bomb Pact

    Friday, May 30

  • 34 Convicted in Display At US Supreme Court
  • Young, American, and Uninsured: Number of Uninsured US Young Adults Grows
  • Condi Rice ‘Huge Supporter of Fulbrights’
  • Haditha Marine Says He Was Ordered To Delete Iraq Photos
  • Former Prosecutors Challenge White House Immunity Claim
  • Was Press a War ‘Enabler’? 2 Offer a Nod From Inside
  • Is Water Becoming ‘The New Oil’?
  • The Few Remaining Uncontacted Amazonian Tribes Deserve Protection: Expert
  • Khadr Judge Fired Amid Record Squabble
  • Suspicion of Political Manuevers As 9/11 Trial Schedule Materializes
  • Act On Climate Change, Top Scientists Warn US
  • Iraqis Protest Against US Military Deal

    Thursday, May 29

  • Pentagon To Shift Funds To Pay for Iraq War
  • Cluster Bomb Ban Passed Over US Objections
  • Teen Farmworker’s Death Stirs OutcryE
  • Colonel Says Speaking Out On Detainees Cost Him a Medal
  • Falling Out With The President: The Devious World of George Bush
  • C-Sections Increasing US Premature Births: Study
  • CNN’s Yellin: Network Execs Killed Critical White House Stories
  • Activists Appear in Court as Guantanamo Prisoners
  • Iraqis Claim Marines Are Pushing Christianity in Fallujah
  • Al Sadr: Let Iraqis Decide On US Troops
  • Exxon Investors Reject Green Initiatives
  • Climate Change Threat To US Crops and Water
  • Gay Marriages Set to Begin In Calif.; Progress For New York
  • Tutu: Gaza Blockade Abomination
  • Medical Charity Helping US Poor
  • Burlington Debates Dropping Al Jazeera

    Wednesday, May 28

  • Observers Praise Cluster Bomb Ban But Questions Remain
  • John Bolton Escapes Citizen’s Arrest at Hay Festival
  • Supreme Court Gives Workers Protection From Retaliation
  • Exxon To Cut Funding to (Some) Climate Change Denial Groups
  • Amnesty: Time To Call Time On Guantánamo; Annual Report Scathing of US Human Rights
  • UK Ready To Scrap Killer Cluster Bombs
  • Goodall Urges Nobel Prize for Sparing Lab Animals
  • Climate Change Casts Marine Science Adrift
  • Fair Trade: Spreading The Wealth
  • Last-Ditch Bid To Avert Arctic Free-For-All
  • Iraq’s Sadr Vows Campaign Against US Troop Pact
  • Iraqi Father Seeks Blackwater Apology
  • Blackwater USA Sues San Diego Over Permits
  • Exclusive: McClellan Whacks Bush, White House
  • John Bolton To Be Target of Citizen’s Arrest
  • Leahy, American Activists, Victims Appeal For Cluster Bomb Ban

    Tuesday, May 27

  • Demonstrators Use Court Case as Another Protest Opportunity
  • Protesters Interrupt McCain Speech In Denver
  • Israel Has ‘150 or More’ Nuclear Weapons: Carter
  • US Residents In Military Brigs? Govt Says It’s War
  • 100 From Pinochet Regime Ordered Held
  • Controversy Over County’s Plan For Military Internet Voting
  • US-Iraq Deals Overshadowed by Rising Concerns
  • Despite Landmark Treaty, Children Still Under Siege
  • Bush ‘Plans Iran Air Strike by August’
  • Nature Cannot Absorb This Growth
  • Through Occupation, The Very Dreams Change for Iraqis
  • Carter Urges ‘Supine’ Europe to Break With US Over Gaza Blockade
  • Hidden Nuclear Handout Seen in Climate Bill
  • Guantanamo Bay Campaigners Go On Trial

    Monday, May 26

  • Business Gets Condor Experts’ Silence in Land Deal
  • US Academic Deported and Banned for Criticising Israel
  • Europe Going Nuclear Despite Warnings
  • G8 Ministers Pledge ‘Strong Will’ on Climate Amid Doubts

    Sunday, May 25

  • Oil: A Global Crisis
  • Family Seed Business Takes On Goliath of Genetic Modification

    Saturday, May 24

  • Nader Calls for Bush-Cheney Impeachment
  • Mukasey Defends Author of So-Called Torture Memos
  • Canadian Detainee at Guantanamo Wins Document Access
  • Pesticides: Germany Bans Chemicals Linked To Honeybee Devastation
  • Food Security Requires New Approach to Water
  • Controversial Contractor’s Iraq Work Is Split Up
  • Immigrants Under Fire in Texas, South Africa

    Friday, May 23

  • Amazon Indians Lead Battle Against Power Giant’s Plan to Flood Rainforest
  • San Francisco Mayor Condemns Refusal to Marry Gays
  • Senate Passes No-Strings War Funding Bill
  • GM Foods the Problem, Not The Solution
  • House Aims At Pentagon ‘Propaganda’ on Iraq War
  • Mixed Reactions to US Farm Bill
  • Rice Defends Post 9/11 Torture
  • Ex-Bush Adviser Rove Must Testify In Case That Could Shame White House
  • Is The World About To Be Running On Empty?
  • In Iraq, A Surge in US Airstrikes

    Thursday, May 22

  • House Subpoenas Karl Rove
  • Lifelong Republican Finds Himself Unlikely Hero of Gay Rights Activists
  • US Knew Rules Broken: Khadr Lawyer
  • US Airtrike Kills Iraqi Civilians
  • Edwards Launches 10-Year Effort to Halve Poverty
  • As Bush Policy Crumbles, Allies Pick Up the Pieces
  • US, on Behalf of Big Pharma, Might Just Choke the WHO
  • US Official: Cluster Bomb Ban Could Hurt ‘Cooperation’ and ‘Humanitarian Work’
  • New York 8th-Graders Boycott Practice Exam But Teacher May Get Ax
  • US War Resister Loses Bid To Stay in Canada
  • Lie-Down Protest Targets Cluster Bombs

    Wednesday, May 21

  • Afghan Teenage Cluster Bomb Victim Battling For Ban
  • IMF “Cure” for Food Crisis Also a Cause
  • Guantanamo Trials Hit Setbacks
  • Not Enough Done to Protect Biodiversity
  • Middle East in Nuclear Race To Match Iran
  • Critics: Polar Bear Plan Must Fight Global Warming
  • Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Finds Distracted Audience at US Congress
  • For Tens of Thousands of Child Soldiers, A Short and Brutal Life
  • Report Details Military Tactics FBI Agents Found Abusive
  • New Trend in Biofuels Has New Risks
  • Roslyn Zinn, 85; Blended Social Activism With The Arts

    Tuesday, May 20

  • British Contemplate ‘Big Brother’ Database For Phones and E-mails
  • USDA Head Downplays Calls To Cut Biofuel Mandate
  • Hunger Prompting Desperate Acts
  • Where Industry Once Hummed, Urban Garden Finds Success
  • Food Crisis Rippling Out Like a “Tsunami”
  • The War on (Euphemism)
  • US Environmental Official Admits White House Influenced Emissions Decision
  • The Mountain That Lost Its Top
  • World ‘More Peaceful’ In 2008

    Monday, May 19

  • Report: US Detains Hundreds of Youth Suspects in Iraq
  • GM Monkeys Are Bred To Die of Brain Disease
  • The Island House That Powers Itself - With A Little Help From 100mph Gales
  • Field Trips Going Extinct? Schools Can’t Spare Time or Dimes For Field Trips
  • Keeping Secrets: In Presidential Memo, A New Designation for Classifying Information
  • For an All-Organic Formula, Baby, That’s Sweet
  • The Spoils of Iraq War: How a Sarasota Soldier Got Rich and Lost It All
  • Britain Obstructs Global Ban On Use of Cluster Bombs
  • The Rich Splurge on Recession-Created Bargains
  • Thousands Killed by US’s Korean Ally

    Sunday, May 18

  • Cuban Government Backs Calls to Combat Homophobia
  • I Knew JFK, Says Gore Vidal, and Believe Me Obama’s the Better Leader
  • Torture Protests at UC Law School Ceremonies
  • Conferees Seek Cluster Bomb Ban
  • Chávez Envisions US As Partner in Fighting Injustice

    Saturday, May 17

  • 1968, 2008: ‘Wars Don’t Die’
  • Sen. Kennedy Falls Ill; Taken to Boston Hospital by Helicopter
  • Iraq Veterans Describe Atrocities to Lawmakers
  • Alaska’s Capital Goes Green After Avalanche Cuts Power Lines
  • How Picture Phones Have Fueled Frenzy of Honor Killing in Iraq
  • US Planning Big New Prison in Afghanistan
  • Chasing Utopia, Family Imagines No Possessions

    Friday, May 16

  • Senate Votes To Revive Ban On Media Cross-Ownership
  • An Epidemic of Extinctions: Decimation of Life on Earth
  • An Ocean Apart, Bush, McCain Play to Neo-Con Dreams
  • Official Urged Fewer Diagnoses of PTSD
  • Comcast Not Alone In Impeding Data Transfer: Report
  • Sex Sells Tasers At Vegas Show
  • Americans Leery of Bicycles Despite Gas Price Jump
  • Is That A Power Plant On The Park Horizon?
  • Bush Hails Israelis As ‘Chosen People’ But Ignores Palestinians On ‘Catastrophe’ Day
  • An Antiwar March Through Towns Unused to One

    Thursday, May 15

  • State Supreme Court Says Same-Sex Couples Have Right To Marry
  • World’s Wildlife and Environment Already Hit by Climate Change, Major Study Shows
  • Democrats Position For War Funding Approval
  • Strange Bedfellows Unite to Pressure Oil Giants
  • Afghan Civilians Killed In Secret Raids, UN Official Says
  • Bogus Claim, al-Maliki Stall US Plan on Iran Arms
  • Siege Hits Palestinians Before They Are Born
  • Judge Backs US Conscientious Objector
  • War Over Wall Persists in Sadr City Despite Truce
  • Palestinians Mark ‘Catastrophe’ of Israel’s Birth
  • US Lists Polar Bear as Threatened But Balks at New Protection
  • Chavez Tells Colombia No to US Base

    Wednesday, May 14

  • Police Are ‘Brainwashed’ by Taser Maker; Psychologist Blames Instructions
  • Quaid Testifies of Peril to Newborn Twins
  • Indians Bristle At US Criticism on Food Prices
  • Setback For Sarkozy As Parliament Throws Out GM Bill
  • The Sacrificer: Bush Quit Golf Over Iraq War
  • Some Detainees Are Drugged For Deportation
  • Lebanon Crisis Shows Hues of Iraq
  • Floor Plans: Mining Beneath The Ocean
  • Not As Green As They Claim To Be
  • US Using Food Crisis To Boost Bio-Engineered Crops
  • Pedaling Toward Cleaner Cities
  • School Military Recruiting Could Violate International Protocol

    Tuesday, May 13

  • Firms Seek Patents on ‘Climate Ready’ Altered Crops
  • ACLU Says Membership Has Doubled — Thanks To Bush Presidency
  • Ex-Officials: Bush Admin. Ignored Iraq Corruption
  • GM Crop Foes March In Germany As UN Summit Starts
  • Democratic Candidates Play Up “Clean Coal”
  • Bush Tour Diminished by Hezbollah Show of Force

    Monday, May 12

  • Supreme Court Allows Apartheid Victims’ Lawsuit Against US Companies To Proceed
  • Bush, Congress to Battle Again Over Prosecutor Firings
  • ‘Ghost City’ Mosul Braces For Assault On Last Bastion of al-Qa’ida in Iraq
  • Food Crisis Symptom of Dubious Liberalisation
  • Food Crisis Hits Fallujah
  • World CO2 Levels At Record High, Scientists Warn
  • Sadr City Residents Fear A Cease-Fire Means More Violence
  • Federal Judge Rules Iraq KBR ‘Rape Victim’ Can Seek Trial In US
  • Domestic Spying Far Outpaces Terrorism Prosecutions
  • White House vs White Bear: Judge Says Bush Must Decide Whether To Save The Polar Bear As The Ice Melts

    Sunday, May 11

  • Glaxo ‘Downplayed’ Warning on Heart-Attack Risk from Aids Drug
  • Journalist Facing Fines Urges Press to Protect 1st Amendment
  • The Myth of the Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Harmful Chemical Wafts Off Your TV
  • World’s Giants to Alter Food Equation
  • Slow, Steady - and Under Siege
  • Children Starve as Aid Is Blocked
  • In Dixie, Signs of a Rising Biracial Politics

    Saturday, May 10

  • Depleted Groundwater Threatens Food Chain
  • Iraq Contractor in Shooting Case Makes Comeback
  • Studies on Tasers Are Flawed, Cardiologist Tells Inquiry
  • Farm Bill Includes Tax Breaks for Horse Racing Industry
  • US Stops Cremating Troops at Facility That Also Handles Pets
  • Three Suspended for Not Standing for Pledge of Allegiance

    Friday, May 9

  • Urban Farmers’ Crops Go From Vacant Lot to Market
  • Guantanamo Judge Threatens To Halt Canadian Case
  • Depleted Groundwater Threatens Food Chain
  • Pakistan New Govt. Opposed To US Action On Its Soil
  • US Urged to Reform Foreign Aid
  • Iraqi Military Orders Sadr City Residents To Evacuate
  • US Army’s ‘Stop-Loss’ Orders Up Dramatically Over Last Year
  • Human Rights Groups Unveil Traveling Exhibit Aimed To Bring Guantanamo Home
  • Lawmakers Seek Probe of ‘Media Generals’
  • Iraq: The Elusive Iranian Weapons
  • Panel: Utah Mine Deaths Avoidable; Company Officials Should Face Charges
  • Judge May Make CIA Torture Memo Public

    Thursday, May 8

  • Protesters Arrested In NY Shooting Protest
  • Abuse Claims Mount Against Pentagon, Contractors
  • FBI Seeking Records of 2004 Condoleeza Rice Ethics Probe
  • Clashes Escalate In Lebanon
  • ‘NY Post’ Reporter’s Racial Profiling Suit Counters ‘Post’ Editorial
  • Online Library Gets FBI To Back Off On National Security Letter
  • Many Hands Make Light Work of Saving Energy
  • Humane Society Says Video Shows Abused Livestock
  • White House Tells Court of Missing Emails From Beginning of Iraq War
  • Sixty Years On, Palestinians Mourn Loss of Homeland
  • DIY Journalist Dahr Jamail: ‘I Wanted to Report on Where The Silence Was’
  • US Consumers Rank Last In World Survey of Green Habits
  • Aid Officials Urge Relief For Baghdad Slum; Reports of Pending Sadr City Assault

    Wednesday, May 7

  • Is Immigration Off the Table in Election 2008?
  • As Executions Resume, So Do Questions of Fairness
  • Lawyers for Guantánamo Inmates Accuse US of Eavesdropping
  • Luis Posada Carriles, A Terror Suspect Abroad, Enjoys A ‘Coming-Out’ in Miami
  • West Bank Villagers Fight for Promised Land
  • CIA Rendition Flights, Detention Centers Haunt Romania
  • Teens March Against Khadr Detention
  • EPA Might Not Act To Limit Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water
  • Obama Wins North Carolina Decisively; Late Night Drama As Indiana Counts
  • Airline Emissions ‘Far Higher Than Previous Estimates’
  • Canadian Becomes First Child Soldier Since Nuremberg To Stand Trial For War Crimes
  • Women Bridging Borders to Beat Violence
  • Veterans’ Office Covering Up Soldier Suicides: US Lawmakers

    Tuesday, May 6

  • FBI Agents Raid Office Protecting Whistleblowers: Reports
  • US Panel Authorizes Subpoena of Cheney Aide
  • Burma Disaster: The Wind of Change
  • Iraq War Strains US Army Mental Health System
  • War Funding Would Break Dem Promises
  • Carbon Trading Blasted by Indigenous Groups
  • Mildred Loving, Who Fought Marriage Ban, Dies
  • A Woman, a Village and a War on Plastic Bags
  • Racial Disparities Persist In Drug Arrests
  • Luxury Hotels and Golf: Welcome To The Green Zone
  • US Contractors Accused In Abu Ghraib Torture Suit
  • Pentagon Targeted Iran for Regime Change after 9/11

    Monday, May 5

  • Remembering Kent State Shooting Victims
  • Iraq Backs Off Allegations That Iran Is Behind Violence
  • US Base Is No Longer Welcome in Ecuador
  • Wanted: A Few Flat-Earth Scientists To Support Alaskan Oil Drilling
  • Canada To Honour Suu Kyi With Honory Citizenship
  • Sinking Without Trace: Australia’s Climate Change Victims
  • Few Details on Immigrants Who Died in Custody
  • Clinton Has ‘No Regrets’ Concerning Her ‘Obliterating Iran’ Comments
  • UN Suspends Food Aid To Gaza—Again

    Sunday, May 4

  • Blackwater Shooting Highlights A US, Iraq Culture Clash
  • Uranium Claims Spring Up Along Grand Canyon Rim
  • Potentially Explosive Autonomy Vote Underway In Bolivia
  • Multinationals Make Billions In Profit Out of Growing Global Food Crisis
  • Shell Firms Shielded US Contractor From Taxes

    Saturday, May 3

  • Persecution Not Prosecution: ‘Bioterror’ Case Falls Apart
  • Iraq: Corruption Eats Into Food Rations
  • Renditions Ruin The EU Case For Human Rights
  • Senate Panel Bans Private Contractors in CIA Interrogations
  • Hospital In Baghdad Casualty of US Air Strike
  • McCain Clarifies: First Gulf War, Not This One, About Oil
  • After Hiatus, States Set Wave of Executions

    Friday, May 2

  • Teacher Fired For Refusing To Sign Loyalty Oath
  • Bad Omen for Musharraf: Pakistan’s Chief Justice Back
  • Oakland Teach-In Looks at Budget Cuts and the War
  • US Plan to Protect Right Whale From Shipping Blocked by Cheney
  • EPA Official Ousted While Fighting Dow Chemical
  • War of The future: Robot versus Robot
  • Al-Jazeera Journalist Freed From Guantanamo After 6 Years
  • Democrats on Committee Threaten to Subpoena Karl Rove About Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman’s Prosecution

    Thursday, May 1

  • Dockworkers Take May Day Off, Idling All West Coast Ports
  • Justice Dept. Will Share Interrogation Opinions
  • Gaza ‘On Point of Explosion’ Warns UN
  • Supreme Court Voter ID Decision Widely Denounced
  • Bush Administration Proposes Allowing Concealed Guns At Parks
  • Deployment of Aircraft Carrier a US ‘Reminder’ to Iran, Says Gates
  • Iran Complains To UN About Clinton Comment
  • ACLU: Pentagon Documents Highlight Interrogation Methods
  • Did Top Dems Make A Dangerous Right Turn?
  • Maine Jury Acquits Peace Activists For Senate Office Sit-In
  • DC Nonprofit With Possible Clinton Ties Behind Deceptive NC Robo-Calls

    April 2007




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