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March 2008

Monday, March 31

  • Cesar Chavez Day: More Than 1,500 March For Immigrants
  • Killing Fields Photographer Dith Pran dies
  • Czech PM Says US Radar Deal Almost Ready: Paper
  • “Kyoto II” Climate Talks Open in Bangkok
  • Mike Hayden, Just A Regular Guy, Thinks Iran Developing Nuclear Weapon
  • Iranian General Played Key Role in Brokering Iraq Cease-Fire
  • Gore Launches Ambitious Advocacy Campaign on Climate
  • British Human Rights Watchdog Questions 42-day Terror Law
  • Divided Arabs Deliver Little To Iraqis
  • Anti-Landmine Campaigners Target War Robots

    Sunday, March 30

  • Civilians Killed In Air Strike, say Iraqi Police
  • “Earth Hour” Goes Global
  • Trapped In Their Homes, Families Fall Victim To Sickness and Hunger
  • Ex-Terror Detainee Says US Tortured Him
  • Police Arrest Anti-War Protester, 80, At Mall
  • Colombian Troops Kill Farmers, Pass Off Bodies as Rebels’

    Saturday, March 29

  • Embracing A Clean Green Dream
  • Not Attend Opening of Beijing Olympics
  • Charges Dropped Against Marine In Haditha Case
  • Taser Use Soars as Concerns Mount Over Safety

    Friday, March 28

  • U.K. Admits Breaching Human Rights Convention Over Detainee’s Death
  • Bush Likely to Delay Planned Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq
  • A Day in a Guantanamo Detainee’s Life
  • Comcast Changes Tune, Won’t Block Large Files; Critics Pleased, But Skeptical
  • U.S.-Led Coalition Forces Bomb Shiite Militia in Basra
  • As Uranium Firms Eye New Mexico, Navajos Are Wary
  • Report: Local Control Saves Forests
  • Stalled Assault on Basra Exposes the Iraqi Government’s Shaky Authority
  • Earth Hour Turns Spotlight on Emissions
  • Tapes’ Destruction Hovers Over Detainee Cases
  • Governments Ever More Draconian, Group Says
  • Net Neutrality’s Quiet Crusader

    Thursday, March 27

  • McCain Under Fire Over Environment Record
  • Fever Named After Blackwater
  • Refugees Fear Return to Afghanistan
  • Gaza: Flowers, Strawberries, and Missiles
  • Canada’s High Court Weighs Guantanamo Detainee Case
  • At Boston Hearing, Lawyers Press Case of Guantanamo Detainees
  • Angola To Host Landmine Pageant
  • West Bank Faces Toxic Waste Crisis
  • Million Acres of Guyanese Rainforest To Be Saved In Groundbreaking Deal
  • Florida Legislature Makes Formal Apology For Slavery
  • Pakistan’s New Leaders Tell US: We Are No Longer Your Killing Field
  • Iraq Implodes As Shia Fights Shia

    Wednesday, March 26

  • Israel Still Hampering Efforts to Clear Unexploded Ordnance - UNMACC
  • Ice Shrink In Arctic Sea May Attract Oil Firms
  • Bush Administration Seeks Libya Waiver For Terror Statute
  • Spy-In-The-Sky Drone Sets Sights on Miami
  • Land Deal Could Open Alaska Wildlife Refuge To Oil
  • Oscar Winner Plans Abu Ghraib Photo Site
  • Cheney Contradicts Facts and Findings Concerning Iran’s Nuclear Goals
  • Supreme Court Hears War-On-Terrorism Cases
  • Nuclear Power Debate Heats Up
  • Sadr Offensive Shows Failure of Petraeus Strategy
  • Terrified Afghan Civilians Flee NATO Bombings
  • Giant Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaks Into The Sea

    Tuesday, March 25

  • China Slams Jail Door on Olympic Dissent
  • US Jaguars Threatened by Mexico Border Fence
  • UN: End Abuse of Afghan Women
  • Scorned Trash Pickers Become Global Environmental Force
  • Is ‘Success’ of US Surge In Iraq About To Unravel?
  • Britain Is World’s 7th Most Stable and Prosperous Nation; US at 22nd
  • Spike in Iraq Deaths Follows Grim Milestone of Dead US troops
  • In Slap To Musharraf, Pakistan Frees Deposed Chief Justice
  • Mounties Zap Details From Taser Reports As Firings Soar Across Canada
  • World Food Program Issues ‘Emergency Appeal’ For Funds

    Monday, March 24

  • Watchdog Group Names Top Corporate Abusers
  • For Less-Educated Workers, Good Jobs Will Be Harder to Find
  • Iraq War Protesters Disrupt Chicago Mass
  • Kansas Governor Vetoes Plan For Coal Power Plants
  • Syria Now Home to a Million ‘Pillow Drivers’
  • US Air Base Tied to Colombian Raid on FARC Camp
  • US Authority Failing to List Endangered Species
  • Echoes of 1968 Return To Haunt The Divided Democrats
  • Peru Tribe Battles Oil Giant Over Pollution
  • Roadside Bomb Takes American Death Toll in Iraq To 4,000
  • US Heavily Pressed Allies On War, Book Says
  • Rain Can’t Dampen Impeachment Protest

    Sunday, March 23

  • Gap in Life Expectancy Widens for the Nation
  • India’s Debt-Ridden Farmers Committing Suicide
  • Since 2001, Guarding Species Is Harder

    Saturday, March 22

  • McCain’s Gaffes Reflect Bush’s Iran-Qaeda Myth
  • Bush Silent, but Others Speak Out on Tibet Crackdown
  • Water Will Be Source of War Unless World Acts Now, Warns Minister
  • Winter Soldiers Move Toward GI Resistance

    Friday, March 21

  • Dalai Lama: ‘I am prepared to face China. I will go to Beijing’
  • Dick Cheney Tour Sparks Iran War Rumours
  • Watch-List Name Confusion Causes Hardship
  • Dozens of Children In US Face Life In Prison
  • Experts Urge All-Out Toilet Efforts
  • New Rules In Mexico Pave the Way for Transgenic Crops
  • Rights of Protesters Violated, Judge Rules
  • Blackwater ‘Blood Money’ Angers Iraqis
  • Larry Lessig: Time To Reject Corporate Influence on Washington

    Thursday, March 20

  • States’ Data Obscure How Few Finish High School
  • Climate Change Deepening World Water Crisis
  • 2 Towns Weigh Privatizing Libraries
  • World’s Best-Known Protest Symbol Turns 50
  • US Protesters Target ‘Pillars of War’
  • Grain Farmer Claims Moral Victory in Seed Battle Against Monsanto
  • Grannies and Pro-War Activists Clash in Times Square
  • US Police Crack Down on Iraq Rallies
  • Penn’s War: Media Lap Dogs Backed Iraq Mess

    Wednesday, March 19

  • Resistance is Futile - Or Is It?
  • The Left Was Right
  • Obama Speech Aims to End Race Row with Bold Plea for Harmony
  • Anti-Iraq War US Diplomats Poorer But Proud
  • Record Glacier Melt Spurs New Calls for Climate Action
  • US Soldiers ‘Testify’ About War Crimes
  • Reforms Failed to Curb FBI Spying
  • Why Did the U.S. Invade Iraq?
  • Iraq War Protesters Arrested at IRS

    Tuesdday, March 18

  • A Glacial Vanishing Act
  • Outrage Over Airlines’ Empty ‘Ghost Flights’
  • Warlords Turn to Ivory Trade To Fund Slaughter of Humans
  • Chaos In Iraq Sparks Surge in EU Asylum Applications
  • Rachel Corrie Play Opens in Haifa
  • They Paved Paradise and Put Up… A Power Source
  • Anti-War Grannies Arrested Trying to Enlist
  • Opponents of Iraq War Plan Series of Protests in Capital
  • Swiss Parliament Approves Use of Tasers in Deportations
  • Five Years, And Counting
  • Red Cross, Amnesty Paint Grim Picture of Post-Invasion Iraq
  • Liberals Take Back Their Swagger

    Monday, March 17

  • Many Voting For Clinton to Boost GOP
  • My Lai Probe Hid Policy that Led to Massacre
  • Nations Working to Ban Cluster Bombs
  • US Farmers Up The Ante on Japan’s Struggle Against Modified Corn

    Sunday, March 16

  • Housing Group Challenges Fed’s Bear Stearns Deal

    Saturday, March 15

  • US House Passes Spy Bill, Rejects Phone Immunity
  • Ozone Case Shows Bush Meddling in Science: Watchdogs
  • US/Iraq: Rules of Engagement ‘Thrown out the Window’

    Friday, March 14

  • Water-for-Schools Plan Launched
  • British Firm Under Attack For Mining Near Grand Canyon
  • British Teachers Told to Rewrite History of Iraq War
  • US West Coast Braced For Ban on Salmon Fishing As Stocks Collapse
  • Bush Intervened For Weaker Smog Rule
  • Lebanon: Time to Step Back From the Brink
  • Emissions Solutions Start at Home
  • Evidence Doctored to Implicate Child Detainee: Lawyer
  • Alaska Senators Make Another Push For Oil Drilling in ANWR
  • President Weakens Espionage Oversight
  • US Veterans Urge Soldiers to Speak Out Against Iraq War
  • US House Holds Rare Secret Session on Spy Bill

    Thursday, March 13

  • 6 Signs The US May Be Headed for War in Iran
  • Hundreds Seeking Housing Money Overwhelm Boca Authority
  • China Hits Back at US On Human Rights, says Iraq War A Disaster
  • Bereaved Iraqi Mother Vows Revenge On US
  • Clothesline Rule Creates Flap In New England States
  • FBI Made ‘Blanket’ Demands for Phone Records
  • Pentagon Cancels Release of Controversial Iraq Report
  • Energy, Water Demands Are On Collision Course
  • Most Vulnerable Left to Sink or Swim
  • Detainee’s Suit Says Abuse Was Videotaped
  • Jeff Cohen’s Message Clear: Don’t Trust Big Corporate Media
  • US Public Losing Interest in Iraq As News Coverage Wanes: Report
  • Anti-War Protesters Chant “War Criminal” at Rice

    Wednesday, March 12

  • NSA Shifts to E-mail, Web, Data-Mining Dragnet
  • A Reminder To China That The World Has Not Forgotten Tibet
  • House Unable To Override Bush’s Veto of Waterboarding Ban
  • US State Department Found Little to Cheer in 2007
  • Polar Bears in Limbo as Drilling Leases Go Forward
  • US Organic Food Industry Fears GMO Contamination
  • British Campaigners Arrested at Sea in Diego Garcia Protest
  • Sudan Warns West of ‘Iraq-Style Disaster’ in Darfur
  • UN Torture Envoy Says US Deny Access to Iraq Jails
  • Dissenting Views Made Fallon’s Fall Inevitable
  • UN Panel Finds Two-Tier Society

    Tuesday, March 11

  • Corn-Based Ethanol Could Worsen “Dead Zone”
  • US May Add Venezuela To List of Terrorist States
  • One Electric Chair Ban Could Lead To Others
  • Blowback of Iran War Likely to Be ‘Terrible’
  • Int’l Support Ebbs for West’s Nuclear Hard Line
  • We Don’t Do Torture - Especially in Debates
  • Exhaustive Review Finds No Link Between Saddam and Al Qaeda
  • Chemical Exposure Cited in Gulf War Vets’ Ailments
  • ‘Torture-Tainted Evidence’ Mars US Legal Image: Rights Group
  • Soldiers Join War Protest

    Monday, March 10

  • House Sues White House Officials
  • Overwhelmingly White, the Green Movement is Reaching For The Rainbow
  • McCain Supports Bush Veto of Bill Banning Torture
  • Hate Crimes Linked to Immigration Debate
  • Childhood Is Dying
  • Go Green, Save the Indigenous
  • Just Waterboarding Under the Bridge
  • EU Told To Prepare for Flood of Climate Change Migrants
  • Pharmaceuticals Found in US Drinking Water
  • KBR Named In Report On Soldier Illnesses

    Sunday, March 9

  • Countrywide Said to Be Subject of Federal Criminal Inquiry
  • Secret Plan To Let Japan Resume Whaling
  • Israel Okays Expansion of West Bank Settlement
  • US Fails to Protect Immigrants’ Rights, UN Report Asserts
  • Could Arctic Ice Melt Spawn New Kind of Cold War?

    Saturday, March 8

  • International Women’s Day Protests Highlight Violence, Inequality
  • Delay in Bush Administration Polar Bear Policy Stirs Probe
  • Admiral Fallon’s “No Iran War” Line Angered White House
  • Bush Vetoes Bill Outlawing CIA Waterboarding

    Friday, March 7

  • Leaders Hope to Defuse Latin American crisis
  • Fired US Attorney Says Colleague Told Him Politics Was Behind His Ouster
  • As Fifth Anniversary of Invasion Approaches, Iraqis Ask, ‘Where Is The Happiness?’
  • Thousands Come Out for Anti-Paramilitary March In Colombia
  • No Day Is A Woman’s Day in Gaza
  • Foreign Policy Increasingly Flows Through Pentagon
  • Canadian Government Will Probe ‘Entire’ NAFTA Leak: PM
  • Food Crisis Will Take Hold Before Climate Change, Warns Chief Scientist
  • US Officials Lean Toward Keeping Iraq Report Quiet
  • Sewage-Based Fertilizer Safety Doubted

    Thursday, March 6

  • Primordial Right-Wing Think Tank Still a Player
  • FBI Chief Confirms Misuse of Subpoenas
  • ‘NAFTA-Gate’ Began with Remark From Harper’s Chief of Staff
  • US Diplomacy Sidelined by Loyalty to Uribe
  • World Can ‘Afford’ To Solve Its Environmental Woes: OECD
  • Venezuela Accuse Colombia of War Crimes
  • Sanctions Causing Gaza to Implode, say Rights Groups
  • Women’s Day In Iraq: Surviving Somehow Behind a Concrete Purdah
  • No Need For Lawmakers’ Approval of Iraq Pact, Administration Reasserts
  • Top Iraq Contractor Skirts US Taxes Offshore
  • Atheist Soldier Says Army Punished Him
  • Media Ownership Rules Back Into Play

    Wednesday, March 5

  • Colombia Faces Military Border Blockade from Venezuela and Ecuador
  • UN’s Main Women’s Body Remains Leaderless
  • EPA Chief Under Fire for Ignoring Scientists
  • The Ostrich Brigades: Climate Deniers Emerge From Hibernation
  • Trans-Atlantic Flight Arrives in London With Just Five Passengers on Board
  • Bamboo Laptop Is Star of Computer Show
  • Dennis Kucinich Appears Headed to General Election in 10th District Congressional Race
  • Two Vermont Towns OK Bush & Cheney Indictments
  • Code Pink Seeks Fast Exit For Bush

    Tuesday, March 4

  • States Move to Label Cloned Food
  • California Supreme Court Takes Up Same-Sex Marriage
  • Local Peace Efforts Urged for Afghanistan
  • Critics: Federal Screening Methods Target Muslims
  • Somalis Protest Over US Bombing
  • Sunni Insurgents Exploit U.S.-Sponsored Militias
  • Women Out in the Cold at Peace Talks
  • NGOs Wary of Doomsday Seed Vault
  • Gitmo ‘Attack Dog’ Turns on His Pentagon Masters
  • US Plotted To Overthrow Hamas After Election Victory

    Monday, March 3

  • Expert: White House Derelict With E-mail
  • Tobacco and Oil Pay For Climate Conference
  • Mining Executive An Activist Himself
  • Teacher Under Fire For Showing Gore Film Without Rebuttal
  • Use of Radio ID Tags Faces Limits
  • Israelis Show Declining Zest For Military Service
  • US ‘Exaggerating Nuclear Threat From North Korea’
  • US Debts Hurting UN Peacekeeping, Say Analysts
  • Israel Defiant As Gaza Toll Rises
  • Iraqi Refugees See No Reason, or Hope, For Return

    Sunday, March 2

  • Bush legacy: Farewell to the Monroe Doctrine?
  • Uncertain Safety for Latino Workers
  • Scorched-Earth Strategy Returns to Darfur
  • Obama, Clinton Battle for Hearts of Hispanics
  • Activist Finds Avenue for Protest

    Saturday, March 1

  • Scores Die in Raids on Gaza
  • Attorney General Stalls Bush Aides’ Contempt Citations
  • New Documentary ‘King Corn’ is a Lot More than Filler Fare
  • White House Blocks Inquiry into Construction of $736m Embassy in Iraq
  • House Set to Vote on Mental Health Parity Bill Next Week
  • Iraq Violence Surges in February
  • Cordova’s Long Wait for Justice

    February 2007




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