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June 2008

Monday, June 30

  • Bottled Water Industry Faces Growing Opposition
  • McDowell Alarmed by ‘Illegal’ US War on Terror
  • Project Helps Right Whales Get Right of Way
  • US Army Blames Leaders Over Post-War Iraq
  • Iraq Fails to Sign Contracts With Global Oil Majors
  • Warden on Death Penalty: ‘This Is Wrong’
  • High Court’s Tilt Hinges on Election’s Outcome
  • McCain and Obama Share Energy Goals, Not Methods
  • Slow Food Nation Comes to San Francisco
  • US Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals
  • Amid Policy Disputes, Qaeda Grows in Pakistan
  • Pentagon Fights EPA on Pollution Cleanup

    Sunday, June 29

  • Law School Pays the Price in ‘Don’t Ask’ Rule Protest
  • Tiny Voices Defy Child Marriage in Yemen
  • Mexicans Protest Canadian Mining Company
  • Home-Grown Veg Ruined by Toxic Fertiliser
  • Shadow of War Looms as Israel Flexes its Muscle
  • US Issues Health Warning over Mercury Fillings
  • Animal Rights Group Turns its Fire on Celebrity Meat-Eaters
  • Preparing the Battlefield: The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran

    Saturday, June 28

  • Israelis Assault Award Winning IPS Journalist
  • US and EU Seen Near Private Data Deal
  • Liberal Arts Undervalued by Education Department, Official Says After Quitting
  • Planet Heading Toward Climate ‘Tipping Point’
  • Iraqi Officials Outraged by US Raid in Prime Minister’s Hometown
  • US Halts Solar Energy Projects Over Environment Fears
  • Oilsands Vacation Site Tempts Visitors with ‘Toxic Lakes’
  • Hungry for Answers
  • Canadian Military Silent on Afghan Civilian Deaths: UN Investigator

    Friday, June 27

  • Feds Raid Blackwater’s NC Armory In Firearms Probe
  • How Did Bush Policy Lead To A Deal With North Korea? Answer: It Wasn’t Bush Policy
  • Torture a Big Problem Worldwide, UN Expert Says
  • Greenpeace Crashes Coal Meeting Using Phony Front
  • Israeli Settlement Activity Surges Despite Peace Talks
  • Obama Supports Supreme Court Reversal of Gun Ban
  • US Senate Approves Iraq, Afghanistan War Funding
  • Key Player In Waterboarding Policy ‘Smug’ Under Questioning
  • Elite US Army Academy Lures Kids With Mud and Duty
  • 20:20 Vision Aimed at Dismantling Nukes
  • Sizeable Minority In US Condone Torture
  • No Ice At The North Pole: Polar Scientists Reveal Dramatic New Evidence of Climate Change

    Thursday, June 26

  • Addington Clashes With Democrats As Torture Hearing Starts
  • Supreme Court Shoots Down DC Gun Ban
  • White House Tried to Silence EPA Proposal on Car Emissions
  • CBS to Appeal Ruling on Marine Interview
  • Power Plant Is Ground Zero in Battle of Energy vs. Environment
  • Netroots Feel Jilted by Obama’s FISA Stand
  • UN Says Toxic Waste Exports on the Rise
  • Former UN Weapons Inspector Speaks to High School Students
  • Zimbabwe: What Now?
  • Maine Activists Win First Victory As Nestle Water Deal Vote Is Delayed
  • Top US Military Officer Heads To Israel With Iran On The Agenda
  • A Blueprint for Withdrawal
  • Broad Coalition Backs Universal Broadband

    Wednesday, June 25

  • Biofuels Pushing 30 Million Into Poverty - Oxfam
  • Feingold to Filibuster Warrantless Wiretapping Bill
  • Obama Tilts Toward Center, Irking Some Activists
  • Supreme Court Slashes Punitive Award in Exxon Valdez Oil Spill by 80%
  • Private Jets Targeted as Symbols of Inequality
  • US Mayors Agree to Phase Out Bottled Water
  • Fear of US-Sunni Ties Undercut Iraq Security Talks

    Tuesday, June 24

  • Before Judge, Spirited Clash on Subpoenas for Bush Aides
  • Earth Near Tipping Point, Climatologist Warns
  • A Fitting Memorial: The George W. Bush Sewage Plant
  • Zimbabwe: More Beatings, More Abductions As The World Watches
  • Court Rules For Guantanamo Inmate
  • Border Fence Challenge Rebuffed by Supreme Court
  • Nader Slams Democrats For Continued ‘00 Grudge
  • Whoever Wins, Iraqis Lose
  • Report Says Partisanship Reigned in Justice Department Hiring Program
  • Israel ‘Will Attack Iran’ Before New US President Sworn In, John Bolton Predicts

    Monday, June 23

  • Congress Wrestles With Spy Bill
  • Obama Camp Closely Linked With Ethanol
  • Natural England Warns Brown of Dangers in Promoting GM Crops
  • Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner
  • Schools Are Taking The Mystery Out of The Meat They Serve
  • West Bank: Answering Attacks With Smiles and Smileys
  • Water Flowing Back Into Public Hands
  • Protests Over Afghanistan Deaths
  • Haditha Victims’ Kin Outraged As Marines Go Free
  • Iraq: How A Daring New Generation of Graphic Novelists View The Art of War
  • Put Oil Firm Chiefs On Trial, Says Leading Climate Change Scientist
  • George Carlin Mourned as a Counterculture Hero

    Sunday, June 22

  • Call for Change Ignored, Levees Remain Patchy
  • Women Leaders Ask Where Is Our Money
  • Activists to Color Democratic Convention
  • Conservationist Pins Hopes on Clotheslines
  • Everything Seemingly Is Spinning Out of Control
  • Anger Mounts as Police End Protest Against US Base
  • US Military Deny That New Prison Is Planned as ‘Guantanamo Two’

    Saturday, June 21

  • St. Paul and Cops Gear Up for Worst at GOP Convention
  • US Court Rejects Canadian’s Guantanamo Appeal
  • ‘Ball of Fire’ if Iran Attacked: IAEA Chief
  • Respite on the Road to Nowhere?
  • UN Calls On Asian Nations to End Deforestation
  • Food Crisis Mortgages Children’s Future
  • Witnesses Link Chemical to Ill US Soldiers

    Friday, June 20

  • What Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Fred Hiatt Mean by ‘Bipartisanship’
  • Global Quandary: How to Feed a Growing Planet
  • US Says Exercise by Israel Seemed Directed at Iran
  • FEMA Flood-Risk Maps Failed Residents in Midwest
  • Biggest Firms Call for Huge Cuts in Emissions to Start Green Industrial Revolution
  • NOAA Study Forecasts Greater Extremes in Weather
  • Hundreds of Shiites Protest US-Iraqi Security Deal
  • 37 Million Refugees in Spotlight This Week
  • Sexual Violence ‘a Tactic of War,’ UN Council Says
  • House Approves $162 Billion War-Spending Bill

    Thursday, June 19

  • Texas Event Focuses Juneteenth on Slave Life
  • ‘Little Baghdad’ Thrives In Sweden
  • Iowa Flooding May Have Been Worsened By Man
  • ‘Tipping Point’ for Renewable Energy
  • General Who Probed Abu Ghraib Says Bush Officials Committed War Crimes
  • Immunity Likely For Phone Companies in Spy Bill
  • Cheney Linked To Torture Tactics
  • Welcome To ‘The Disco’: Music As Torture
  • Canadian Police To Curb Taser Use
  • Congressman Obey Funds War He Votes Against
  • Coalminers’ Slaughter: In US, They Blow Up Mountains For Coal
  • Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back
  • US Hasn’t Apologized To or Compensated Ex-Detainees

    Wednesday, June 18

  • Human Rights Group Says It Has Proof of Detainee Abuse
  • Iraq Deal With US To End Immunity For Foreign Contractors
  • Injunction Allows Blackwater To Continue Otay Training Operation
  • Easing of Laws That Led to Detainee Abuse Hatched in Secret
  • Documents Confirm US Hid Detainees From Red Cross
  • Democrats and Republicans Will Party Hard On Soft Money
  • Baghdad Insists On Right To Veto US Operations
  • ‘Curveball’ Speaks, and A Reputation As A Disinformation Agent Remains Intact
  • US Talks Missile Defense With Lithuania
  • Charges Dropped Against Marine Officer In Haditha Case
  • Denver Cops Stock Up For Democratic Convention

    Tuesday, June 17

  • Afghanistan: Kandahar Braces For Taliban Attack As Thousands Flee
  • Conflicts Fuelled by Climate Change Causing New Refugee Crisis, Warns UN
  • History Is Made As Same-Sex Couples Marry
  • Army Overseer Tells of Ouster Over KBR Stir
  • McCain Would Lift Drilling Ban
  • Lakes Across Canada Face Being Turned Into Mine Dump Sites
  • Wrongly Jailed Detainees Found Militancy at Guantanamo
  • Supreme Court To Rule On Whether Ashcroft Can Be Sued
  • White House May Keep Documents in E-Mail Flap Private, Judge Rules
  • House Panel Subpoenas FBI Interviews With Bush and Cheney
  • Report Questions Pentagon Accounts of Interrogation and Torture

    Monday, June 16

  • Human Cost of Brazil’s Biofuels Boom
  • Washington, DC, Puts Itself Under Surveillance
  • McCain Takes Gitmo Ruling Personally
  • Protest Group Calls Bush Invitation An Outrage
  • What Do We Want? George Bush. What Do We Get? A No-Show
  • Detainees May Be Denied Evidence for Defense
  • US Abuse of Detainees Was Routine at Afghanistan Bases

    Sunday, June 15

  • I Freed Millions From Barbarism, says President Bush With No Regrets
  • Karzai Threatens Cross-Border Pursuit Into Pakistan
  • America’s Prison For Terrorists Often Held The Wrong Men
  • Oil Companies Get OK To Annoy Bears
  • Anti-Bush Protesters Face Obstacles As US President Arrives in Britain
  • Iraqi Refugee Crisis Grows As West Turns Its Back

    Saturday, June 14

  • In Iraq, The Love Stories Are Gone
  • “Water Is Alive, It Hears Our Words”
  • Family Calls For End of Tasering
  • Coercive Diplomacy Disputed at Centrist Meet
  • Higher Prices Means Less Food Aid: UN
  • Ecologist Says Power Plant Will Pollute More Of Mountain Empire

    Friday, June 13

  • NBC’s Tim Russert dead at 58
  • Supreme Court Ruling Could Free Scores From Guantanamo
  • Rights Groups See Glimmers of Justice As High Court Sides with Guantanamo Detainees
  • Maliki Says Talks on Iraq-US Security Pact Deadlocked
  • Pakistani Lawyers’ Anti-Musharraf March Nears Islamabad
  • Water Squabbles Irrigate Tensions in Central Asia
  • Major Makeover Proposed for US Foreign Aid
  • Global Image Buoyed by Prospect of Change
  • Climate Change Protesters Hijack Coal Train
  • Bush Pledges on Iraq Bases Pact Were a Ruse

    Thursday, June 12

  • US Supreme Court Backs Guantánamo Prisoners’ Right to Appeal
  • Canada’s Native People Get A Formal Apology
  • Was Obama’s Rhetoric on Israel for Real?
  • US Senator Says Oilsands Won’t Face ‘Dirty’ Fuel Ban
  • Activists Forced Out of ‘Peaceland’
  • House Waves Off Impeachment Measure Against Bush
  • Despite Legal Blow, Taser Use by Police to Expand
  • Caterpillar Annual Meeting Draws Protesters
  • 45 Year Later, Medgar Evers’ Legacy Inspires
  • Strike on Iran Nuclear Sites Under Discussion Again
  • ‘Special Weapons’ Have a Fallout on Babies

    Wednesday, June 11

  • US Security Talks With Iraq in Trouble in Baghdad and DC
  • When Congress Had a Chance, Food Safety Wasn’t Its Choice
  • Afghan Census Cancelled Due to Security Fears
  • Guantanamo Criticism Intensifies
  • Nature Laid Waste: The Destruction of Africa
  • Pakistan Condemns “Cowardly” US Attack; 11 Dead
  • St. Paul GOP Convention Protest Dispute Returning To Court
  • Kucinich Forces Vote On Bush’s Impeachment
  • ‘Hotline to Iran’ Aims to Head Off War

    Tuesday, June 10

  • Kucinich Calls For Bush Impeachment
  • Anti-War Protesters Banned From Demonstrating Against Bush
  • Bush Widens Immigration Checks
  • Bluewashing: Corporate Money Tries to Buy a Democratic Race
  • Supreme Court Curtails Rights of Public Employees
  • Abramoff Met Bush at Least 6 Times, House Panel Confirms
  • Wal-Mart Defender To Direct Obama’s Economic Policy
  • Anti-War Protesters Cleared in Tank Case
  • McClellan To Testify About CIA Leak
  • Bolivian Protesters March on US Embassy
  • US Seeking 58 Bases in Iraq, Shiite Lawmakers Say

    Monday, June 9

  • Israeli Attack Looking More Likely
  • Afghan Aid Ineffective: Watchdog
  • Pakistan Lawyers Launch Protest to Restore Sacked Judges
  • Chavez Urges FARC to Free Hostages, End Uprising
  • Lawmakers Urge Special Counsel Probe of Harsh Interrogation Tactics
  • Global Military Spending Soars 45 Percent in 10 Years
  • Food Banks Ask Gardeners to Grow Extra for Hungry
  • Harvard Medics ‘Concealed Drug Firm Cash’
  • Treaty Tensions Mount as Iraq Tells the US It Wants All Troops Back in Barracks
  • US Professors Face Hostile Reception in Jerusalem
  • Guantánamo Bay: Interrogators Told to Destroy Torture Notes, US Lawyer Claims

    Sunday, June 8

  • Media Critics, Activists Gather in Minneapolis to Discuss Reform
  • Iraq Will Not Be Used Against Iran, PM Vows
  • Chavez Agrees to Change ‘Spy’ Law
  • Oglala Sioux Could Regain Badlands National Parkland
  • Biotech Giants Demand a High Price for Saving the Planet
  • Afghanistan: Fear, Disillusion and Despair
  • New Laws Aim to Limit Reproductive Rights
  • James Byrd, Jr.:10 Years Later, ‘Horrific Death’ in Jasper Won’t Fade From Memory

    Saturday, June 7

  • Israel Attack on Iran “Unavoidable”: Olmert Deputy
  • UN Experts Rap US “Cruelty” to Child Prisoners
  • Guevara Children Denounce Che Branding
  • As Climate Bill Dies, Greens Express Hope
  • Republicans Thwart McCain ‘Greenwash’
  • Taser Held Responsible in Salinas Death
  • Israel Threatens War on Gaza and Iran
  • U.S. Distances Itself From U.N. Rights Body
  • Fearing Escalation, Pentagon Fought Cheney Plan
  • Darfur’s Child Refugees Being Sold to Militias
  • World’s Biggest Solar Farm at Centre of Portugal’s Ambitious Energy Plan

    Friday, June 6

  • GOP Blocks Senate’s Global Warming Bill
  • Senate Finds Pre-War Bush Claims Exaggerated, False
  • US Issues Threat to Iraq’s $50bn Foreign Reserves in Military Deal
  • Polar Bear Swims 200 Miles Shot Dead For Its Efforts
  • World Bank Called ‘Unqualified’ to Run Climate Fund
  • Food Crisis Summit Ducks Crucial Issues
  • US Officials Reopen Case of Wrongly Detained Terror Suspect
  • A Carbon-Neutral World Focus of World Environment Day 2008

    Thursday, June 5

  • US Marine Acquitted of All Charges in Haditha Killings: Military
  • US Urged to Push Israel Harder on Gaza Students
  • Obama Walks Fine Line at Major Pro-Israel Meet
  • Judge Allows Blackwater To Resume Work on San Diego Facility
  • US Seeks The Go-Ahead For Nevada Nuclear Dump
  • Iraq Lawmakers Want US Forces Out As Part of Deal
  • Revealed: Secret Plan to Keep Iraq Under US Control

    Wednesday, June 4

  • New Probe Into Victor Jara Murder
  • Domestic Workers Sue, Lobby, Organize For Workplace Rights
  • US Attacked at Food Summit Over Biofuels
  • Ex-U.S. Attorneys File Amicus Over Firings
  • Winter Soldiers Hit the Streets
  • How a Golden Opportunity Became a Zero-Sum Game
  • Rep. Waxman Seeks Access to Bush, Cheney Interviews on CIA Leak
  • Canada’s House Backs War Resisters
  • Hunger, Water Scarcity Displaces Thousands of Afghans
  • Boeing, Dow Chemical Fined 926 Million Over Nuclear Pollution
  • Analysis: US Terrorism List Also a Political Tool
  • US to Make Foreign Visitors Register Online
  • Now Bring on McCain: Epic Struggle Ends With Victory For Obama
  • End of The Road For Hummer After Sales of ‘World’s Most Anti-Environmental Car’ Dive

    Tuesday, June 3

  • US: Guantanamo Judge Not ‘Fired’; Move Simply A ‘Manpower Management Consideration’
  • Initiative To Discriminate Against Gays Gets Place on California Ballot
  • US Coal Lobbyists Unveil Nightmarish Vision of Life After Cap-and-Trade Law
  • Climate Findings Were Distorted, Probe Finds
  • Both McCain, Obama Exaggerating Iran’s Nuclear Program
  • Middle East ‘Military Escalation Brewing’
  • Blessed and Cursed by Water
  • William P. Ford, 72, Rights Advocate, Dies
  • On Middle East, McCain Vows to Stay the Course
  • West Coast Winter Soldier: “Enough Is Enough, It’s Time to Get Out”
  • How Cheney Outfoxed His Foes on Iran and EFPs
  • Ireland: Less Bombs Here, More There

    Monday, June 2

  • 60 Minutes: Pentagon’s Raygun Demonstrated on Mock Anti-War Protesters
  • Water Rights Activist Will Stand Inside To Accept Award; If Necessary, However, She Will Stand Outside with Protesters
  • Going To War with Iraq Was Wrong, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Admits
  • Last Flight of The Honeybee?
  • Biofuel Land Demand Puts Peasants at Risk: Report
  • Iraq Death Toll ‘Above Highest Estimates’
  • Students Protesting Pesticide Use Tasered
  • US Accused of Holding Terror Suspects on Prison Ships
  • Antiwar Activists Clear Border

    Sunday, June 1

  • Antiwar Group Fears Speakers will be Blocked at Border
  • New Round of Climate Talks Open with Big Agenda, Small Hopes
  • Calif. Democrat Pushes for Climate Bill
  • Displaced by Katrina and Edged out of FEMA Trailer Parks
  • Supreme Court Expected to Issue Exxon Valdez Verdict this Month

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