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July 2008

Thursday, July 31

  • Does Bush Proposal Threaten Access To The Pill?
  • States, Environmentalists To Sue EPA Over Greenhouse Gases
  • Arabs Despair of US Even More
  • Accidents Make Nuclear Questions Bigger
  • Climate Activists Occupy Proposed Site For Coal-Fired Power Station
  • Second Palestinian Teenager Shot by Israeli Army Within Hours
  • ‘Dead Zone’ in The Gulf of Mexico Near Record Size
  • ‘Oil From Algae’ Promises Climate Friendly Fuel; Environmentalists Remain Cautious
  • Raging Grannies Sing For peace, Generations To Come
  • US Auditor Says Funding For Iraqi Rebuilding Should Cease
  • Exxon Mobil Has Biggest Profit Ever At $11.68B

    Wednesday, July 30

  • US Considers Deploying Missile Defense Radar To Israel
  • US Consumer Bill Partially Bans Plastic Softener
  • US Blacks, if a Nation, Would Rank High on AIDS
  • US House Apologizes To Black Americans For Slavery and Jim Crow
  • Palestinians Capture Violence of Israeli Occupation On Video
  • Israeli Soldiers Rarely Indicted For Abuses
  • House Panel Votes To Cite Rove For Contempt
  • Palestinian Boy, 10, Shot Dead As Israeli Troops Fire On Demonstration
  • Republican US Senator Indicted For Oil Gifts
  • Strike On Iran Still Possible, US Tells Israel
  • Voter Laws Need Reform, Groups Say

    Tuesday, July 29

  • Colombian Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing
  • Sexuality Bias Seen at Justice Department
  • Tennessee Man Cites Church’s Liberal Values As Reason For Shooting
  • Convergence 2008: Local Farm Hosts Event to Promote Green Living
  • FCC Ready To Take On ISP Limits
  • They’re Taking A Stand Against The War, One Step At A Time
  • Perle Linked to Kurdish Oil Plan
  • Chevron Lobbyist: ‘We Can’t Let Little Countries Screw Around With Big Companies’
  • EPA Silences Employees On Climate Change
  • China Using Olympics As ‘Pretext’ For Crackdown: Amnesty

    Monday, July 28

  • Congressmen Fly Over Mountaintop Mining Sites, Meet With Opponents
  • Israel Fears European Ship May Sail to Gaza to ‘Break Siege’
  • Audit Finds Millions Wasted In Iraq Reconstruction Contract
  • DOJ Report: Goodling, Sampson, Williams Violated Law and Justice Policy on Hiring
  • US Concedes Iraq Victims Were Law-Abiding, Not Insurgents
  • Death Toll Climbs in Iraq Bombings
  • Iowa Rally Protests Raid and Conditions at Plant
  • Suspected US Missile Strike Kills Six In Pakistan
  • Four Arrested In Protest of Karl Rove
  • Security Becomes Main Cost In GMO Crop Trials
  • For Sale: High-Tech, Lethal Weapons

    Sunday, July 27

  • The Debate Rages Over Safety of Tasers
  • Industry Gushed Money After Reversal on Drilling
  • Indian Leaders Urge Calm After Deadly Attacks
  • UK Scientists Hit Out At New Coal Station Plans
  • British Ministry of Defense Misled on Iraq Torture, Claim MPs
  • Activists To Ratchet Up Climate Heat
  • The Agency Name That Dare Not Be Spoken

    Saturday, July 26

  • New Zealand Students Offer New Bounty For Arrest of Condoleezza Rice For War Crimes
  • Cost of Iraq War Is Near Bill For Vietnam
  • Accidents Tarnish Nuclear Dream
  • Poverty Pushing People Into Hamas Militia
  • Activists To Test Gaza Naval Blockade
  • Bolivian President Suspicious Over Helicopter Crash
  • 4,000 U.S. Combat Deaths, and Just a Handful of Images

    Friday, July 25

  • ‘Toto’ Constant, ex-Haitian Strongman, Found Guilty of Fraud
  • Massive Oil Spill Clogs Mississippi River
  • House Democrats Bash Bush Over Abuse of Executive Power
  • Immigration Raids Called Harsh
  • Maine Wages Fight Against Toxic Chemicals
  • Amnesty Int’l Focuses on Americans’ Voting Rights
  • Palestinian ‘Che’ Blindfolded and Shot
  • Congress Helps Banks, But What About Homeowners?
  • Iraq: Alarm at Forced Transfer of Basra Union Activists
  • Palestinian Anger At Claims New West Bank Settlement ‘To Get Go-Ahead’
  • Dems: White House Must Publish ‘Chilling’ Climate Change Document
  • Riches In The Arctic: The New Oil Race
  • Bush, US Military Pressure Iraqis on Withdrawal
  • Rights Group Wants US Officials Probed For Ordering Torture
  • Greenpeace Activists Arrested Protesting Oil Sands in Northern Alberta

    Thursday, July 24

  • Colombia Admits Rescuers Posed As Journalists
  • Pakistan Warns That US-India Nuclear Deal Could Lead To New Arms Race
  • Safety of Cloned Animal Products Uncertain: EU Agency
  • Pedaling The Local Food Movement
  • RNC Protesters Say They Reject Violence But Might Turn To Civil Disobedience
  • Neil Young Documents Anti-War Tour In Film
  • McKinney Blazes NC Trail With Incendiary Speech
  • Focus US Aid Efforts on Women, Say Experts
  • Rising Food Prices Pushing East Africa to Disaster, Warns Oxfam
  • Russia Considers Using Cuba For Refuelling of Nuclear Bombers
  • Pentagon Auditors Pressured To Favor Contractors, GAO Says
  • US Rejects Outside Probe of Canadian Sent to Syria

    Wednesday, July 23

  • Conyers Plans Bush Impeachment Substitute
  • McKibben: 350 The Most Important Number
  • Pressure Builds to Send Karl Rove to Jail
  • Most NGOs In Iraq Losing Face
  • Colombia: Torture as a ‘Side Effect’ of Forced Disappearance, Killings
  • World Bank Criticized on Environmental Efforts
  • Commercially Engineered Bees Spread Disease to Wild Bees
  • Is US Ready To Ditch ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’?
  • Solar Power From Saharan Sun Could Provide Europe’s Electricity, Says EU
  • Pakistan Accused of Disappearing Terrorism Suspects
  • New Spying Law Quickly Challenged
  • Antiwar Activists Split Over Obama’s Troop Plans

    Tuesday, July 22

  • A Housing Rescue Nears – But For Whom?
  • Radovan Karadzic, Europe’s Most Wanted Man, Arrested For War Crimes
  • Savage Stands by Autism Remarks
  • Blackwater Rebrands Itself: Security To Take Back Seat To Domestic Work and Military Training
  • Israel Fears Scathing US Report On Its West Bank Policies
  • ACLU Sues Alabama on Ballot Access
  • Peak Oil: The ‘When’ Doesn’t Matter
  • Among Iraqis, Obama is Not Topic No. 1
  • Hamdan Case Tests Military Tribunals
  • South African Small Farmers Pushed to Plant GM Seed
  • Rights Group Hails Video As New Weapon Against Israeli Army
  • UK ‘Must Check’ US Torture Denial

    Monday, July 21

  • Obama in Iraq: The Gift of A Timetable
  • Vivisection: Scientists Use 6% More Animals For Research
  • US and NATO Strikes Exact Heavy Toll In Afghanistan
  • Inquiry Launched After Film Shows Israeli Soldier Firing Rubber Bullet at Palestinian at Close Range
  • Destroying Wetlands Could Unleash “Carbon Bomb”
  • Offshore Drilling Still Carries Risks Despite Industry Rhetoric
  • Climate Report Calls For Green “New Deal”

    In Memoriam

  • Lina Newhouser, Co-Founder, 1951-2008

    Sunday, July 20

  • Left-Leaning Bloggers Flex Muscle in Texas
  • US Troops Kill Son of Iraqi Governor
  • Taser Death Ignites Racial Tensions
  • Coal Carves a Place in the Future of Global Energy
  • Iraqi Leader: US Should Leave as Soon as Possible
  • Africa’s Women Last and Least in Food Crisis

    Saturday, July 19

  • Your Challenge: Eat Locally
  • Al Gore Steals the Show at Netroots
  • Seattle’s King County Removes Pesticide Guide
  • Nationwide Protests to Oppose War with Iran
  • Texas Approves a $4.93 Billion Wind-Power Project
  • Seismic Shift or Non-Decision by Bush on Iran?
  • US Position Complicates Global Effort to Curb Illicit Arms
  • Spying Worried Groups

    Friday, July 18

  • Report: US Africa Aid Is Increasingly Military
  • Army to Shoot Live Pigs for Medical Drill
  • Mountaintop Removal as Tourism?
  • New Uranium Leak Discovered at French Nuclear Site
  • Electrical Risks at Iraq Bases Are Worse Than Said
  • Warming Is Major Threat To Humans, EPA Warns
  • Spying Uncovered: Documents Show State Police Monitored Peace and Anti-Death Penalty Groups
  • Rulings Clear Military Trial of a Detainee
  • Israeli Claims over Journalist Challenged
  • Antarctic Icebergs Scouring Seabed are New Threat to Marine Life

    Thursday, July 17

  • Earthship Enterprise: The Ultimate Eco-House
  • Uribe Admits Red Cross Emblem Used In Hostage Rescue
  • Bush Won’t Give Congress Papers in CIA Leak Probe
  • US Plans to Station Diplomats in Iran For First Time Since 1979
  • The Bloody Battle of Genoa
  • US Corn Production Feeds Expanding Gulf Dead Zone
  • Questions Raised About RCMP Support of Officers Who Used Taser on Dziekanski
  • Canada Ignores Calls for Guantánamo Youth To Come Home
  • Unrest Surfaces in Fallujah Again
  • US-led Forces Confirm Killing Afghan Civilians
  • Democrats Try To Spur More Oil Exploration
  • Ocean Quest: The Race To Save The World’s Coral Reefs
  • American Inequality Highlighted by 30-Year Gap In Life Expectancy
  • Ashcroft Defends Waterboarding In Front of House Judiciary Committee

    Wednesday, July 16

  • Congressional Panel To Review Kucinich’s Call to Impeach Bush
  • Fannie, Freddie Spent $200 Million To Buy Influence
  • Citizens Speak Up Against Military Action In Iran
  • US Envoy To Meet Iran’s Nuclear Negotiator
  • Children of Conflict: Stress Takes Its Toll on Both Sides of Border
  • Bush Can Hold Terrorist Suspect Indefinitely: US Court

    Tuesday, July 15

  • McCain: ‘I Know How to Win Wars’
  • Canada Says Dam Contractor Must Hire Its Own Security in Afghanistan
  • Canada Will Deport US Army Deserter
  • Study: Immigrants Mistreated at Detention Center
  • Sleep Deprivation Raised in bin Laden Driver Case
  • The World According To Engelhardt
  • Israel Targets Hamas Orphanages
  • Cluster Bomb Treaty’s Moral Force May Deter US
  • Report: Gov’t Tardy Securing Radioactive Material
  • Rape Threats, Beatings and Racist Chants: 15 Italians Jailed for Abuse of G8 Genoa Protesters
  • Obama Promises 10,000 More Troops for Afghanistan
  • Probe of Tillman Misinformation Goes Nowhere
  • Khadr Video Released
  • US Terrorism Watch List Tops 1 Million

    Monday, July 14

  • US Terrorism Watch List Tops 1 Million
  • Darfur Genocide Charges For Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir
  • Bush to Lift Offshore Oil Drilling Ban
  • Nine US Troops, Dozens of Rebels Dead in Afghanistan
  • Reports Show More Than Half of Stun-gun Incidents in Ottawa Involve Suicidal, Disturbed Individuals
  • US Treasury to Spend Billions in Bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
  • President George W Bush Backs Israeli Plan for Strike on Iran
  • Sadr’s Militia May Live to Fight Again
  • Bush to Hasten Iraq Troop Withdrawal in Bid to Help McCain Win White House
  • ‘The Best Thing That Could Happen to the Country Is If No Oil Is Found’
  • Forest Funding ‘Could Put Billions in Wrong Hands’
  • Paddlers Protesting Border Fence

    Sunday, July 13

  • Obama Says He Used ‘Poor Phrasing’ on Jerusalem
  • Is Your Picnic Filled With ‘Franken-Foods’?
  • Community Gardens: Growing Food Brings People Together
  • Suspect Soldiers: Did Crimes in US Foretell Violence in Iraq?
  • A Warning From the Sea
  • US, Iraq Scale Down Negotiations Over Forces

    Saturday, July 12

  • Return of the Ivory Trade
  • Canadians Ponder Cost of Rush for Dirty Oil
  • French Nuclear Facility to Shut Down After Uranium Leak
  • White House Puts Warming Threats on Back Burner

    Friday, July 11

  • ‘Longest Walk’ Reaches Washington
  • Illegality Inducing Unsafe Abortions
  • ‘This Is Like Apartheid’: ANC Veterans Visit West Bank
  • Climate Campaigners Threaten to Invade and Shut Down Power Plant
  • Bird Species Plummet as Habitat Dwindles
  • Refugees Forsaken Even By Their Own Gov’t
  • USDA Rule Change May Lead To Crops on Conserved Land
  • Antarctic Ice Shelf ‘Hanging by Thread’: European Scientists
  • Israel Hints at Pre-emptive Attack on Iran
  • Innovation Fuels Solar Power Drive
  • Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of CIA Torture of Qaeda Captives
  • Pull-out Demand Signals Final Bush Defeat in Iraq
  • US-Led Strikes Killed 47 Afghan Civilians, Mostly Women and Children
  • FCC Seeks to Punish Comcast in Internet Probe: Report

    Thursday, July 10

  • Pelosi Says House Judiciary May Hold Hearings On Kucinich Impeachment Resolution
  • US Still Shielding View of War Dead: Putting Her Foot Down and Getting the Boot
  • Palestinian Villagers Try to Sue Canadian Builders
  • Rove Ignores Subpoena, Refuses to Testify on Hill on Allegations of Political Meddling at DOJ
  • Security Firms Lose Immunity In Iraq Deal
  • Bush to G8: ‘Goodbye From The world’s Biggest Polluter’
  • Activists Decry New Pentagon Policy On Cluster Bombs
  • ‘Planet Burns While G8 Fiddles’
  • US Weapons Research Is Raising A Stink
  • Canada’s Secret Documents On Khadr’s Treatment Revealed
  • Veterans For Peace Receive No Answers From Conyers On Impeachment

    Wednesday, July 9

  • Protesters Blockade Rep. Ackerman’s Houseboat
  • Congress Votes to Immunize Lawbreaking Telecoms, Legalize Warrantless Eavesdropping
  • Czech Missile Shield: Russia to ‘Retaliate’ Over US Plan, President Dmitry Medvedev Says
  • California To Shame The Owners of Gas-Guzzlers
  • Cargill Rolling Out Natural, No-Calorie Sweetener
  • Suit Seeks Ban on Oil Companies Disturbing Wildlife
  • Iran Warns US It Will Retaliate If Attacked
  • ACLU: US Blocking Payments to Guantanamo Attorneys
  • Bush Lawyers Told to Speed Guantanamo Detention Appeals
  • Hundreds of People Protest in Prague Against US Radar Base
  • Corals Collapsing in More Acid Oceans
  • Haunted by Iraq War Demons
  • White House in Climate Change ‘Cover Up’
  • G8 Accused of ‘Failing the World’ on Carbon Cuts

    Tuesday, July 8

  • G8 Leadership Questioned by Civil Society Leaders
  • A Climate Threat From Flat TVs, Microchips
  • Cheney Reportedly Wanted Cuts In Climate Testimony
  • Did the Army ‘Steal’ FARC’s Hostage Release?
  • Iraq Insists On Withdrawal Timetable For US Troops
  • Police Crack Down On Cyclist Group’s Traffic Tactic
  • G8 Leaders Agree on Halving Emissions by 2050
  • Asking to Reconsider Tasers
  • Lockheed: US Must Pay for Rocket-Test Cleanup
  • Oilsands Image Fight Targets US Politicians
  • High Food Prices May Cut Opposition to Genetically Modified Food
  • The Security Dimensions of Environmental Policy
  • US Cluster Bomb Plans Meaningless, Say Campaigners

    Monday, July 7

  • More Scrutiny, Secrecy At Justice Department
  • Justice Dept. Sued Over Political Bias
  • The Iraq War Movie: Military Hopes To Shape Genre
  • West Bank: Desperate Battle For A Permit To Work Their Own Land
  • Protesters Gearing Up For The Political Conventions
  • Nigeria Wants Mining Reparations
  • A Tomato By Any Other Name? ‘Experts’ Set Food Rules
  • Bush, Medvedev Clash on ‘Missile Defense’
  • Iraq Says May Agree Timetable For US Withdrawal
  • G8 Protesters In Stand-Off With Police
  • Report: Rural America Fertile For Military
  • Court Orders New Refugee Hearing For Iraq War Deserter

    Sunday, July 6

  • Anti-War Song Gets The Fingers
  • A Word To The Water Wise
  • Some Coffee Fans Get Grim Delight in Starbucks Woes
  • US Dollar Mighty No More
  • Uranium From Iraq Reaches Canada
  • The General Ingrid Hugged
  • America’s Love Affair Fades as the Car Becomes Burden of Suburbia
  • Afghan Governor Says 22 Civilians Killed in Air Strike
  • Bush Warns North Korea to Disclose All Nuclear Secrets

    Saturday, July 5

  • Companies Begin Quest for Oil, Gas Off Florida
  • 9/11 Third Tower Mystery ‘Solved’?
  • Indigenous People Ask G8 for Climate Talk Inclusion
  • Strike and We’ll Strike You back, Warns Tehran
  • Military Action ‘Would Destabilise Iraq’
  • Despair Drives Suicide Attacks by Iraqi Women
  • US Eyes Plan to Empty Guantanamo Prison: Report
  • Little to Cheer on US Independence Day
  • Protesters Rally Ahead of G8 Summit

    Friday, July 4

  • Protesters Interrupt Bush Holiday Speech
  • Ingrid Betancourt Returns ‘Home’ to France - but Doubts Emerge about ‘Daring’ Rescue
  • US Military Looks to Colombia to Replace Base in Ecuador
  • Why Canada Is the Best Haven from Climate Change
  • Google Ordered to Hand Over Millions of YouTube User Details to Viacom
  • US Election: Barack Obama Wobbles on Withdrawing Iraq Troops
  • US, Poland Reach Tentative Pact On Missile Shield
  • Passport Record System Open to Abuse, IG Finds
  • ‘State Secrets’ Privilege Derails Rendition Suit
  • Journalist Charges Censorship by US Military in Fallujah
  • Secret Report: Biofuel Caused Food Crisis
  • Civil Liberties Groups Sue for Info on Cell Phone Lojacking
  • Pictured: The Floating Cities That Could One Day House Climate Change Refugees

    Thursday, July 3

  • Senator Backs New Solar Power Initiative
  • Critics See Vendetta in Al-Arian’s Legal Limbo
  • Report Faults Care of Detained Immigrants, But Critics Still Desire Broader Scope
  • Afghanistan Moves Back Into The Limelight
  • Military Chief Warns Against Striking Iran
  • California Judge Rejects Bush’s View on Wiretaps
  • Civil Liberties Group Criticizes New FBI Profiling Authority
  • Wildlife Extinction Rates ‘Seriously Underestimated’
  • US Officials Condoned Hunt-Kurd Oil Deal-Documents
  • US Teacher Is Suspended For Letting Pupils Read Bestseller
  • McCain Camp Puts Rove Man In Charge

    Wednesday, July 2

  • Ingrid Betancourt and Three American Hostages Freed by Colombian Military
  • Sewage in Water Threatens Gazans
  • Award-winning Palestinian reporter ‘abused’ by Israeli Security Officers
  • Experts Warn Against Military Aid to Mexico
  • Official Says Iran Accepts P5+1 Talks Proposal
  • Wounded Iraqi Forces Say They’ve Been Abandoned
  • Iraq Nears Agreement With US On Military Pact
  • In Manassas, the Medium Is The Issue
  • Dambusters: The Protest That Turned The Tide of Global Green Opinion
  • Poll Backs Greater UN Role in Mideast Peace
  • Gas Guzzlers and ‘Ghostburbs’
  • Senator: Angry McCain Grabbed Sandinista Official At Talks
  • 40 Years On, NPT In Urgent Need of Overhaul: Experts
  • China Inspired Interrogations at Guantánamo
  • Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity

    Tuesday, July 1

  • Protest Zone Far Cry From Pepsi Center, ACLU Says
  • US Court Ruling On Arar Enables Gov’t To Send Foreigners To Torture, Says Lawyer
  • Pentagon to EPA: You and What Army?
  • Iraq Opens Oilfields to International Deals
  • Ex-Abu Ghraib Inmates Sue US Firms For Torture
  • Former Agent Says CIA Ignored Findings on Iran
  • Diego Garcia: Chagos Islands Return ‘Puts US Base at Risk’
  • Map Reveals Extent of Deforestation in Tropical Countries
  • Afghanistan Needs New Humanitarian Effort: UN Aid Chief
  • UN Investigator Blasts US Justice System
  • Georgia Judge Yanks Coal Power Permit on Climate Concerns
  • Hawks Belie Iran’s ‘Existential Threat’ to Israel

    June 2007




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