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February 2008

Friday, February 29

  • Comcast Facing Backlash After Hearing
  • UN Experts Criticize New Orleans Housing
  • Killed While They Played Football, The Child Victims of Israel’s Revenge on Gaza
  • $4 Gasoline? It’s News to Bush
  • Quaker Teacher Fired For Changing Loyalty Oath
  • Afghanistan Mission Close To Failing - US
  • Outspoken Scientist Dismissed From Panel on Chemical Safety
  • 1 in 100 Adults Now in Prison
  • US Embrace of Musharraf Irks Pakistanis
  • Abu Ghraib Prison Turned Soldiers Evil by Design: Researcher
  • Vets Break Silence on War Crimes

    Thursday, February 28

  • Comcast Admits Paying Attendees at FCC Hearing
  • City Will Hold GOP Protesters To Single-File Route
  • Humane Society Sues US in Cattle Case
  • The Campaign That Changed The Eating Habits of A Nation
  • Justices Seem Inclined to Trim Exxon Damages
  • Online Indexing of All Life on Earth Begins
  • Iraqi Leaders Veto Law Bush Administration Hailed As Political Breakthrough
  • Nobel Laureate Estimates Wars’ Cost at More Than $3 Trillion
  • Bush, Congress Wrangle Over Domestic Spying
  • Lebanon: Children Look At The Brighter Picture
  • ACLU: 900,000 Names on US Terror Watch Lists

    Wednesday, February 27

  • Automated Killer Robots ‘Threat to Humanity’: Expert
  • Public Broadcasting Activists Refute McCain Campaign ‘Facts’ on FCC Letters
  • Californians Sitting on Toxic Couches - Report
  • Baquba Losing Life – And Hope
  • Gaza Border In Political Limbo
  • Missing E-Mails May Never Be Found
  • Runway Protesters Take to Roof of Parliament
  • Anti-War Movement Wrestles with 1968
  • Flooded Village Files Suit, Citing Corporate Link to Climate Change
  • Drug Giants Warned: Tell The Truth on Medicines

    Tuesday, February 26

  • US Defense Chief in India to Push Arms Sales, Military Ties
  • Feed The World? We Are Fighting a Losing Battle, UN Admits
  • Dodd Endorses Obama
  • Farms May Be Exempted From Emission Rules
  • Study Finds Immigrants Commit Less California Crime
  • Iraq Condemns Turkish Incursion and Wants Troops Out
  • Neo-cons Fine-Tune Iran Angle
  • Renditions Clothed in State Secrets Mantle
  • FCC Tackles Net Neutrality
  • Anti-War Groups Target Vulnerable Republicans
  • Arctic Oil Bonanza Worries Alaska Natives

    Monday, February 25

  • Black Owners Lose Grasp on Family Farms
  • Protesters Say They Have Bugged Japanese Whalers
  • Energy Storage Nears Its Day in The Sun
  • Obesity More Dangerous Than Terrorism: Experts
  • Obama Slams Smear Photo
  • US Military Plan for Africa Panned
  • Climate Protesters Arrested After Scaling Heathrow Jet
  • Gazans Form Human Chain Along Israeli Border In Protest at Blockade
  • Grim Legacy of Exxon Still Haunts Alaska

    Saturday, February 23

  • Nader Raises Specter of 2000 with Fresh White House Run
  • Arctic ‘Doomsday Vault’ Filled With World’s Seeds Comes to Life
  • The Most Expensive Air Crash in History
  • The Most Expensive Air Crash in History

    Saturday, February 23

  • Make Foreign Aid ‘Smarter,’ Next President Told
  • US “Agent Orange” Ruling Disappoints Vietnamese; Pleases Monsanto, Dow Chemical
  • GM Exec Stands by Calling Global Warming a “Total Crock of Shit”

    Friday, February 22

  • Boycotting NCLB: In Effort To Protect Students Illinois District Will Refuse Test
  • UN Says World Fisheries Face Collapse
  • Canada’s Polar Bears Beset on All Sides
  • British Troops Executed 20 Captives in Southern Iraq, Say Lawyers
  • Snake Oil Sellers of the Christian Right?
  • Crack Offenders Set for Release Mostly Nonviolent, Study Says
  • Gray Wolves To Lose Endangered Status; Critics Call Decision Short-Sighted
  • Bulk of States Back Cluster Bomb Ban, Organisers Say
  • Satellite Shootdown Fuels Fears of New Space Race
  • Beef Plant Video Spurs Calls for New Protections

    Thursday, February 21

  • Iraq’s Unemployment Epidemic
  • A Peace of History Turns 50
  • Florida Schools To Teach Evolution as ‘Scientific Theory’
  • How Labour Used The Law to Keep Criticism of Israel Secret
  • Nobel Peace Laureate Says US Trying to Stall Cluster Bomb Agreement
  • China Accuses US of Hypocrisy in Space
  • Miliband Admits US Rendition Flights Stopped on UK Soil
  • Blackwater Inquiry Turns to Baghdad

    Wednesday, February 20

  • Rigged Trials at Gitmo
  • Obama Trounces Clinton in Wisconsin and Hawaii to Make It Ten in a Row
  • Keeping The Peace? The El Al Flight and The Israeli Army Officer
  • Meat Recall Prompts Call for USDA Reform
  • Climate Change Threatens Human Rights of Millions: UN
  • Tape Inquiry: Ex-Spymaster in the Middle
  • Silenced Pakistani Lawyer Is Speaking Out
  • Guantánamo Suspects Face Death, Fair Trial Doubts
  • Palestinians Should Follow Kosovo Example: Negotiator
  • Pakistan President Refuses to Quit After Poll Wipeout
  • Collins’ Anti-Terrorism Bill Sparks Protest

    Tuesday, February 19

  • US Supreme Court Throws Out Wire-Tapping Case
  • Attorney-General Prepared to Limit Taser Use by Police
  • Revealed: The First Draft of Dossier That Took Britain to War
  • Nicaragua: Landmine-Free by 2009?
  • Whistleblowing Website Vows to Defy Court Gag
  • Journalist Who Exposes UN Corruption Disappears From Google
  • Unilateral Strike Called a Model For US Operations in Pakistan
  • Bearded Revolutionary Who Laughed in America’s Face
  • Musharraf Urged To Go as Rivals Win Pakistan Poll
  • Thousands of Protesters Greet US War Games in Philippines
  • Children Are Forty Percent of Cluster Bomb Casualties

    Monday, February 18

  • Whistle-Blower Site Taken Offline
  • Just In Time For RNC Convention, St. Paul Police Orders Tasers For Every Officer
  • Shark Species Face Extinction, Says Research
  • Student’s Deportation Roils New Mexico Town
  • Can the US Brace Its Fall?
  • RNC Donor Event Outlines Obama Attack Plan
  • Consequences of GM Crop Contamination ‘Are Set to Worsen’
  • Huge Beef Recall Issued As Result of Video Footage
  • Consumers May Not Be Able to Avoid Cloned Food
  • Britain Releases Secret File From Before Iraq War

    Sunday, February 17

  • Rights Group Demands UN Investigation Into Israel Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon
  • Many Die With Targeted Leader
  • Through Error, F.B.I. Gained Unauthorized Access to E-Mail
  • Official Defends Rough Interrogation
  • McCain Draws Criticism For Torture Vote

    Saturday, February 16

  • Iraq: The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares
  • Canada’s Oil Sands A Massive Disaster: Green Group
  • Service Employees’ Union Officially Endorses Obama
  • GM Crop Trial Locations May Be Hidden From Public
  • Harlem Mystery: Did Rangel’s District Go for Barack Obama?

    Friday, February 15

  • Top Scientists Want Research Free From Politics
  • Dead Zones Off Oregon and Washington Likely Tied to Global Warming, Study Says
  • McKibben: Local Activism is Key to Fighting Climate Change
  • Is The US Really Bringing Stability to Baghdad?
  • Give This Man a Pencil
  • Surge Exposing Political Tensions
  • Pakistani Official Taped Saying Vote Will Be Rigged

    Thursday, February 14

  • House Holds Bush Confidants in Contempt; Republican Members Walk Out
  • Defendants’ Lawyers Fear Loss of Potential Evidence at Guantanamo Bay
  • CDC: Gulf Coast Trailers Have Toxic Air
  • Venezuela Halts Crude Oil Sales to Exxon Mobil
  • Obama Erodes Clinton’s Core Vote as Democrat Deadlock is Broken
  • Court Dismisses Lawsuit on Secret Kidnapping
  • Thousands of New Prisoners Overwhelm Iraqi System
  • For the World, Gaza Is Reality TV
  • Waterboarding is Illegal, Says US Justice Department Official
  • Senate OKs Limits On Interrogation Methods; Bush Veto Expected
  • US Misses 2nd Deadline on Bear Protections; Critics Blame Oil Deal
  • 2 Reports At Odds On Biotech Crops
  • House Readies For Key Contempt Vote
  • Creating Greener Future for Urban Youthc

    Wednesdau, February 13

  • Limbo for US Women Reporting Iraq Assaults
  • Valentine’s Pledge from Jewelry Sellers
  • The Man on Both Sides of Air War Debate
  • Scalia Accepts Infliction of Pain to Get Key Information
  • UN Sees Progress in Ending Female Genital Mutilation
  • Man Takes Stand In Canada: Beckley Native Questions Sale of Half of Company to US Arms Maker
  • Mukasey’s Bid on Crack Releases Is Denied
  • Obama Hammers Clinton in Primary Clean Sweep
  • Exposed: The Long, Cruel Road to The Slaughterhouse
  • US Acts to Avert Defense tactic expected in Al Qaeda Trial

    Tuesday, February 12

  • Insect Explosion ‘A Threat to Food Crops’
  • Mexico’s Calderón Seeks Better Lot for Migrants
  • Berkeley to Decide on Revoking Marines Letter
  • Boulder Weighs ‘Impeach Bush’
  • Predatory Lenders Still Seen Targeting Minorities
  • Two Car Bombs in Baghdad as Violence Rises in Iraq
  • Campaign to Clear Cluster Bombs Is Still A Work in Progress
  • Russia, China Propose New Treaty to Ban Arms in Space
  • US Accused of Using ‘Kangaroo Court’ to Try Men Accused of Role in September 11 Attacks
  • King Penguin Faces Extinction Due to Climate Change

    Monday, February 11

  • Venezuela Threatens to Cut US Oil
  • Bush Orders Clampdown on Flights to US
  • Biofuel Demand Leading to Human Rights Abuses, Report Claims
  • ‘Unnecessary and Excessive’: Brattleboro Receives Independent Report Calling July 24 Use of a Taser Unjustified
  • Iraq: The Road to Learning Can Be Dangerous
  • Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning

    Sunday, February 10

    li>Exiled Iraqis Too Scared to Return Home Despite Propaganda Push
  • Clinton Appoints New Campaign Manager As Obama Takes Maine
  • French GM Ban Infuriates Farmers, Delights Environmentalists
  • Ohio Officials at Odds Over Paper Ballot
  • Gaza’s Factions Take Their Fight into the School Playgrounds
  • Women a Tougher Sell for Obama

    Saturday, February 9

  • ‘A New Phase in the Arms Race is Unfolding’ Says Putin
  • Van Jones: Focus On Green-Collar Jobs
  • Swing to Obama Expected
  • Panel Strikes Down EPA’s Mercury Emissions Cap, Credits
  • G7 Issues Global Economy Warning
  • Secret Evidence Bogs Down Gitmo Hearings
  • Separate Dramas Unfold on Same Stage in Gaza

    Friday, February 8

  • US Army Shifts Focus to Nation-Building
  • Pictures Reveal Truth About Japan’s ‘Scientific’ Whaling
  • Biofuel Crops Increase Carbon Emissions
  • Israel Says It’s Reducing Electrical Power to Gaza
  • Justice Dept. ‘Cannot’ Probe Waterboarding, Mukasey Says
  • US Should Not Provoke Iraq Militia: Report
  • Nato Crisis Grows Over Afghan Troops
  • Tobacco Could Kill 1 Billion by 2100
  • Calls For Taser Moratorium Across Quebec

    Thursday, February 7

  • The FBI Deputizes Business
  • New Charges of Guantanamo Torture
  • Soldier In ‘Shock’ Over Leaked Khadr Report
  • CIA Destroyed Tapes as Judge Sought Interrogation Data
  • ‘Why Talk When You Can Shock,’ says Taser Opponent
  • Waterboarding Is Legal, White House Says
  • Annapolis Hopes Withered by Gaza Crisis
  • Iranian-Americans Seek Least-Hawkish Candidate
  • US Censured For Waterboarding
  • Bills Introduced To Strip Berkeley Funds
  • Red Cross Says Global Ban on Cluster Bombs Urgent

    Wednesday, February 6

  • Defense Secretary Declines to Estimate ‘09 War Costs
  • After Waterboarding Admission Senate Democrats Want Investigation
  • Public Broadcasters Prepare to Fight Federal Budget Cuts
  • He’s a Uniter, Decider, and Now, Interpreter
  • Freedom Watch: Pushing Buttons and Raising Millions
  • Brattleboro Man Sees His Impeachment Trek As A Success
  • Tide Turns To Positive as E-mails Flood Town Offices in Support of Resolution to Indict Bush, Cheney
  • Obama Claims Delegate Lead
  • Secrecy Plea Ties Up Torture Flights Case

    Tuesday, February 5

  • Is Toxic Perchlorate in Utah’s Food?
  • CIA Says Used Waterboarding Three Times
  • Study Finds High Levels of Chemicals in Infants Using Baby Cosmetics
  • Scientists Identify ‘Tipping Points’ of Climate Change
  • US Says No One Too Young for Guantanamo Court
  • Did Marines Go Wild, or Simply Follow The Rules?
  • Record Financing For Biofuels, Not Food
  • The World’s Rubbish Dump: A Garbage Tip That Stretches From Hawaii to Japan
  • Candidates Offer Stark Contrasts On Terror, Torture
  • Judge Rejects Navy Request for Sonar Training Exemption
  • Leahy Criticizes Bush on Open Records
  • Prosecutor Sought for White House Probe

    Monday, February 4

  • Polar Bear Habitat At Center of Alaska Drilling Debate
  • Clinton Lead Dwindles Ahead of Super Tuesday
  • Joan Baez Backs Barack Obama in US Presidency Race
  • Was Encounter With Cheney a Touch, a Slap or a Shove?
  • Baghdad Drowning in Sewage: Iraqi Official
  • Obesity Becoming World Crisis
  • US Company Seeks Permit to Import Nuclear Waste
  • Book: 911 Commission Executive Director Had Closer White House Ties Than Publicly Disclosed

    Sunday, February 3

  • Obama Claims Wellstone’s Legacy
  • Chomsky Finds Pakistan in a State of Grave Crisis
  • Insurgencies Spread in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Rain Forests Fall at ‘Alarming’ Rate
  • Climate Protesters Plan Campaign of Direct Action Against UK Polluters

    Saturday, February 2

  • Berkeley: Facing Off Over Marine Corps
  • States Consider Calling Back Nat’l Guards from Iraq

    Friday, February 1

  • Domestic Spying Program Could Aid Terrorists, Experts Say
  • MoveOn Endorses Obama
  • US Soldier Suicides Reach A Record High
  • Hundreds of Professors Hold Green ‘Teach-In’
  • Mexican Farmers Protest End of Corn-Import Taxes
  • West Gives False “Democracies” A Pass
  • Judge Rules In Favor of First Amendment, ‘Honk For Peace’ Activists
  • Israel Criticized For Cluster Bombs
  • Wars Dwarf Warming in US Budget
  • Berkeley Finds a New Way to Make War Politics Local

    January 2007




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