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April 2008

Wednesday, April 30

  • Blackwater Permit Faces Challenge Over ‘Vocational Training Institute’ Status
  • US Troop Death Toll Hits A 7-Month High in Iraq
  • Chevron Complicit in Abuses in Burma - Rights Lobby
  • Longshore Workers Plan Walkout To Protest Wars
  • Rockefeller Kin Urge Exxon To Think Beyond Oil
  • Climate Change Could Force 1 Billion From Their Homes by 2050
  • Latinos Outraged Over CBS Report
  • An Apologetic Boycott in Good-Natured Banter at Hamdan Hearing
  • Bush Has 16 Days To Decide Whether Polar Bears Are Endangered
  • Bhopal: Hundreds of New Victims Are Born Each Year
  • Oil Majors Rapped Over Secrecy, Corruption
  • Farm Animal Industry Must Change, Says Pew Commission

    Tuesday, April 29

  • Pentagon Suspends Program for Military ‘Media Analysts’
  • Cheney Lawyer Claims Congress Has No Authority Over Vice-President
  • How Safe Are Green Cleaning Products?
  • Ex-Prosecutor Calls War Tribunals Tainted
  • Groups Begin to Tackle Hunger Crisis
  • Vermont Set to Protect Springs As Public Trust
  • Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School
  • UN: Biofuel Production ‘Criminal Path’ to Global Food Crisis
  • Groups Sue To Get Gray Wolves Back on Endangered Species List
  • Supreme Court Gives Republicans a Boost

    Monday, April 28

  • Detainees Allege Being Drugged, Questioned
  • Iraqis Accuse Blackwater of Shredding Documents
  • Barbaric ‘Honour Killings’ Become The Weapon To Subjugate Women in Iraq
  • Human Warming Hobbles Ancient Climate Cycle
  • House Democrats Look To Fund War Through 2009
  • The War Within: Experts Say Millions Could Seek Treatment For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Lawyers Fear Monitoring in Cases on Terrorism
  • Demonstration Targets Anti-War Protesters
  • Burger King Exec Uses Daughter’s Online ID To Chide Immokalee Coalition

    Sunday, April 27

  • Studies on Chemical in Plastics Questioned
  • Bicycle-Sharing Program to Be First of Kind in US
  • Groups Wrangle With CIA Over ‘Ghost Prisoners’
  • Guantánamo Drives Prisoners Insane, Lawyers Say
  • Orangeburg Survivors Call for ‘Historical Reckoning’
  • Israeli Ex-Soldiers Expose Abuse of Palestinians

    Saturday, April 26

  • A Deadly Harvest of Cluster Bombs in Laos
  • ‘Neglect of Farming Led to Rice Crisis’
  • Bringing Iraqis to the Table
  • Iraq: Poverty Gets the Survivors

    Friday, April 25

  • Gallup Poll: Many Americans OK With Increasing Taxes on Rich
  • Iran Says No Confrontation With US in Gulf - Reports
  • Limbaugh “Dreams” of - Doesn’t Advocate - Denver Riot
  • US-Contracted Ship Fires Toward Iranian Boat
  • Education ‘Lesson’ Targets Politicians Worldwide
  • US Jews Create New Lobby to Temper Israel Policy
  • ‘Day of Silence’ Spurs Protest
  • Is US Trying To Force Nuke Standoff?
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright Appears On PBS’ ‘Bill Moyers Journal’
  • Terror Talk: No More Islamist Jihads
  • IAEA Slams US On Syria Bombing; Will Probe Reactor Report Carefully
  • Israel Rejects Gaza Ceasefire
  • Face Scans For Air Passengers To Begin In UK This Summer
  • Canada, US, Mexico Accused of Interference with NAFTA Watchdog
  • Al-Sadr Calls For End To Iraqi Bloodshed
  • Senate Panel Moves Against FCC Media-Ownership Rules

    Thursday, April 24

  • WWF Warns Arctic Ice Melting Faster than Predicted
  • Iraqis See Red as US Opens World’s Biggest Embassy
  • EPA Scientists Complain About Political Pressure
  • Town in the Andes Face Crisis as Glaciers Melt
  • Molly Ivins’ Library Finds a Home on Texas State’s Shelves
  • Experts Fear Nation’s Waterways Need Rescuing - From Us
  • Petraeus Promotion Frees Cheney to Threaten Iran
  • Climate a “Life and Death” Issue for Native Peoples
  • Fuel Shortage Forces UN to Halt Food Handouts in Gaza
  • Shops Ration Sales of Rice as US Buyers Panic’

    Wednesday, April 23

  • Clinton’s Victory Doesn’t Do Much for Her Odds
  • Outspoken War Critic Poised for Green Party Run
  • UN Warns Darfur War Worsening, with Perhaps 300,000 Dead
  • Chump Change to Halt Climate Change
  • Inmate Count in US Dwarfs Other Nations’
  • Bush Appears on US Game Show as Approval Ratings Hit Record Low
  • Biofuels Starving Our People, Leaders Tell UN
  • Zimbabwe Intervention Calls Mount as Church Fears Genocide
  • Food Crisis Needs Aid on Scale of Tsunami to Avert Famine
  • Climate Change ‘May Put World at War’
  • Canada Declares Chemical in Plastic Water Bottles Toxic

    Tuesday, April 22

  • Food for Thought on Earth Day
  • Arctic Ice Melting Fast in Summer Sun
  • Is Earth Day Still Relevant 18 Years On?
  • Principles - and Principal - at Work
  • Japan’s Hunger Becomes a Dire Warning for Other Nations
  • Trials of Muslim Charities Likened to a Witch-hunt
  • New Doubts About Health Care for US War Vets
  • Amnesty Unveils Shock ‘Waterboarding’ Film
  • Pay Up or Risk Long Battle, Obama Told
  • Clinton Would ‘Obliterate’ Iran
  • Millions of Children Falling Through the Cracks
  • Double Number of Ex-Cons Join the US Army

    Monday, April 21

  • The Great Migration Crisis
  • Sadr Threatens ‘Open War’ as Iraqi Army Attacks Base
  • Food Crisis Set to Get Worse - Experts
  • Gov’ts Must Act to Replace Oil, Poll Finds
  • Farm Bill Complicates Plight of Honeybees
  • Rising India Cannot Shake Its Bias for Boys
  • Afghans Bear Mental Scars from Decades of Turmoil
  • Maryland Joins Effort to Put Local Food in School Cafeterias
  • Push on to Make Buildings Grow Green
  • Torture Victim’s Records Lost at Guantánamo, Admits Camp General

    Sunday, April 20

  • Anti-US Cleric al-Sadr Threatens New Uprising in Iraq
  • 10 People Killed in Zimbabwe Election Violence: Opposition
  • Working Life (High and Low)
  • Exposed: The Great GM Crops Myth
  • Why Flowers Have Lost Their Scent
  • Clashes Kill 6 in Baghdad’s Sadr City, Iraqi Officials Say
  • Afghans to Probe Whether U.S. Used Depleted Uranium
  • Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

    Saturday, April 19

  • Green Product Seals Are Gray Area
  • President Is Rebuffed on Program for Children
  • Probe Sought of Whether Israel Targeted Media Crew
  • Top Bush Aides Pushed for Guantánamo Torture

    Friday, April 18

  • Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger
  • University Crowd Cheers Sheehan
  • Iraqi Troops Abandon Position
  • Democratic Debate Sparks Viewers’ Own Angry Debate
  • Tank Shell That Sprays Deadly Darts Killed Cameraman in Gaza, Say Doctors
  • Ottawa Told US Khadr Transfer ‘Inappropriate’
  • But What Is Good About Biofuels?
  • Petraeus Hid Maliki Resistance to US Troops in Basra
  • Carter Calls Gaza Blockade a Crime and Atrocity
  • Pentagon Institute Calls Iraq War ‘a Major Debacle’ with Outcome ‘in Doubt’
  • Report Faults US Strategy on Pakistan

    Thursday, April 17

  • White House Delay on Ship Speed Limit Endangers Whales
  • Coca-Cola, Other Corporations Face Critics For Olympics Support
  • McCain’s Vietnam Lessons Unlearned?
  • Israel Doesn’t Want to Know Carter Any More
  • Fair Trade Is Not Easy
  • US Forces Release Iraqi Photographer After Two Years Without Charge
  • Virgin CEO Calls Net Neutrality ‘Bollocks’; Boycotts Threatened
  • Cleric Sadr Key Player In Helping Poor Iraqis: Report
  • Executions Resume In US After Supreme Court Lethal Injection Ruling
  • Pentagon Records Detail Prisoner Abuse by US Military

    Wednesday, April 16

  • Anita Roddick’s Will Reveals She Donated Entire £51m Fortune To Charity
  • $1 Billion Pledged for Women’s Issues
  • Chemical In Plastic May Harm Human Hrowth
  • Army ‘Rewards’ Outspoken Antiwar Soldier
  • New Jewish Lobby Seeks to Redefine “Pro-Israel”
  • Diplomats Could Be Forced Into Iraq Posts
  • Utah Nuclear Waste Company Ramps Up Campaign Contributions
  • Canada First to Label ‘Bisphenol A’ As Officially Dangerous
  • System Enslaves Tomato Pickers, Senate Committee Told
  • Change In Farming Can Feed World - Report
  • Official Says Fraud Loophole Was A ‘Mistake’
  • War Protesters Use Tax Day To Send Message

    Tuesday, April 15

  • Global Hot Spots of Hunger Set to Explode
  • Tough New Sanctions On Iran Could Backfire, Experts Warn
  • Controversy Mires Choice For Goldman Prize
  • US Congress to Address Poor Country Debts
  • Rights Groups Applaud Trade Deal’s Tabling
  • Iran Says US Aids Rebels at Its Borders
  • Attitudes Toward U.S. Worsen in Arab World
  • Area C Strikes Fear Into The Heart of Palestinians As Homes Are Destroyed
  • Israel’s Senior Politicians and Security Service Snub Carter Visit
  • ACLU Asks Harvard’s Police Why Gaza Rally Was Photographed
  • New Hampshire Rep Has Made Impeaching Bush, Cheney Her Mission

    Monday, April 14

  • Phoenix Mayor Asks FBI To Check Sheriff Over Immigration Detentions
  • Japan Kills 551 Antarctic Whales, Short of Target
  • Bangladesh Faces Climate Change Refugee Nightmare
  • Five Years On, Fallujah in Tatters
  • After Protests, Haitian Leader Announces Rice Subsidies
  • Iraq Security Forces Fire 1,300 Deserters
  • Democrats Want Probe Into McCain Decision
  • Safe from War, but Barely Surviving
  • Co-Payments for Expensive Drugs Soar
  • Fewer Large Corporations Audited by IRS
  • US and Iran Holding ‘Secret’ Talks on Nuclear Programme
  • Global Warming Has a New Battleground: Coal Plants
  • Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq

    Sunday, April 13

  • Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq
  • Bloodiest Week This Year For US Troops Ends With Bombing
  • EU To Propose Ban On Imports of Seal Products
  • Scientists Ask EU to Drop Biofuel Targets
  • Canadian Police Seize Anti-Hunt Ship
  • Carter Defends Plan To Meet Hamas Despite Israel Criticism
  • Refugees Fight Forced Return To Iraq War Zones

    Saturday, April 12

  • United States Blamed For Assassination of Sadr Aide
  • Family Planning Gets Mere Sliver of Aid Pie
  • The Other Global Crisis: Rush to Biofuels is Driving Up Price of Food
  • Bush Aware of Advisers’ Interrogation Talks
  • From One Dictator to the Next In Iraq
  • Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in US
  • Federal Panel Fails To Prevent Vicious Testing of Animals

    Friday, April 11

  • Scientists: Warmer Seas, Over-Fishing Spell Disaster for Oceans
  • The Miracle in Madagascar – a Blueprint for Saving Species
  • U.S. Fails to Move on Iraq Sexual Assault Complaints
  • Third Guantanamo Detainee to Boycott Trial
  • Lobbyists Spend Record Sums to Influence Washington
  • World Bank “Playing Both Sides of Climate Crisis”
  • Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups
  • Serious Abuses No Bar to U.S. Military Aid
  • Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Vanunu Seeks Asylum in Norway
  • OAS Chief to US Congress: No Venezuela-Terrorist Link
  • Iraq Calm on the Surface, Simmering Beneath
  • Cheney, Others OK’d Harsh Interrogations

    Thursday, April 10

  • Iraqi Refugees Find Sweden’s Doors Closing
  • Too Cool For School: Britain’s Most Eco-Friendly Building
  • CDC Foresees Health Risks Because of Climate Change
  • Afghans Hold Secret Trials for Men That US Detained
  • New Roadblocks Delay Tribunals at Guantánamo
  • AP Photographer Granted Iraqi Amnesty; Still Being Held
  • Logging Boreal Forest Could Detonate Massive ‘Carbon Bomb,’ Says Report
  • Starving Haitians Riot As Food Prices Soar
  • Five Years After Fall of Baghdad, All-Day Curfew Is Imposed
  • Iraqi Detainees Languish Uncharged In Crowded Jails
  • McCain Won’t Rule Out Pre-Emptive War

    Wednesday, April 9

  • Food Price Rises Threaten Global Security - UN
  • Saudi Prisoner Slams Then Leaves Guantanamo Hearing
  • Vets Press McCain to Back Greater Benefits
  • As Prices Rise, Farmers Spurn Conservation
  • Memo Proves Detention Is Illegal, Attorneys Say
  • US President Gets An Earful From Afghan Governors
  • Venezuela Outlaws Trawl Fishing
  • Drilling Proposed For Whale Habitat
  • Irish Anti-War Activist Refused Entry Into The United States
  • Palestine’s War of Words
  • Former Bush Administration Lawyer Asked to Testify Before Congress
  • In Justice Shift, Corporate Deals Replace Trials
  • Protesters Drawn To Olympic Flame In San Francisco

    Tuesday, April 8

  • At Justice, New Pressure To Release Documents
  • Scientific Models Show Dire Effects From Nuclear War (Even A ‘Small’ One)
  • Government Sued After Approving 4 Pesticides
  • Challenges Arise to Border Fence Project
  • Iranian Public Sees Reduced US Threat
  • Oil PeakTheorist Warns of Chaos, War
  • UN Peace Missions Falter in Africa
  • Secret US Plan For Military Future In Iraq
  • UN Expert On Israel/Palestine Stands By Nazi Comparison
  • US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars
  • CIA Rendered 14 Prisoners to Jordan: Report

    Monday, April 7

  • Blackwater Contract Renewal Not Approved by Iraq: Maliki
  • Foreclosures Come To McMansion Country
  • Food Riots Fear After Rice Price Hits A High
  • Execution By Lethal Injection Under Renewed Scrutiny
  • Navy Sonar Blamed For Death of Beaked Whales Found Washed Up In The Hebrides
  • Petraeus Testimony to Defend False “Proxy War” Line
  • Iraqi Widows, Orphans Left Stranded
  • Evicted Chagos Islanders Get Blueprint For A Longed-For Future
  • Climate Target Is Not Radical Enough - Study

    Sunday, April 6

  • Gaza Running on Near Empty
  • Tom Lewis, One of ‘Catonsville Nine,’ Dies After Life of Activism
  • Army Faces New Torture Claims Over Arrest of Shia Leader

    Saturday, April 5

  • Questions in Portugal About CIA Flights to Guantánamo
  • US Military Charges Civilian Contractor in Iraq
  • New Heat on Bush Environment Chief
  • Iraqis Angered by Renewal of Blackwater Contract

    Friday, April 4

  • Marchers Prepare to Honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on 40th Anniversary of Assassination
  • Chevron Could Pay Billions In Ecuador Suit
  • Hu Jia: Human Rights Activist Jailed As Struggle Resonates
  • American Songbirds Are Being Wiped Out by Banned Pesticides
  • Super Fund Blacklists Cluster Bomb Makers
  • Tortoises Give Way To Tanks in Desert
  • Wanted - Homes For Small Island People
  • 2 Groups to Help Defend Detainees at Guantánamo
  • Somalia Called ‘World’s Most Neglected Crisis’
  • Study: U.S. Droughts Endanger Canada’s Water
  • The Great Carbon Con: Can Offsetting Really Help To Save The Planet?
  • Landmines In Pakistan Ruin Lives, Leave Hundreds Dead

    Thursday, April 3

  • Another KBR Rape Case
  • Blame Pollutants For Hike in Breast Cancer: Scientist
  • Clinton on The Sidelines of Efforts To End The Iraq War
  • Media Wrong on Rev. Wright, Critics Say
  • UN Poverty Goals Face New Threats
  • Bush’s Border Fence Destroys Wilderness
  • As Guantanamo Trials Near, Pentagon Limits What Can Be Reported
  • Iraq’s Sadr Calls Million-Strong March Against US
  • Oil Politics Alleged in Polar Bear Decision
  • Memo On Illegal Searches Comes To Light
  • UN Appeals For Help To Rid Iraq of Landmines

    Wednesday, April 2

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Takes 32 Years to Answer Petition
  • Centers Tap Into Personal Databases
  • Rights Advocates Press Olympic Committee
  • Environmental Rules Waived For Mexican Border Fence
  • Torture Memo Gave White House Broad Powers
  • Gaza ‘Bombshell’ Took a Year To Fall
  • Paramilitarism Alive and Well In Colombia
  • Medical Chaos, Delays Cost Ill Gazans’ Lives
  • Despite Huge Media Campaign, Facts Show Massive Failure In Iraq
  • ACLU: Military Skirting Law to Spy
  • Duke Power Protesters Arrested, Stunned With Tasers

    Tuesday, April 1

  • Ecuador Sues Colombia to Stop Anti-Coca Herbicide Spray
  • Bedouin Resist Israeli Plan to Build Jewish Towns on Ancestral Lands
  • Poor Nations Fear Being Left In Cold On Global Warming
  • USA 2008: The Great Depression
  • Doctors Support Universal Health Care: Survey
  • A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Hunger
  • Demands For Crackdown On Biofuels Scam
  • Embarrassed US Starts to Disown Basra Operation
  • Corporate Hall of Shame: A Contest for the Biggest Loser
  • ‘Fossil Fools’ Protests Target Oil Industry

    March 2007




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