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May 2007

Thursday, May 31

  • Minnesota Case Fits Pattern in U.S. Attorneys Flap
  • ACLU Sues San Jose Firm; CIA 'Rendition' Role Alleged
  • World's Great Apes Face Disaster, Says Conservation Expert
  • On the Barricades: Trouble in a Hippie Paradise
  • Goldman Sachs Marches on with Bush's Candidate for World Bank
  • Climate Change: Overcoming the Ostrich Effect
  • Bush Sees South Korea Model for Iraq
  • Religious Right Gets More Than Its 15 Minutes

    Wednesday, May 30

  • New Peace Index Ranks US Among Worst Nations
  • Sudan: Activists Greet Bush's "Plan B" Sceptically
  • Cindy Sheehan Quits The Anti-War Life
  • Survey: US Alone Should Not Pick World Bank President
  • Earth, Inc. Sliding Into Bankruptcy
  • Lawyer: Cheney Visitor Logs Not Recorded

    Tuesday, May 29

  • Democrats in Washington Want To Keep Impeachment Off The Table
  • Lawmakers Push for Big Subsidies for Coal Process
  • Plight of Workers in Palestinian Territories Has "Worsened Dramatically"
  • Disarmament Latin America: Cluster Bomb-Free Region?
  • Militants Widen Reach as Terror Seeps Out of Iraq
  • National Women's Group Fights War With the Color Pink

    Sunday, May 27

  • Plantation Workers Look for Justice in the North
  • GOP Rivals Embrace Unproven Iraq-9/11 Tie
  • Battle for Biofuels Drives World Food Prices Higher
  • Abortion Decision Could Pave Way for More Restrictions
  • Lawsuit in Outsourced US War is Moved Out of Court

    Saturday, May 26

  • Arabs Make Plans for Nuclear Power
  • US Show of Force in Gulf Alarming: Afghan Paper
  • Intel Agencies Warned of Post-War Risks
  • Greenpeace Posts Leaked US Objection to G8 Climate Statement
  • Suit Sheds Light on Clintons' Ties to a Benefactor
  • Protesters Barred From Cheney's West Point Speech

    Friday, May 25

  • Richardson Rebukes Dems on Iraq and Immigration
  • US Asked to Take Role on Climate
  • House Votes to Lift Veil Over Lobbyists' Donations
  • New Questions Dog Sallie Mae Exec's Stock Sale
  • Frustrated House Panel Threatens to Subpoena FDA
  • Mexico to Boost Tapping of Phones and e-Mail with US Aid
  • Common Chemicals Pose Danger for Fetuses, Scientists Warm
  • Dems Back Down, Approve Spending Bill

    Thursday, May 24

  • Poll Shows Opposition to Iraq War at All Time High
  • Most Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raids were Civilians, Amnesty Says
  • McDonald's Begins McJob Petition
  • Anti-War Activists Attack Democrats over Iraq Bill
  • Kucinich Claims War Masks the Real Objective: Iraqi Oil
  • Rich Sideline Poor Countries' Concerns in WTO Talks
  • Anti-Cluster Bomb Conference Meets in Lima
  • Hearing Sought Over Linguists' Discharge

    Wednesday, May 23

  • Health Care Crisis Squeezes Working Families
  • Cheaper Solar Power Heads Mainstream
  • Amnesty Report Decries 'Politics of Fear'
  • Edwards Takes Political Gamble with Holiday Offensive
  • Climate Change: 'We've Never Seen What We're Seeing Now'
  • Opium: Iraq's Deadly New Export
  • Dems Bow to Bush on Funds for War
  • Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

    Tuesday, May 22

  • Democrats Drop Insistence on Iraq Withdrawal Timeline
  • Increase in Carbon Emissions Seen Tripling Since '90s
  • Paris Calls Off Festival of US Culture after Threats
  • On Darfur's Borders, Children to Lay Down Guns
  • World Biodiversity Day: Climate Change Also Drives Evolution
  • Nader Redux: Should Dems Fear Mike Gravel?
  • Peace Fence
  • Bush Could Double Force by Christmas
  • Early Arrival of Butterflies Demonstrates Impact of Climate Change

    Monday, May 21

  • Maine Campaign to Impeach Bush Presses Case
  • Hans Blix Wins Sydney Peace Prize
  • Venezuela Giving Danny Glover $18M to Direct Film on Epic Slave Revolt
  • World Bank Should Go With Wolfowitz: Activists
  • Efforts to Stop `Voter Fraud' May Have Curbed Legitimate Voting
  • Gore Blasts Bush in 'The Assault on Reason'

    Sunday, May 20

  • Gonzales Rapped Simply as one of Bush's Yes Men'
  • A Scale for the Price of Life
  • Bilking the Elderly, With a Corporate Assist
  • Priests Claim Torture; Arizona Army Post Says No
  • Latino Soldiers Who Refused Iraq Speak Out
  • Brown's Vision for a Nuclear Britain
  • US Chided for Hindering International Efforts on Climate Change
  • Poll: American Satisfaction at New Low

    Saturday, May 19

  • No, Blair! America's Parting Gift to Britain's PM
  • Bush Administration Ruling Throws Cold Water on Environmental Whistleblowers
  • US Government Trying to Seize New Michael Moore Film, Says Producer
  • US Raids Made 2,000 Afghans Homeless: Red Cross
  • Iraq War Ignites Dueling Protests
  • Indigenous Leaders Bring Eco-Sense to UN
  • Washington's AIDS Hypocrites, Wolfowitz and Tobias, Ousted
  • Jimmy Carter Slams Bush Administration
  • Sarkozy Unveils his New 'Rainbow' Government
  • Bush Resists Democrats on Military Pay

    Friday, May 18

  • Obama Disputes Claim of Sharing Clinton's Stance on War
  • Earth's Natural Defenses against Climate Change 'Beginning to Fail'
  • Wolfowitz's Fall Brings More Bad News for Bush
  • Halliburton Looks to Greener Pastures
  • Minimum Wage Increase Likely to Remain Tied to War Bill
  • Study: Global Net Censorship 'Growing'
  • Kidnap and Torture: New Claims of UK Army War Crimes in Iraq

    Thursday, May 17

  • Detroit City Council votes to impeach Bush
  • Greenpeace Builds Replica of Noah's Ark
  • Iraq: Send in the Clown
  • Teen Pregnancy Rates Lowest Yet, Study Finds
  • Capitol Watchdogs Fret Over Rise in 'Honest Graft' Land Deals
  • Gas May Have Harmed Troops, Scientists Say
  • Veterans Take Antiwar Call on Road
  • Father of Christian Zionism Leaves the Building
  • US Chided for Hindering International Efforts on Climate Change
  • War-Torn Iraq 'Facing Collapse,' Says UK Think Tank
  • Cluster Bombs Cause Decades of Harm, Says Study

    Wednesday, May 16

  • Senate Defeats Iraq Withdrawal Measure
  • Baby 'Bubba' Issued Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification Card
  • CBS Fires Former Iraq Commander for Speaking Out Against Bush Policies in Iraq
  • Bolton: We Must Attack Iran Before it Gets the Bomb
  • Feminist, Socialist, Devout Muslim: Woman Who Has Thrown Denmark into Turmoil
  • Wolfowitz Scandal Spotlights US Reign at Bank
  • Children Face Exposure to Pesticides
  • Bono Warns G8 Backsliders
  • Panel Told of a Sickbed Face-Off
  • Analysis Finds Large Antarctic Area Has Melted

    Tuesday, May 15

  • Right-Wing Televangelist Jerry Falwell Dies
  • Boston Residents Face to Face with Bio-War
  • CENTCOM Commander's Veto Sank Bush's Threatening Gulf Buildup
  • US Health System Ranks Last Compared to Other Countries: Studies
  • US Senate to Vote on Cutting off Iraq War Money
  • Discrimination Against Girls 'Still Deeply Entrenched'
  • Son of Professor Opposed to War is Killed in Iraq

    Monday, May 14

  • Lobbying Reform Losing Steam in House
  • Senators Who Weakened Drug Bill Got Millions from Industry
  • Shoe on the Other Foot as Africa Chides Wolfowitz
  • 'Honk for Peace' Case Tests Limits on Free Speech
  • One Billion to be Displaced by 2050, Global Warming a Factor, Group Warns
  • Deforestation: The Hidden Cause of Global Warming
  • US Trying to Weaken G-8 Climate Change Declaration
  • Common Chemicals are Linked to Breast Cancer

    Sunday, May 13

  • Army Career Behind Him, General Speaks Out on Iraq
  • Organic Milk Seen Flooding Market
  • Ex-CIA Official Pushed Millions in Secret Deals to Pal, Prosecutors Say
  • Bloodshed Rises in Iraq as US Demands 'Victory'
  • Iraqis Resist U.S. Pressure to Enact Oil Law

    Saturday, May 12

  • Can Capitalism Be Green?
  • Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, US Study Says
  • Iraq Funding Bill Too Oily
  • Migrating Birds' Habitat Threatened by Sea Wall
  • Why Fearless Leaders are Something to Dread
  • Warming Triggers 'Alarming' Retreat of Himalayan Glaciers
  • Blair Faces Questions Over Alleged US Plan to Attack al-Jazeera

    Friday, May 11

  • Moms Spend Their Weekend Protesting Iraq Occupation
  • Thailand Turns Giant Pharma Killer
  • Three US Newspapers Reverse 100-Year-Old Stand on Death Penalty
  • Neo-Cons Driving Iran Divestment Campaign
  • LEDs Emerge to Fight Fluorescents
  • New Hampshire Prosecutor Calls Protesters a 'Threat to the Public'
  • Dissent in an Unlikely Place
  • Climate Change Could Lead to Global Conflict, Says Beckett
  • Stifling Summers Forecast by NASA for US East Coast

    Thursday, May 10

  • Administration Withheld E-Mails About Rove
  • No Child Left Behind Scandal Widens
  • US-Afghanistan: Deaths Mount with No End in Sight
  • Michael Moore Faces US Treasury Probe
  • Marine Tells Hearing of Iraqi Civilians Shot Trying to Surrender
  • US Lawmaker Asks Bush to Arrest Anti-Castro Bomb Suspect
  • Environment: Momentum Grows to 'Ban the Bulb'
  • Dismay over Nuclear 'Solution' to Climate Problem
  • Global Public Favors Stronger United Nations
  • US Air Strikes Kill 21 Civilians in Afghanistan

    Wednesday, May 9

  • Retired US Army Colonel Speaks to Group; 'Hit the Streets'
  • US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up
  • White House Struggles To Fill Senior Posts
  • Global Rush To Energy Crops Threatens To Bring Food Shortages and Increase Poverty, Says UN
  • Green Groups Dismayed As Flights Soar To Record High
  • Pelosi's Next Tactic: Fund The War in Iraq 2 Months at a Time
  • Pentagon Moved to Fix Iraqi Media Before Invasion

    Tuesday, May 8

  • Deadly Dust: Study Suggests Cancer Risk from Depleted Uranium
  • US Hospitals Charge Uninsured More, Study Says
  • Protesters Favor Soft Hats, Tough Lyrics
  • France's Election: Another Political Thatcher Is Born
  • Population Policy: NGOs Warn of World Bank "Fundamentalists"
  • Infant Mortality in Iraq Soars as Young Pay the Price for War
  • Unions Fire First Shots in Battle with France's Sarkozy
  • New Fears Over Additives in Children's Food
  • World Bank Panel Finds Wolfowitz at Fault; Aide Resigns

    Monday, May 7

  • 'The Other K Street': In the Concrete Canyon of the Business Lobby, a Pocket of Liberal Activists Settles In
  • Palestinians 'Routinely Tortured' in Israeli Jails
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Gird for New Battle
  • US Expects Rise in Troop Casualties
  • Whistle-Blower on Student Aid Is Vindicated
  • Congress Considers Broadening Justice Department Inquiry

    Sunday, May 6

  • China Orders Resettlement of Thousands of Tibetans
  • The Great Wall of Baghdad May Be Going Up, but There's Still Carnage on the Streets
  • City Wakes up to Economic Threat of Global Warming
  • With New Clout, Antiwar Groups Push Democrats
  • Republicans Defect to the Obama Camp
  • Fight Against Poverty - a Marathon, Not a Sprint
  • American Dream Sours as Housing Market Collapses
  • Israel Accused of Prisoner Abuse
  • LAPD Again Didn't Heed Protocols, Critics Say

    Saturday, May 5

  • Activists Want Chimp Declared a 'Person'
  • France Braces for Right-Left Presidential showdown
  • Climate Report Ignored by Chinese Media
  • Iraq War Strain Leads Troops to Abuse civilians, Survey Shows
  • US System Trips up Women Seeking Presidency
  • Iran: Sanctions Aggravate Rights Situation
  • Climate Change: 'A Problem of Lifestyles'
  • NRA: Don't Ban Gun Sales to Suspected Terrorists
  • Veto Threat for Federal Hate Crimes Protection for Gays
  • Rove Prepped Justice Dept. Official for Testimony

    Friday, May 4

  • Charges of Dishonesty Fly at World Bank
  • Historian Howard Zinn Calls for Activism
  • Chavez Threatens to Nationalize Banks
  • Murder of Mexican Union Organizer Alarms Workers, Activists
  • Crucial Climate Change Agreement Reached After Fierce Debate
  • Rights: US 'Moral Authority' Rests on Big Stick
  • US Oil Company Accused of Dumping Waste in Amazon
  • UK and US Must Admit Defeat and Leave Iraq, Says British General

    Thursday, May 3

  • Honeybee Die-Off Threatens Food Supply
  • 2006 Missouri's Election Was ground Zero for GOP
  • Death Penalty: Young US Lawyers Halting Executions
  • Biodiversity: Farming Will Make or Break the Food Chain
  • Holiday at the End of the Earth: Tourists Paying to See Global Warming in Action
  • Boston Police Bracing for Biotech Protests
  • Afghans Say US Bombing Killed 42 Civilians
  • Iraqi Blocs Opposed to Draft Oil Bill

    Wednesday, May 2

  • Around Globe, Walls Spring Up to Divide Neighbors
  • Bush's Management Style Allows for Incompetence - But Not Massage
  • Karzai Says Afghans Lose Patience Over Killings
  • Scientists Protest New Reading of Endangered Species Act
  • Chávez Takes Over Foreign-Controlled Oil Projects in Venezuela
  • War on Terrorism going Badly, US Admits
  • Nuclear Storm Gathers as Climate Change Experts Meet
  • Russia Suspects US Plans to Monopolize Fuel from Moon
  • Administration Pulls Back on Surveillance Agreement
  • Tape 'Reveals Order' to Shoot Vietnam Protesters

    Tuesday, May 1

  • Price Tag for War in Iraq on Track to Top $500 Billion
  • Venezuela Pulling Out of IMF, World Bank
  • Afghanistan: Coalition Killings Spark Furious Street Protests'
  • Ex-Soldier Recalls Horrors of Abu Ghraib
  • Blair's Bloody Legacy: Iraq
  • Security Cameras and HQ Squads: Wal-Mart's Union-Busting Tactics
  • Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster, a Study Finds

    April 2007




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