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March 2007

Saturday, March 31

  • US Rice Industry Opposes Plan to Grow Genetically Modified Rice in US
  • Southern Clout in Congress Hits 50-Year Low
  • New Research Shows Path to Reverse Fish Declines
  • Afghan War May Be Lost: Experts
  • Detainee Says He Confessed to Stop US Torture

    Friday, March 30

  • Lack of Ice Kills Thousands of Seals but Cull Will Continue
  • Persons with Disabilities: Objects of "Charity and Pity" No More
  • Fate of Five Detained Iranians Unknown
  • Residents of Fallujah Fear a US 'Genocidal Strategy'
  • Immigrants Stage Week-Long Boycott in Colorado
  • Anger as UK's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reach 10-Year High
  • Developing Countries are Awash in E-Waste

    Thursday, March 29

  • New Hampshire House Stands Behind Single-Payer Plan
  • Castro Criticizes U.S. Biofuel Policies
  • US Income Gap Is Widening Significantly, Data Shows
  • New Israeli Film Raises Questions about Israel's Use of Military Power
  • Czech President Vaclav Klaus: 'Environmentalism As Bad As Communism'
  • Retreating Himalayan Icefields Threatening Drought in Bangladesh
  • Berkeley Woman's Iraq Quest
  • Antiwar Theme Plays Well to Labor Group

    Wednesday, March 28

  • Climate Change: Coastal Mega-Cities in for a Bumpy Ride
  • Judge Lamentably Dismisses Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld
  • Code Pink Dogs Clinton on 2008 Trail
  • FBI Didn't Mean to Break the Law, Mueller Says
  • Guantanamo Illegal Despite Guilty Plea: Critics
  • U.S. Base Revives Cold War Feelings
  • 'Food Not Lawns': Organic Gardens vs. Chem-Fed Lawns
  • San Francisco First City to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Saudi King Slams 'Illegitimate Occupation' of Iraq
  • Inhofe Vows to Put Brakes on Gore's 'Live Earth' Concert at the Capitol

    Tuesday, March 27

  • NATO's Potty Rules Shut out Afghans
  • Aides to Bush Told not to Destroy E-Mails
  • Republican Sees Iraq Pullout Passing then Vetoed
  • Cheney Speech at BYU Causes Outcry
  • Gonzales Aide to Invoke the Fifth in Testimony
  • Film on "Radical Islam" Tied to Pro-Israel Groups
  • Global Warming Study Warns of Vanishing Climates

    Monday, March 26

  • French Scientists Rebut U.S., Muslim Creationism
  • Three Fired U.S. Attorneys Balked At Seeking Death Penalty
  • Fighting For Air: Frontline of War on Global Warming
  • Greens Hail Landmark Victory In Fight To Save Amazon Rainforests
  • Senate GOP Says No to Al Gore-Global Warming Concert at Capitol
  • City Asks Court Not to Unseal Police Spy Files

    Sunday, March 25

  • Activists Remember a Different Romney
  • Justice Department Tugged to the Right
  • NYC City Police Spied Broadly Before GOP Convention
  • And They Call It Peace: Inside Iraq, Four Years On
  • Actor Penn, Rep. Lee Appear at Town Hall Meeting on Iraq War
  • Cheney: Early Iraq Pullout Won't Be Allowed
  • We Failed, Says Pro-War Iraqi

    Saturday, March 24

  • New U.S. Attorneys Seem to Have Partisan Records
  • Iran & Iraq: US and UK Fail to Find Smoking Gun
  • Worldwide, Communities Demand Access to Water
  • Play About Iraq War Divides a Connecticut School
  • Documents Show Gonzales Approved Firings
  • Iraqi Medical Crisis as Doctors Flee
  • Iraq Vote Angers Anti-War Wing

    Friday, March 23

  • U.S. Nukes Plan Viewed as Provocative
  • Congressman Trades Iraq Vote for Spinach
  • Antarctic Melting May be Speeding Up
  • California Sues Navy Over Use of Sonar
  • Global Shipping Must Curb 'Unchecked' Pollution: Study
  • Police Tell Anti-War Protesters to Take Down 'Camp Pelosi'
  • MoveOn Moves In with Pelosi

    Thursday, March 22

  • Biofuels Boom Spurring Deforestation
  • Iraq's Environmental Nightmare Drags On
  • Open Skies Pact 'Will Worsen Climate Change'
  • Oil-Rich Kirkuk at Melting Point as Factions Clash
  • In Utah, an Opponent of the 'Culture of Obedience'
  • Democrats See a 'Document Gap' in Dismissals
  • Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case
  • U.S. Urged to Abandon Trials by Military Tribunals
  • Global Warming Activists Try to Stir Americans to Change

    Wednesday, March 21

  • Free Trade Enslaving Poor Countries
  • US-Led Terror War Victimizes World's Minorities
  • Iraq and Vietnam: Contrasting Protests
  • Anti-War Dems Near Defeat on Spending Bill
  • House OKs Subpoenas for Top Bush Aides
  • Key Democrat Pressured to Cut War Funding
  • Group Blasts FDA Plan To Allow Food From Clones

    Tuesday, March 20

  • Material Shows Weakening of Climate Reports
  • Iraqis Increasingly Pessimistic, Anti-US
  • Many Major Rivers are in Danger of Dying: WWF
  • More than 100 Arrested in SF, NYC Iraq Protests
  • Defense Spending Soars to Highest Levels Since World War II
  • White House Searching for Gonzales' Replacement, Source Says
  • Young Take Up Signs Against Iraq Conflict

    Monday, March 19

  • U.S. Attorney's Firing may be Connected to CIA Corruption Probe
  • Civilian Toll: Iraqis Exibit More Mental Health Problems
  • 4 Years Since Invasion: Anniversary Inspires Marches
  • Iraqis Give US Thumbs Down, Four Years after War: Poll
  • World's Most Important Crops Hit by Global Warming Effects

    Friday, March 16

  • Bush's Book List Gets More Islamophobic Bush's Book List Gets More Islamophobic
  • Chevron Faces More Scrutiny in Ecuador Over Pollution
  • Rich and Poor Nations Launch Biodiversity Initiative
  • Collapse of Arctic Sea Ice 'Has Reached Tipping-Point'
  • Ocean Heat Blamed for the Mysterious Disappearance of Glaciers
  • White House Security Chief Reveals -- No Probe of Plame Leak There
  • Thirstier World Likely to See More Violence

    Thursday, March 15

  • Mainers Organize 'Village Green' Protests
  • If Elected... Clinton Says Some G.I.'s in Iraq Would Remain
  • Clinton Seesaws on Question of Gay Morality
  • Liberal Lawmakers May Sway Key Vote on Iraq War
  • Gonzales Aide Called Prosecutor a 'Real Problem'
  • Across the Globe, Warming Viewed as "Critical"
  • Iran: The Religious Right's New Bugbear

    Wednesday, March 14

  • Pension Funds Must Heed Climate Change: Gore
  • US Allies in Africa May Have Engaged in Secret Prisoner Renditions
  • GMO Corn Causes Liver, Kidney Problems in Rats: Study
  • White House Seeks to Cut Geothermal Research Funds
  • Renewing a Call to Act Against Climate Change
  • Editorial Pages Call for Axing Attorney General
  • Destruction of Forests in Developing World 'Out of Control'
  • Halliburton: From Bush's Favorite to a National Disgrace

    Tuesday, March 13

  • White House Said to Prompt Firing of Prosecutors
  • Top General Calls Homosexuality 'Immoral'
  • 9/11, Iraq: Cheney Again Claims Tie
  • Evangelicals: US Lost Moral Focus in Terror Fight
  • Anti-War Dems Ponder Bold Action on Iraq
  • Pessimistic Pentagon Studies Fallback Options in Iraq

    Monday, March 12

  • White House says Rove Relayed Complaints About Prosecutors
  • Military Action Against Iran Would Backfire on Israel, Report Warns
  • The Army is Ordering Injured Troops to Go to Iraq
  • Protest Speaks Through Arrests
  • Halliburton's Dubai Move Sparks US Political Ire

    Sunday, March 11

  • Rove Was Asked to Fire U.S. Attorney
  • 'Smart' Rebels Outstrip US
  • Chavez Baits Bush with 'Gringo Go Home' Calls
  • U.S. Groups Mount Grass-Roots Battle Over Iraq

    Friday, March 9

  • News Media Falling Short In Watchdog Role, Critics Say
  • Venezuela's Chavez To Lead Anti-Bush Rally in Argentina
  • House Panel Reverses Bush On Archive Secrecy
  • Ex-Weapons Boss: Iran War on Way
  • Afghan Media: US Troops Deleted Images
  • Priests to Purify Sacred Mayan Site of 'Bad Spirits' After Bush Visit
  • Protesters Aim To Take Over Lawmakers' Offices, Fight War Funding
  • Brazil's Ethanol Slaves
  • An Activist Returns To The Novel

    Thursday, March 8

  • China: US Violated Iraqis' Rights
  • US Rights Report Glosses Over Terror War Abuses
  • Memos Tell Officials How to Discuss Climate
  • Struggle For Equality and Freedom In Developing Countries
  • Fish Contaminated With Mercury 'Pose Worldwide Threat to Health'
  • Trials of Guantanamo Suspects Begin Without A Lawyer or Reporter In Sight
  • Brazilians Protest Upcoming Bush Visit
  • A World Without Foreign Military Bases
  • Non-Profit Takes on Big Media

    Wednesday, March 7

  • Vermont: 36 Towns Call For Impeachment Probe of President
  • Talk Floats of A Possible Pardon by Bush
  • New US Weapon Could Jumpstart Nuclear Arms Race, Warn Experts
  • Israel, Iran, U.S. Least Liked Countries
  • 4 Years After Invasion, Many Iraqis Look Back With Longing
  • Cuba-Venezuela: Making Biofuels Without Wasting Food

    Tuesday, March 6

  • U.S. Attorney Worried 'Gloves Would Come Off' Over Criticism of Ouster
  • Grassroots Effort Under Way to Force Impeachment of Bush and Cheney
  • Democrats Renew Arar Fight
  • Former Prosecutor Says Departure Was Pressured
  • Craigslist: The Flea Market That's Got Wall Street Jumpy
  • Whitefield Artist Among 13 Arrested Protesting Iraq War
  • Psychological Torture Just as Bad, Study Finds
  • Aging Activist Still on Quest for Social Justice
  • Afghan Children Die As US Drops One-Ton Bombs

  • The Rice With Human Genes
  • Liberal Democrats Revolt on Iraq Spending Bill

    Monday, March 5

  • UK Plans to Cut CO2 Doomed to Fail - Scientists
  • Attack on Iran Would Backfire, Warns Report
  • Ethanol: The Big Green Fuel Lie
  • China About to Pass US as World's Top Generator of Greenhouse Gases
  • Afghan Media: US Troops Deleted Images
  • 16 Civilians Die as US Troops Fire on Afghan Road
  • It's Only a Wargame! Arabs Reject US Army Bit-Part

    Sunday, March 4

  • Sick People Used Like Laboratory Rats in GM Trials
  • Global Warming is Human Rights Issue: Nobel Nominee
  • Public Health Agency Linked to Chemical Industry
  • Antiwar Caucus Wants to Be Heard Now
  • Sects Slice Up Iraq as US Troops 'Surge' Misfires

    Saturday, March 3

  • Denver Activists' Expulsion Cited as Bush Rule
  • US Predicting Steady Increase for Emissions
  • Evangelical's Focus on Climate Draws Fire of Christian Right
  • Rice Picks Neo-Con Champion of Iraq War as Counselor
  • Outrage over Imminent Execution of Iraqi Women
  • CO2 Output from Shipping Twice as Much as Airlines

    Friday, March 2

  • US to Develop New Hydrogen Bomb
  • GOP Lawmakers Tried to Influence Federal Investigation
  • 'Fox in the Chicken Coop': Bush Picks Executive as Consumer Watchdog
  • Most Support U.S. Guarantee of Health Care
  • Haiti: Poor Residents of Capital Describe a State of Siege
  • UK Artist's War Depiction Has Many Faces, Rough Edges

    Thursday, March 1

  • Iraq Rape Cases Emerge From the Shadows
  • US Commanders Admit: We Face a Vietnam-Style Collapse
  • Fate of Many "Ghost Prisoners" Still Unknown
  • Political Interference Alleged in Sacking of a US Attorney
  • Right's New Strategy Emulates the "Enemy"

    February 2007




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