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July 2007

Tuesday, July 31

  • New Group to Fight Torture; Candidates Urged to Sign Anti-Torture Pledge
  • Iraq: A Little Easier to Occupy from the Air
  • Celebrities Attend Anti-War Rally
  • Lieberman Escalates Attack on Iraq Critics
  • Planners Move to Close the Window on American McMansions
  • Children Hardest Hit by Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq
  • Brazil, Alarmed, Reconsiders Policy on Climate Change

    Monday, July 30

  • Invasion, What Invasion? Sorry Tale of CIA Bungles
  • Brown Tries to Shift Bush Talks to Trade and Darfur
  • Big US Presence in Iraq Until Mid-2009: Commander
  • American Mega-Embassy in Iraq Stirs Echoes of Somalia
  • Energy Bill Will Test Pelosi's Command
  • Violence Masking Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq: Oxfam
  • Poverty, Development Goals Hard Subjects to Tackle
  • Iraq: One in Seven Joins Human Tide Spilling into Neighbouring Countries
  • Clinton Woos the Outsourcers that Workers Fear
  • Anti-Abortion Leaders Size Up G.O.P. Candidates
  • Arms Sale Plan Will Haunt US, Critics Say
  • Global Warming Doubles Number of Hurricanes, Study Finds
  • Congress Eyes Pay Raise for Itself

    Sunday, July 29

  • As Butterflies Die, So Goes a Way of Life
  • Israel Hails US military Aid Rise
  • Giving New Life to Protests of Yore
  • Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over U.S. Spying
  • US Fears That Brown Wants Iraq Pull-Out
  • Revealed: MI5's Role In Torture Flight Hell

    Saturday, July 28

  • U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia
  • Liberal Groups Ask Advertisers to Boycott Fox
  • A Blurry Line Between Propaganda and News
  • Washington Pressed to Lead as Water Tables Fall
  • State Vote Machines Lose Test to Hackers
  • Hillary Clinton: Right-Wing Darling?

    Friday, July 27

  • Was Pat Tillman Murdered? AP Gets New Documents
  • Conflict on Screen: Hollywood Goes to War
  • Officer Calls Guantanamo Reviews a Sham
  • 5 Years Later, Cameraman Still Held at Guantanamo
  • Russia's Gorbachev Says US is Sowing World Disorder
  • Teens March Across US to Protest War
  • Dozens of Afghan Civilians Die in Air Raids: Residents
  • US Peace Groups Hail Vote on Iraq Bases

    Thursday, July 26

  • Obama Says Clinton Has foreign Policy Like Bush's
  • Waiting for Good Dough
  • Iraq Envoy Slams US Over Arms Supplies
  • Iraq Warns of War Refugee 'Humanitarian Crisis'
  • Bush's Attorney General Faces Threat of Perjury Probe
  • Bush Line Distorts Iran's Real Interest in Iraq
  • Huge Farm Bill Offers More of Same for Agribusiness
  • Eight Americans Graduate in Boost for Cuban Health Care

    Wednesday, July 25

  • House Panel Cites Bush Aides for Contempt of Congress
  • Tiny Town Demands Justice in Dioxin Poisoning
  • US 'Ignored' UK Rendition Protest
  • Clinton, Obama Camps Battle Over talking to Castro, Chavez
  • To Fund Children's Health Plan, House Would Pay Insurers Less
  • Hot Offices in NYC Find a Green Solution
  • Bringing Moos and Oinks Into the Food Debate
  • China's Environmental Crisis: Hard Cash Beats Clean Air
  • India's First Woman President Vows Fight for Women, Unborn Girls
  • Experts Question US Strategy in Pakistan
  • US 'Brand Identity' Tarnished

    Tuesday, July 24

  • Iraqis Blame US Depleted Uranium for Surge in Cancer
  • Pressure Builds to Ban Plastic Bags in Stores
  • Hazard Warning on Home Cleaners
  • Takoma Park City Council Strongly Backs Bid to Impeach Bush, Cheney
  • Iraq War Has Made Australia Less Safe: Poll
  • After Carnage, U.S. and Iraqi Authorities Compete for Control
  • Candidates Hop Aboard the Iran Sanctions Bus
  • Rights Groups Dismiss Bush's Rules for Secret Prisons
  • Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Arrested at Congress

    Monday, July 23

  • Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue Bush's VA Head for Poor Care, Cheating
  • Global Warming has Already Changed World's Rainfall Patterns: Study
  • Unlikely Adversary Arises to Criticize Detainee Hearings
  • US Won't Rule Out Force in Pakistan
  • Senator Calls For Censure Against Bush
  • Turkey: Islamic Party Wins in Landslide
  • Low-Key Recall of AIDS Drug Hits World's Poor
  • New Poll: Globalization Backlash in Rich Nations

    Sunday, July 22

  • US Force-Feeds Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
  • Drug Safety Critic Hurls His Darts From the Inside
  • Australian Chief Lashes US on Iraq
  • US Choppers Kill . Who? Enemy or Innocents?
  • With Iraq on Fire, Rest of World on Hold
  • US Bending Rules on Colombia Terror?
  • Welcome to Richistan, USA

    Saturday, July 21

  • DeFazio Asks, But He's Denied Access
  • Human Peace Sign
  • Pelosi Takes Heat for OK of Farm Bill
  • Environmental Protester Slain in Siberia
  • Court Grants Evidence to Guantanamo Lawyers
  • Bush Bars CIA from Using Torture, but Details Remain Cloudy
  • Blood and Guts: Pakistan's 'Gutsiest' Woman
  • Bribery Network to Bloat War Costs Is Alleged

    Friday, July 20

  • Will U.S. Finally End Cluster Bomb Exports?
  • Army Wife and Mother in Oregon Battles War
  • Blind Loyalty Latest US War Casualty
  • Musharraf Rocked by Judge Ruling Amid Fresh Bloodshed
  • Disarmament in Colombia: The Meltdown Begins
  • Famous Women Give Voice to Slain Student's Legacy
  • Blast Shows Age of US Infrastructure
  • General in Iraq Awaits November Assessment
  • Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings

    Thursday, July 19

  • A German City's Long Focus on the Sun
  • Huge Underground Lake Could End Darfur Conflict: US Scientist
  • Advocating Peace, Granny D, Pink Ladies Descend on Market Square
  • El Salvador: Spectre of War Looms After 15 Years of Peace
  • US Threatens Action in Pakistan
  • Native Peoples Renew Call for U.N. Recognition
  • Closed Crossings Pushing Gaza into Disaster, Says UN
  • Gore: Human Species in a Race for its Life

    Wednesday, July 18

  • Lawmakers Decry FDA Plans to Close Labs
  • Bush Middle East Plan Starts to Unravel
  • Silent Surge in Contractor 'Armies'
  • 160 Top US Corporations: Act Now on Global Warming
  • Bush Told Iraq War Has Helped al-Qa'eda
  • Nuclear Power No Panacea, Critics Say
  • Mandela and 'The Elders' Aim to Save the World
  • Amid Reports of Progress, a Massacre Shatters Village
  • Dust, Waste and Dirty Water: The Deadly Price of China's Miracle
  • Democrats Attack Bush on Women's Health Issues
  • Bush Aides See Failure in Fight With Al Qaeda in Pakistan

    Tuesday, July 17

  • Pat Tillman Investigators Want Rumsfeld
  • First Atomic Bomb Test Exposed U.S. Civilians to Radiation
  • Japan Quake Triggered Dozens of Faults at Nuclear Plant
  • DEATH PENALTY-US: Inmate Gets Rare Last-Minute Reprieve
  • Just Another Day in Iraq: 100 More Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters Killed
  • Radioactive Water 'Leaked' from Japan Nuke Plant after Quake

    Monday, July 16

  • Hundreds of Iraqis Protest Draft Oil Law
  • Depleted Uranium Holds Fast In Colonie
  • General Pace: Another Troop Buildup Possible
  • Robot Air Attack Squadron Bound for Iraq
  • Bush Administration Accused of Putting Ideology Above Science
  • Radioactive Water 'Leaked' from Japan Nuke Plant after Quake
  • Despite Rhetoric, Obama Pushed Lobbyists' Interests
  • Cheney Pushes Bush to Act on Iran

    Sunday, July 15

  • Air Force Quietly Building Iraq Presence
  • Hillary Clinton: Why is She Hated by Progressives and Right-Wingers Alike?
  • Homage To '72 Antiwar Hopeful
  • Bush's Watchdog For Intelligence Kept Quiet For 5 1/2 years
  • Parts of Iraq Report Are Grim Where Bush Was Upbeat
  • Cuba Lays to Rest Dispute Over Remains of Che Guevara
  • Castro Challenges Bush for Area Hearts and Minds

    Saturday, July 14

  • Iraq PM: Country Can Manage Without US 'Any Time They Want'
  • Israel-Lebanon: Groups Call for Action on 'War Crimes'
  • Public Skeptical of White House in Executive Privilege Claims
  • Southern Republicans, Utilities Resist Cleaner Renewables
  • Democrats Block Amendment to Prevent Fairness Doctrine

    Friday, July 13

  • Silent Flag Protest Raises Outcry
  • Key Vote on the Iraq War Keeps House GOP United
  • Anti-War Marchers Raise Controversy in Chanhassen Parade
  • Sheehan's Alabama Visit Inflames Passions
  • Caught on Tape: Clinton to Edwards 'Our Guys Should Talk'
  • More Entering Army with Criminal Records
  • Bush-Musharraf Alliance Under Growing Attack
  • Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert
  • Brown Message to US: It's Time to Build, Not Destroy
  • Nation's Poor Hit by Housing Crunch

    Thursday, July 12

  • Nobel Laureate Calls for Removal of Bush
  • Politicians Called to Account for Failing the Poor
  • Disregard Subpoenas, Justice Dept. Says
  • Italian Farmers Protest Food Labeling
  • Code Pink: Those Pesky Peaceniks
  • Poll: 92 Percent Want 'Country of Origin' Labels
  • Fear and Fragile Peace: A Long-Suffering People Prepare for a New War
  • Health Group Opposes Bush Surgeon General Pick
  • A Dead Iraqi is Just Another Dead Iraqi. You Know, So What?'

    Wednesday, July 11

  • Pennsylvania Democrats Want Nader to Pay for Bush's Election
  • World Population Day: Enlightened Men Prescribed for Maternal Health
  • On Global Warming, MoveOn Voters Pick Edwards
  • Wolfowitz - Return to Sender?
  • Bush Again Links Iraq Violence to 9/11
  • Sheehan Brings New Campaign Through Houston
  • Musharraf's Fate Hangs on Knife Edge
  • New Analysis Counters Claims that Solar Activity is Linked to Global Warming
  • Panel Says: 14 Million Refugees Worldwide
  • Iraq-Afghanistan: Overlooking the Air War
  • Ex-Surgeon General Accuses Bush Officials of Censorship

    Tuesday, July 10

  • Neo-Cons Try to Rally, Bully Republicans
  • Unpopular Congress Enduring Tough Times
  • US Opposition to Iraq War Hits New High: Poll
  • We spend Far More, but Our Health Care is Falling Behind
  • Preaching the Anti-Shopping Gospeln
  • Congress Braces for Fight Over Fairness Doctrine

    Monday, July 9

  • White House Denies Debating Troop Withdrawal
  • White House Rebuffs Congress, Nears Legal Showdown
  • With US Help, Money Flows in Pakistan
  • Expert Says Rising Sea Levels Pose Threat to Rice
  • Rove Faces Cynics in Aspen
  • A Battle Over Expansion of Children's Insurance
  • Peace Marchers of the Loneliest Kind
  • Weekend of Death and Destruction Dents Bush's Hopes of Turning the Tide in Iraq
  • Conyers: Libby Might Have Talked

    Sunday, July 8

  • Sheehan Plans Run Against Pelosi Unless Bush Impeachment Sought
  • Administration Shaving Yardstick for Iraq Gains
  • Germany to Stay Nuclear in Merkel U-Turn
  • Bush Shielding of Musharraf Policy at Risk
  • Russia Accuses US of Building 'New Berlin Wall'
  • Power to the People: Citizens' Group Rebuts PPL Plan to Expand Susquehanna Nuclear Plant.
  • White House Expected to Block Aide from Testifying
  • Republican Revolt: Some Discuss Defying President
  • White House Again to Defy Congress on Attorney Firings
  • U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in '05

    Saturday, July 7

  • Global Compact with Business 'Lacks Teeth' - NGOs
  • Missouri: Governor Signs Abortion Bill
  • Lonely and Lame, Bush Agonises Over Legacy
  • Report: Israeli Settlements in Land Grab
  • Report: Scores Still Jailed in Secret after Fleeing Somali War
  • US Coal Firm Linked to Colombia Militias

    Friday, July 6

  • Errant Afghan Civilian Deaths Surge
  • Much of US Favors Bush/Cheney Impeachment: Poll
  • US Appeals Court Throws Out Ruling Against Eavesdropping
  • A Message from the Melting Slopes of Everest
  • Venezuela Brands US Envoy Failure
  • Poll: Majorities Say Income Gap Too Wide
  • How US Policy Missteps Led to a Nasty Downfall in Gaza
  • China Blames Growing Social Unrest on Anger Over Pollution
  • Bush's al Qaeda Problem
  • Decade After Meltdown IMF Less Relevant in Asia
  • After Lobbying, Wetlands Rules Are Narrowed
  • Secrecy at Nuclear Agency Is Criticized by Lawmakers

    Thursday, July 5

  • 'No More War' Float Ruffles Iron Range
  • Gore Slams US-Led Climate Pact as Sham
  • Critics Say Species List is Endangered
  • Erosion of Alaska's North Coast Speeding Up
  • Could This Be the Global-Warming Generation?
  • Antiwar Speakers on Campus are Lecturers, Not Students, This Time
  • A Place to Push Impeachment
  • Fed Up With War, Some Won't Pay Taxes
  • Mideast Has an Old Cold War Look
  • Oil a Key Factor in Australian Role in Iraq: Minister
  • Body Count In Baghdad Up in June

    Wednesday, July 4

  • House Balks at Bush Order for New Powers
  • Urban Chic: City Growth Can Be 'A Force for Good'
  • California Universal Health Bill Advances, but Faces Veto
  • Schwarzenegger 'Blocked Own Green Policy'
  • For Most Americans the War in Iraq is Already Lost
  • US On the Sidelines As Nations Meet to Advance Global Tobacco Treaty
  • Commuting Prison Term Is Implicit Critique of Sentencing Standards
  • Not All Would Put a Heroic Sheen on Thompson's Watergate Role
  • Private Contractors Outnumber US Troops in Iraq

    Tuesday, July 3

  • Consider the Source: 'NYT' Reporter Targets Iran
  • Editorials Hit Libby's Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card
  • US Social Forum Forges Common Ground
  • Bill Would Ease US Vets' Return to School
  • China Pressured World Bank to Cut Deadly Pollution Figures: Report
  • Bush Presidency Enters Terminal Phase
  • Indian Protests, Hypocrisy at US Nuclear Carrier's Port Call

    Monday, July 2

  • Bush Commutes Libby Prison Sentence
  • Scooter Libby Cannot Delay Sentence
  • Human Rights Group Warns on Israeli/Palestinian War Violations
  • Fred Thompson: As Senator Rose, Lobbying Became Family Affair
  • UN Calls for Pedal Power to Reduce Environmental Damage
  • Anti-Poverty Targets in Africa Will Not Be Met, UN Warns
  • Bush's Missile Defense Radar Plan Riles Czechs
  • Survey Finds Action on Information Requests Can Take Years
  • Labels Lack Food's Origin Despite Law

    Sunday, July 1

  • Anti-War Protesters Rally Before Bush-Putin Talks
  • Was Campaigning Against Voter Fraud a Republican Ploy?
  • Rich World's Consumerism May Cause African Famines, Experts Warn
  • Capitalism is Bad for Men's Health: Study
  • Castro Charges CIA More Murderous Than Ever
  • Big Powers Skirt Anti-Nuke Terrorism Treaty
  • 'Up to 80 Civilians Dead' After US Air Strikes in Afghanistan

    June 2007




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