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November 2006

Thursday, November 30

  • Mystery of a Huge Undervote Festers in Florida District
  • Congress Urged to Support Campaign against Gender Violence
  • High Court Divided on Warming
  • Iraq Panel to Recommend Pullback of Combat Troops
  • Spying Won't Deter Us, Peace Groups Say
  • Bush Seems Determined to Stay the Course

    Wednesday, November 29

  • Bush Faces Legal Action over Global Warming
  • Biodiversity: The Insatiable in Pursuit of the Inedible
  • Rural America Suffering Higher Death Toll in Iraq, Afghanistan
  • Somalia: US-Backed UN Resolution Risks Wider War
  • Gaia Scientist Lovelock Predicts Planetary Wipeout
  • Bolivian Senate OKs Sweeping Land Reform
  • War Protester Sheehan to Take Stand Today on Controversial Ordinance

    Tuesday, November 28

  • Environmental Protection Agency OKs Spraying Pesticides over Waters
  • Bucking White House, NBC Says Iraq in 'Civil War'
  • Carbon Emissions Show Sharp Rise
  • Former Prosecutor Imagines Bush's Judgment Day
  • Allies Not Waiting for New Strategy to Announce Iraq Withdrawals
  • Colorado Subdivision OKs Christmas Wreath

    Monday, November 27

  • UN Mine Group: Israeli Forces Laid Mines in Lebanon During Summer War
  • Scientists: Climate Change Clues Are in the Sky
  • Britain May Start Pulling Out of Iraq
  • Nato Urged to Plan Afghanistan Exit Strategy as Violence Soars
  • Renewing Trident Would Break International Law, Say Protesters
  • Documentary Films Rattle Business World
  • Peace Sign Creates Stir
  • Gilded Paychecks: Lure of Great Wealth Affects Career Choices
  • Activist's Fiery Death Prompts Questions

    Sunday, November 26

  • Experts Concerned as Ballot Problems Persist
  • Nato Runs Critically Short of Combat Troops to Keep Taliban at Bay
  • Ecuadorans Choose between Leftist Chavez Ally, Business Tycoon, for President
  • Human Rights Cannot "Be Imposed with Cluster Bombs": Shirin Ebadi
  • Al-Sadr Loyalists Take over Iraqi Television Station
  • AP Analysis: Firms Crimping Oil Supplies
  • U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself

    Saturday, November 25

  • Iraqi Coalition on Brink of Collapse as Country Descends Towards Civil War
  • The Radioactive Spy
  • AWOL Soldier Spent Week Helping Out in New Orleans
  • Gates Pushed for Bombing of Sandinistas
  • Rumsfeld Okayed Abuses Says Former U.S. General
  • Iraq a Moral Blunder, Says War Hero

    Friday, November 24

  • Big Pharma Lobby Scrambles to Hire Democratic Operatives
  • Escaping Black Friday: Buy Nothing Day 2006
  • Senate Democrats Revive Demand for Classified Data
  • US Hawk Judges ‘War on Terror’ a Mistake
  • Guitarist Resonates with N.Y. Voters; Orleans' Rocker Arrives in Capital
  • Revealed: How Food Giants Use 'Dirty Tricks' to Target Children

    Wednesday, November 22

  • Bush Plans to Bomb Iran Nuclear Sites in 2007: Analysts
  • Creativity Has (Cash) Value
  • Military Documents Hold Tips on Antiwar Activities
  • Civil War in Lebanon
  • UN: Iraqi Civilian Deaths at New High
  • Arabs' Questions Throw Elder Bush on Defensive
  • Petition Drive Calls for International Community to Replace Coalition in Iraq
  • WWF Award for Nasa Scientist Who Sounded Climate Alarm
  • Sister Rita Was Activist, Writer -- and a Jailbird

    Tuesday, November 21

  • US Considers Raising Troop Levels in Iraq
  • US: Climate Change Climate Changing
  • Pace of Global Warming Causes Alarm
  • United States 'Trapped' in Iraq: Annan
  • UN Condemns Massive Human Rights Abuses in Gaza Strip
  • Human Rights Watch Says Saddam Was Not Given Fair Trial
  • Landmine Activists Urge Canada to Act against Cluster Bombs
  • Defeated Leftist Declares Self 'Legitimate President' of Mexico
  • US Is Most Unfriendly Country to Visitors, Survey Says

    Monday, November 20

  • US and Britain Are in Denial over Failed Policy, Says Former Envoy
  • Slow Talks Could Leave Climate Deal in 'Tatters'
  • Bush Faces Storm of Protest in Indonesia
  • Palestinians Use Human Shield to Halt Israeli Air Strike on Militants' Homes
  • Nobel Laureates Back Case Pushing Bush to Act on Global Warming
  • Iraq War Memorial Sets Tempers Ablaze
  • Activists Differ on Decision to Cross the Line at School of the Americas Protest
  • Anti-War Couple Conceive New Way to Generate Peace

    Friday, November 17

  • US Support for Bush's Iraq Policy Hits New Low
  • Report: Gitmo Detainees Denied Witnesses
  • Blood-Pouring Anti-Nuke Clowns Sent to Prison; Weapons of Mass Destruction Protected
  • Iraqi Locals Accuse US of Massacre in Ramadi
  • France: Time for a Woman President?
  • Democrats Vow to Stand in the Way of Sending More Troops
  • Signs of Warming Continue in the Arctic
  • No More Money for Iraq War, Kucinich Says

    Thursday, November 16

  • US Plans Last Big Push in Iraq with 20,000 Troops
  • The Truth? 'Nuclear is Not the Answer'
  • Former Prisoner Tells of Torture at Guantanamo
  • Congressmen Urge That Voting Machines Provide a 'Paper Trail'
  • A Glimpse of Life Under Occupation
  • Peace Activist Mourns Loss of Son Killed in Iraq

    Wednesday, November 15

  • Annan Demands Climage Change Given Same Priority as War
  • White House Sued for Not Doing Report on Warming
  • Probe of Non-News News Sought
  • Affirmative Action, Immigrants Rights Lose Big at Ballot Box
  • Mayors Urged to Link War, Climate
  • India Social Forum Turns Focus on New Issues
  • By Whom the Toll is Counted
  • A Win from the Blue: Unknown Tapped a Democratic Tide in NH
  • Al-Jazeera Service in English Starts

    Tuesday, November 14

  • US, Saudi Arabia, China Rank among Worst on Climate Change: Group
  • Rich Countries 'Blocking Cheap Drugs for Developing World'
  • Bush's Power to Shape Judiciary 'over' because of Election Loss
  • International Lawyers File Suit against Rumsfeld in Germany
  • Nobel Winners Petition Israel to Outlaw Targeted Killing
  • The Silent Killers in the World's War Zones
  • More Fish in the Sea? Soon, Maybe Not
  • Global Warming Threatens 'Large-Scale' Bird Extinctions: Report
  • Contest to Name New Seven World Wonders

    Monday, November 13

  • Democratic Lawmakers Will Seek a Phased Withdrawal from Iraq
  • Multi-Volume UN Report to Offer Climate Change Evidence
  • US Warns of Protests During Bush Indonesia Visit
  • China's Environment Degraded to Dangerous Point: Official
  • Some Evangelical Christians Reconsider Their Faith in GOP
  • A Liberal Voice Shares Her Views, Trumpets Alternative Media
  • Green Campaigners Dream of a Recycled Christmas

    Friday, November 10

  • Democrats Are Set to Subpoena on Military Spending and the Iraq War -- for Starters
  • UN Report: Dirty Water Kills 5,000 Children a Day
  • He's Out, But Some Still Want Rumsfeld to Face War Crimes Charges
  • Marines Get the News From an Iraqi Host: Rumsfeld’s Out. ‘Who’s Rumsfeld?’
  • McGovern to Meet With Congress on War
  • Venezuela Groups Get US Aid Amid Meddling Charges
  • Grief Turns to Rage as Beit Hanoun Buries Its Dead
  • Whither the Architects of War?
  • Anti-War Group Renews Iraq Pull-out Call
  • Ecosystems under Threat: Invasion of the Alien Species
  • Italy Wants US to Press Israel, Rethink Afghan War
  • Bush's 'Neocons' in Crisis after Midterm Election Rout
  • GOP Furious about Timing of Rumsfeld Resignation

    Thursday, November 9

  • World Sees Democrats' Win as Rejection of Bush
  • US Troops out of Iraq?; Bush Taps Ex-CIA Director for Pentagon Job
  • US Foreign Policy Set to Change Dramatically
  • Europe's Anti-War Politicians Feel Vindicated by US Polls
  • Growing Youth Turnout is Good News for Dems
  • Religious Right Forces Jolted by Results
  • US Was Warned of Iraq Chaos, Says Ex-Diplomat
  • Israeli Shelling in Gaza Brings Agony and Rage
  • Nobel Laureate Urges World to Plant a Billion Trees
  • Peace Mom Sheehan Arrested in Washington
  • Environmentalists Put Down 'Western Rebellion'
  • Bechtel Departure Removes More Illusions

    Wednesday, November 8

  • Angry Voters Punish Bush, GOP for Scandals, Iraq
  • South Dakota Rejects Abortion Ban
  • The Power to Shut Down the Iraq War
  • Superbug Brought Back by Iraq War Casualties
  • Phosphorus Shells Used in Lebanon Invasion, UN Says
  • Chemical Pollution a "Silent Pandemic'; One in Six Children Has a Developmental Disability
  • Referendum against Iraq War Gaining Ground
  • Texas Inmates Protest Conditions With Hunger Strikes
  • Their Children Are Soldiers, but They're Fighting the War
  • Red Vs White: Battle of Poppies Erupts in Canada

    Tuesday, November 7

  • Hindered at the Polls? Groups Seek to Aid Voters
  • E-voting Could Turn Close Vote into Fiasco
  • Hundreds of US Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal in Petition
  • UN Calls for Immediate Freeze on Use of Cluster Bombs
  • Top Republicans Leave Telecom Accused of Bribery
  • Billions Needed to Climate-Proof Africa
  • Ortega’s Likely Return Seen As a Blow to US Policy
  • UN to Appoint Former Moonie as Head of World Food Program

    Monday, November 6

  • Iraq Vets Target Congressional Races in Tuesday's Elections
  • UN Summit Seeks Ways to Stave off Climate Disaster
  • Election Monitoring Agency to Observe US Polls
  • Cheney Says Unlikely He Would Comply with Congress Subpoena
  • Saddam Verdict Could Tear Iraqis Apart
  • Plastic Trash Vortex Menaces Pacific Sealife: Study
  • This Was A Guilty Verdict on America As Well
  • Antiwar Veterans Look for a Place in Holiday Parades
  • Early Results Show Cold War US Foe Ortega Leads Nicaragua's Vote

    Friday, November 3

  • Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office
  • New Worries Abound about Reliability of US Voting Machines
  • 98 Percent of Cluster Bomb Victims are Civilians
  • Issaquah (Washington) Bus Driver Appeals Firing for "Flipping off" President Bush
  • The Rich Are Getting Much Richer, Much Faster Than Everyone Else
  • British Believe Bush Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-il
  • Ortega on Threshold of Power Despite US Hand in Nicaragua
  • Canadians Believe Bush is a Threat to Peace: Poll
  • Carter Says Claim That North Korea Cheated `Completely False'
  • How Many Deaths Is the Oaxaca Governor Worth?

    Thursday, November 2

  • Scientists Say White House Muzzled Climate Research
  • Microcredit Campaigners Claim Success in Helping World's Poorest
  • Nervous Defense Contractors Watching Elections
  • Calls for Climate Action as Kenya Prepares to Host Global Meet
  • Vermont Poised to Elect America's First Socialist Senator
  • Big Brother Britain 2006: 'We Are Waking up to a Surveillance Society All Around Us'
  • Pulitzer-Winning Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh Slams Bush at McGill Address
  • Revealed: U.S. Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques
  • Republicans Spring a New "Winning" Strategy
  • Neo-Con Nadir?

    Wednesday, November 1

  • Growing Anger As US Accused of Being Behind Madrasa Attacks
  • Women's Lives 'No Better' in New Afghanistan
  • Retired Officer Says Flawed Policy Turned Iraqis against US
  • 'Hacking' Casts Doubts on Electronic Voting
  • Depleted Uranium Risk 'Ignored' by UK and US Forces
  • Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos
  • Two Kicked out of Bush Event Win Court Order
  • Jews Give Bush, Republicans Failing Grades
  • Irene Khan: Fighting the Flames Ignited by That One Day in September
  • Dawn of the "Solar Salon" in US Living Rooms

    October 2006




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