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October 2002

10/31: Albanian and Russian Observers Sent to Monitor American Elections
10/31: Fewer Americans Back War in Iraq, Surveys Find
10/31: Use of Gas Risks Others Following Suit; 80 Years of World Treaties in Jeopardy, Say Activists
10/31: War Crimes Debate in Israel Heats Up Again
10/31: Some Canadians May Be Photographed, Fingerprinted at U.S. Border
10/31: Wealthy Nations Close Doors on Immigrants - Study
10/31: US Sees End of UN Talks on Iraq; Deploys Stealth Bombers
10/31: UK Anti-War Protesters Plan Day of Civil Disobedience
10/30: Rally in Washington Is Said to Invigorate the Antiwar Movement
10/30: Privatization Nightmare: For-Profit U.S. Schools Sell Off Their Textbooks
10/30: 20,000 Strong, They Came to Remember Wellstone
10/30: Harken Scandal: Board Was Told of Risks Before Bush Stock Sale
10/30: To Some, Real Threat Is US: Many see American bullying, not Iraqi defiance, as the greater risk to geopolitical stability
10/30: Going Backwards: New Cars Headed in Reverse on Fuel Usage
10/30: India Ensures Heated Start to Climate Conference; Bush-Inspired Omission of Kyoto Protocol Angers EU and Greens
10/30: Ellsberg: Still Rabble-Rousing
10/30: Groups Call for Tougher Regulation of "Blood Diamonds"
10/29: CIA Concerned US War on Terror is Missing Root Causes
10/29: US Weapons Secrets Exposed
10/29: Sen Kerry Faces Write-In Candidate Opposing His Vote on Iraq Force
10/29: France Issues Warning on Iraq as UN Deadline Nears
10/29: Brazil's New President: The Start of a New Dream
10/29: A Richer World Keeps Failing to End Hunger, Says U.N.
10/29: Anti-U.S. Feelings Bubble Up in Egypt
10/29: Lives of Desperation in Iraq; Battered Baghdad longs for its rich past, faces a precarious future
10/29: U.S. Gets Low Grade for Press Freedom
10/28: The View From The Other Ground Zero
10/28: Journalist Cronkite Warns Against Potential War
10/28: US-British Strategy on Iraq Close to Collapse
10/28: Mystery Gas May Have Been Nerve Agent That Leads to Death of Brain
10/28: Global Warming: Lake Level Fuels Climate Concern
10/28: Burma Boycott Campaign Stepped Up
10/28: World Food Body Fails to Take Stand on GM Food Aid
10/28: Reserve Call-Up for an Iraqi War May Equal 1991's
10/28: Left-Winger Lula Elected President of Brazil
10/27: Washington, DC: More Than 100,000 March;  Antiwar Protest Largest Since '60s
10/27: San Francisco: Huge Rally Joins Protests Across Globe to Decry U.S.' Iraq Policy
10/27: Minnesota: Wellstone Looms Large at St. Paul Peace Rally
10/27: Denver, CO: Iraq Rally Draws 4,000; Civic Center crowd rips potential war
10/27: Augusta, Maine: Mainers Oppose Bush's War Plans; Thousands March with Message of Peace
10/27: Kingston, NY: Peace Activists Turn Out in Force
10/27: Montpelier, Vermont: 1,000 Rally for Peace in City of 8,000
10/27: Baghdad: U.S. Peace Group Holds Anti-War Protest in Baghdad
10/27: Bush's 'Patronizing' Remarks on Wife Draw Criticism
10/26: U.S. Protesters Rally Against Iraq War
10/26: Thousands of Demonstrators Turn Out in Europe and Beyond to Protest War Against Iraq
10/26: US Starts 'Hardball' on Draft Resolution
10/26: Stop Global Warming or NY Submerges--Greenpeace
10/26: S.F. Woman's Relentless March for Peace; Global Exchange Founder a Tireless Advocate
10/26: Liberal Conscience Defined Senator
10/26: Paul Wellstone, 58, Icon of Liberalism in Senate, Dies
10/25: Minnesota Crash Kills Wellstone, Clouding Fight Over Senate
10/25: Oppose Iraq War Like Gandhi, Says Indian Author Roy
10/25: U.S. Antipathy to Kyoto Pact on Display at India Meet
10/25: Groups Appeal to U.N. to Avert War in Iraq
10/25: Bush Administration Rule Would Increase Air Pollution
10/25: Quiet Redeployment of American Forces in the Gulf Suggests Attack Will Be Delayed
10/25: Bush Rattled as Brother Battles for Florida
10/25: USA Patriot Act: ACLU Sues Bush Administration for Data on Surveillance Methods
10/25: Iraq Says U.S. Arms Inspection Plan Equals Spying
10/25: France, Russia Insist on Changes on Iraq Resolution
10/24: UN Deadlock May Force Rethink of Iraq Invasion Plan
10/24: Fishing Industry Falls Victim to the Tragedy of the Commons
10/24: Mountain Cultures in Grave Danger Says UN
10/24: Berkeley to Vote on Politically Correct Coffee
10/24: U.S. Antiwar Protest to Invoke Images of Vietnam
10/24: Anti-War Movement Builds Strength Among Disparate Groups in Maryland
10/24: 'Consumer Demand' Threatens More Species
10/23: University of Texas Students Pass Resolution Condemning Bush's War on Iraq
10/23: Tribute From A Distant Stranger; Palestinian's Obituary Raises Controversy
10/23: UN Resolution: US Draft Gives Iraq 75-Day Deadline
10/23: UN Climate Head Says Kyoto Protocol Must Be Implemented Without Delay
10/23: Mysterious Group Spends $1 Million on Anti-Wellstone Campaign
10/23: Israeli Retaliation Targets Olive Harvest and Waterholes
10/23: Coffee Crisis Leaves Malnutrition in its Wake
10/23: Protesters Ejected from Bush Rally in Maine
10/23: Campus Activists Mobilized on Iraq
10/22: 'Smarter' Bombs Still Hit Civilians
10/22: Activist Randy Forsberg to Take On Sen John Kerry Over His Iraq Vote
10/22: 13 Protesting Bush's Stance on Iraq Enter U.N. Building
10/22: US Anti-War Groups Flex Their Muscle
10/22: Universal Health Care Has Chance of OK in Oregon Election
10/22: U.S. Refines Plan for War in Cities
10/22: Multinationals in Scramble for Congo's Wealth
10/22: France Praised for Iraq Stand
10/22: Comedian, Lawmaker in Denver Spy Files
10/21: Groups Opposed to War on Iraq Plan Rally; Thousands Expected for Speeches, March to White House on Saturday
10/21: Jackson Stresses the 'Struggle is Not Over' ; Civil Rights Leader Takes on Bush
10/21: Dissension in the Ranks: Rumsfeld's Style, Goals Frustrate Top Brass
10/21: Previous U.N. Resolutions on Iraq No Blank Check for War, Experts Say
10/21: Call for Reparations to Indebted Countries
10/21: 'Shameful Practice': Court Refuses Teen Execution Case
10/21: Afghan Envoy Accuses World of Betrayal
10/20: Iraq War 'Unjustifiable', says Bush's Church Head
10/20: Energy Industry's Dirty Little Details About to See Light
10/20: Republicans Planning for Full Control Of Congress
10/20: Iraq 'Empties Its Jails'
10/20: War Would Crush Iraqi Cities, Analysts Say
10/20: White House Billed Family Aid Office for $210,000 in Travel Costs
10/20: Veteran Anti-War Activists Rejoin Fold
10/20: No Sex Please, We're American Christian Romance Writers
10/19: Western Consumer Demand Fuels Resource Wars in Poor Nations
10/19: Activists Head to West Bank to Support Palestinians During Olive Harvest
10/19: Bush in Missouri: More Than 400 on Sidelines Chant Protests Against War
10/19: Protests Gather Steam Online
10/19: US Claims Pakistan Gave Nuclear Aid to the North Koreans
10/19: Going Backwards: Effort to Ease Air Rules Decried
10/19: Going Backwards: Researchers Say Science Is Hurt by Secrecy Policy Set Up by the White House
10/19: Going Backwards: Bush's FDA Action on Drugs Ads Declining
10/18: Anti-War Site Gives Funding Boost to Hill Democrats
10/18: Why No UN Middle Road on Iraq? The World Agrees with France
10/18: Snows of Kilimanjaro Immortalized by Hemingway 'Will Have Melted by 2020'
10/18: US Forces are 'Ready for a Land War Against Iraq as Early as December'
10/18: US Resolution Sidesteps Opposition to Iraq War
10/18: North Korea: Nuclear Admission Puts Bush in Tight Spot
10/18: Hundreds of Thousands March as Strike Grips Italy
10/17: UN's Largest Group of States Rejects War on Iraq
10/17: America Fails to Woo Key Allies; France, Russia and Italy Challenge Bush's 'Saber-Rattling'
10/17: AIDS Activists Mobilize against Coca-Cola
10/17: France Makes Strongest Statement Yet Against War
10/16: New Hampshire Voters Tell Lieberman He's Wrong on Iraq
10/16: More Anti-War Activists Snagged by "No Fly" List
10/16: ACLU Ads Will Target Bush Policies
10/15: Bishop: Clergy Must Unite People Against War in Iraq
10/15: Students Protest Senator Clinton's Decision to Back Bush's War Plans
10/15: War Worries: Support for Attacking Iraq Begins to Wane Across the US
10/15: Publicly-Financed Maine Green Gubernatorial Candidate: Critics Call Carter TV Ad Anti-Italian
10/15: British Ambassador to Israel: West Bank is Largest Concentration Camp in the World
10/15: Consumer Groups Accuse U.S. of Negligence on Food Safety
10/14: Anti-War Protests Get Louder In Calif.
10/14: Bush Aiming at Wrong Target, US Critics Fear
10/14: Ari Fleischer is Met with Protest at Vermont Alma Mater
10/14: Opposition Over Iraq Takes Rise Via the Net
10/13: America's For-Profit Secret Army
10/13: Kibbutzniks Offer Land to Palestinians in a Rare Protest Over Israel's 'Berlin Wall'
10/13: Master Chefs Feed GM Foods Rebellion
10/13: Why the CIA Thinks Bush is Wrong
10/12: US Plans Military Rule and Occupation of Iraq; Saddam would be replaced by General Tommy Franks
10/12: Peace Prize Winner Carter Urges Bush to Seek Every Possible Alternative to War with Iraq
10/12: Going Forward: Seeds of Protest Growing on College Campuses
10/12: Falwell Remarks Prompt India Riots; 5 Dead
10/12: 44 Arrested at S.F. War Protest; Demonstration at Federal Building Over Congressional Votes
10/11: U.S. Has a Plan to Occupy Iraq, Officials Report
10/11: Nader Lashes Bush Policy
10/11: Byrd Pleads to American People
10/11: Carter Wins Nobel Peace Prize in Swipe at Bush
10/11: For Dissenters, 'Nos' Were a Vote of Conscience
10/11: Ex-Commander Opposes Iraq Invasion
10/11: JFK Aides Say Bush Is Wrong On Crisis
10/11: Spiritual Leaders Tap Future of Peacemaking: Women
10/11: Americans Feel Pinch as Arab Boycott Starts to Bite
10/10: Harvard Role in Harken Called Deeper; Group Says Partnership Kept Bush Firm Afloat
10/10: Seattle: Thousands March Against War; Candlelight Vigil, Procession Again Fill City Streets
10/10: In Baghdad, US Activists Roll Up Sleeves to Give Blood, Not Shed It
10/10: Byrd Asks for Vote Delay on Resolution to Attack Iraq
10/10: Churches, Activists Lobby Congress Against Iraq War
10/10: Democratic Base Votes with its Wallet - and Maybe its Feet - Against Democratic Surrender on Iraq
10/10: Conservative Christians Biggest Backers of Iraq War
10/9: UN Population Head's War Warning
10/9: White House 'Exaggerating Iraqi Threat'; Bush's Televised Address Attacked by US Intelligence
10/9: C.I.A. Warns That a U.S. Attack May Ignite Terror
10/9: U.S. Presses for Total Exemption From War Crimes Court
10/9: U.S. Activists on Peace Mission in Iraq; Sanctions-busting American group believes in `giving blood, not spilling it'
10/9: For Wellstone, Iraq Vote Is Risk But Not a Choice; Principles May Be Costly in November
10/9: Scores in Congress Dissent Over Iraq
10/9: Arab Public Opinion Deeply Ambivalent About U.S.
10/8: Bush Declares War on Unions
10/8: Ten Die as Israeli Helicopter Fires on Palestinian Crowd
10/8: Antiwar Voices Raised on Campuses
10/8: Global Peace Initiative: Women Press a Call for Peace
10/8: Muslims Protest Falwell's Comments
10/8: UK 'Close to Iraq Decision'
10/8: Pakistan Tests 2nd Missile Two Days Ahead of Vote
10/7: Protesters Jeer Gephardt in Kennedy Park
10/7: Anti-War Rallies Across US: 8,000 Protesters in S.F. are Part of Resistance Gaining Momentum
10/7: McDermott Accuses Bush of Plotting to be Emperor
10/7: National Student Action Against War In Iraq: Activists to Rally College Students
10/7: Brazil: Leftist Lula Remains a Step Away from Presidency
10/6: 1.5 Million March Against Attack on Iraq; Anti-War Rallies Change Italy on Iraq?
10/6: Scramble to Carve Up Iraqi Oil Reserves Lies Behind US Diplomacy
10/6: Official: US Oil at the Heart of Iraq Crisis
10/6: Caught in the Crossfire: The young people of Iraq have known nothing other than hunger, disease, poverty and isolation
10/5: Ralph Nader Takes on Wall Street
10/5: Tensions Rise as Pakistan and India Test Surface-to-Air Missiles
10/5: Evangelical Figures Oppose Religious Leaders' Broad Antiwar Sentiment
10/4: Wellstone's Beliefs May Imperil His Political Career
10/4: Byrd Asks Senate to Deny Bush Blank Check
10/4: Iraqi Children Live in Fear of Bombings
10/4: Ending Farm Subsidies One Way to Reduce Poverty, Say Groups
10/4: Democrats Focusing on Coming 401(k) Jolt
10/4: Two Acres of Farm Lost to Sprawl Each Minute, New Study Says
10/4: 7 of 12 from Mass. to Vote No on Iraq
10/3: 'Sell Out': Gephardt Angers Democrats With Hawkish Stand
10/3: Wellstone Says No to Iraq Resolution
10/3: US Hardline on Iraq Leaves Full-Scale Invasion a 'Hair-Trigger' Away
10/3: Brazil's Firebrand 'Lula' Marches to the Presidency
10/3: U.S. Losing Iraq Battle at the U.N.
10/3: Lesbian Conference Lost Help of HHS; Gay Health Advocates Say Administration Ignoring Issues
10/3: Israel Denying Education to Palestinian Children - U.N.
10/3: Text: House Resolution Authorizing the Use of U.S. Force Against Iraq
10/2: Critics Detail Risks of Colombian Coca Spraying
10/2: U.N. Credibility at Stake Over Iraq, Warn Diplomats
10/2: 'Big Bush, Little Bush' Draw Scorn on Streets of Baghdad
10/2: Stable Oil Prices Likely to Become a War Casualty, Experts Say
10/2: Arctic Pollution Causing Polar Bears to Change Sex
10/1: Antiwar Movement Reflects a Different America Than in Past Eras, But Diverse Allies Keep the Spirit Alive
10/1: Going Backwards: Markey Releases Study Showing Big Drop in EPA Policing
10/1: Activists Decry Police Intimidation in Anti-Globalization Protests
10/1: Records Show US Sent Biological Weapons Germs to Iraq
10/1: Bush Policies Hurt AIDS Prevention, Groups Say
10/1: Britain Accused of Sacrificing New Court
10/1: Tens of Thousands of Marchers Gather Against Privatization in South Africa
10/1: Iraq Muddles US Resolve With 'Positive' Talks in Vienna



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