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May 2002

5/31: Lawmakers Say Misstatements Cloud FBI Chief's Credibility
5/31: India Set to Launch 'Small War'
5/31: Egypt's Leader Dumps 'Debauchery' Verdicts Against Gays
5/31: Organic Farms Viable Despite Lower Yields, Study Finds
5/31: ILO Urges Action to Halt Palestinian 'Meltdown'
5/31: Top Democrat Slams DOJ Terror Guidelines
5/31: Law's Sponsors Fault Draft of Campaign Finance Rules
5/30: FBI Given More Latitude; New Surveillance Rules Remove Evidence Hurdle
5/30: On Bush's Trip, Some Discordant Messages
5/30: Sharon Accused of Undermining US Peace Moves
5/30: States Accused of Blocking Targets for Green Summit
5/30: Kashmir Leads to U.S. Plan for Airlift
5/30: Conflict Spirals on Indo-Pak Border as Militants Strike Again
5/30: Republicans Seek to Loosen Darwin's Grip in Schools
5/30: Alarm as Tribe Offers Land for Nuclear Dump
5/29: Massachusetts Green Party Closes in on Clean Elections Funds
5/29: More Than 200 Candidates Qualify For Clen Election Funds in Maine
5/29: Pakistan Won't Rule Out Nuclear Arms If Attacked
5/29: At Harvard, Word "Jihad' Sparks a Battle
5/29: 'Funds Spent on Arms Can Feed the Whole World'
5/29: Indian Premier's Poems Ponder Horrors of Nuclear War
5/28: For-Profit Hospitals Have Higher Death Rates
5/28: Napoleon Beazley Executed Despite Calls to Spare His Life
5/28: Weapons Salesmen Turn Peacemongers
5/28: Pakistan Test-Fires Another Missile
5/28: Group Criticizes U.S. On Detainee Policy; Amnesty Warns of Human Rights Fallout
5/28: India Blasts Pakistani President Musharraf's Speech
5/28: Groups Warn of More Violence in Colombia After Election of Hard-liner
5/27: Musharraf Defiant Over Kashmir
5/27: 12 Million Could Die at Once in an India-Pakistan Nuclear War
5/27: U.S. Exports Misery to Africa With Farm Bill
5/27: Drug Industry Costs Doctor Top FDA Post
5/27: A Raid Enrages Afghan Villagers
5/27: GM Crops Threat to Organic Farming
5/27: Musharraf to Address Nation as Threat of War Looms
5/26: US Plan to Strike Enemy With Valium
5/26: Anti-War Rally Ties Up Golden Gate Bridge
5/26: Many in U.S. Blame Bush for Sept. 11: Poll
5/26: Agent Blasts FBI Over 11 September 'Cover-Up'
5/26: Thousands in Paris Protest Bush's Visit
5/26: Pakistan's Missile Test Stacks Odds Against Kashmir Peace
5/25: Pakistan Test-Fires Missile, Musharraf Says Ready for War
5/25: Pakistan's Missile Tests Intensify the Crisis Over Kashmir
5/25: At Least 3 Million Would Die in Nuclear Conflict
5/25: Specialists Warn Days of Cheap Oil Numbered
5/25: French Protesters Ready for Bush Visit
5/25: Big Brother is Watching Over Memorial Weekend
5/25: Death Penalty Campaigners Target U.S. and Japan
5/25: Bush Backs Off Iraq Invasion
5/24: Study Says Rubber Bullets Too Dangerous For Civil Crowd Control
5/24: Whaling Ban Stays But IWC Members Oceans Apart
5/24: Just Three Minutes From Nuclear Strike, India and Pakistan Hold Councils of War
5/24: Court Choice Cleared With Democrats' Help; 12-7 Vote Frustrates Liberal Groups
5/24: Sailors Sprayed With Nerve Gas in Cold War Test, Pentagon Says
5/24: Bono Makes a Grab for US Purse Strings
5/24: Pakistan Primes Its People for War
5/23: Planet's Future At Stake, U.N. Report Says
5/23: US Pushes to Keep Its Troops Exempt From World Court
5/23: Why Terrorist Attacks Are Not Inevitable, Say Saudis
5/23: Abortion Debate Stalls Bankruptcy Bill
5/23: Executive: 'Big Coal' Swayed Bush
5/23: Kids Count: More U.S. Children on Brink of Poverty
5/22: Nuclear War Threat Over Kashmir Crisis
5/22: Thousands March in Berlin Protest Against Bush Visit
5/22: Skepticism of U.S. Model Rising in EU Since Enron
5/22: With a Step Right, Senator Clinton Agitates the Left
5/22: Bush Staff Subpoenaed Over Enron
5/22: Alerts Tied to Memo Flap
5/22: Study Blames 18,000 Deaths in USA on Lack of Insurance
5/22: Malnutrition "Rapidly Increasing" Among Palestinians, Says World Food Body
5/21: Leading Separatist Assassinated Just as Indian PM Arrives in Kashmir
5/21: Water War Warning As Tension Escalates in Kashmir
5/21: India Preparing for Limited Strikes in Kashmir: Analyst
5/21: Unnoticed Nablus May Have Taken West Bank's Worst Hit
5/21: Quarter of World's Mammals Faced With Extinction
5/21: Bush Will Use Berlin Stage to Demand War on Saddam
5/21: Iceland Walks Out of Whaling Summit
5/20: Bush Faces Pressure From Congress to Alter Cuba Policy
5/20: On the Way to the Fundraiser: Stopovers Let Bush Charge Taxpayers for Political Trips
5/20: Famed Harvard Biologist Stephen Jay Gould Dies
5/20: Afghans Say 5 Killed in a U.S. Raid Were Farmers
5/20: India, Pakistan Trade Heavy Fire, Tension High
5/20: 9/11 Halt to Flights Aids Cloud Study
5/20: Ex-Secretary of State Albright Rips Bush's Foreign Policy Ahead of European Trip
5/19: Eating Altered Genes; Designer Crops Already Abundant On Grocery Shelves
5/19: Indonesia Uses War on Terror to Win US Arms
5/19: U.S. Backers of Palestinian Cause Protest Their Treatment by Israel
5/19: Over 100,000 Protest Globalization
5/19: Israel Arrests Settlers it Says Tried to Bomb Palestinians
5/19: Chilean Mystery: Clues to Vanished American
5/19: India Choking Lines of Communication with Pakistan, Opening War Option: Analysts
5/19: Suicide Bomber Hits Israel Market
5/18: US Jets 'Fire on Wedding Celebration by Mistake'
5/18: Carter Urges Bush to Reject Plan to Aid Cuba Dissidents
5/18: Democrats Raise Questions Over Remarks on Warnings
5/18: August Memo Focused On Attacks in U.S.
5/18: India Expels Pakistan Ambassador
5/18: Collateral Damage from Colombia's Drug War; Ecuador Border Tainted by U.S.-Made Coca Killer
5/17: US Media Cowed by Patriotic Fever, Says CBS Star
5/17: 1999 Report Warned of Suicide Hijack
5/17: New Report Reveals Drop in Aid to Developing Countries
5/17: India and Pakistan Trade Mortar Fire in Tense Kashmir
5/17: Bush Wants Putin to Build Star Wars Shield With US
5/17: Senator Prevents Action on Online Privacy Bill
5/17: Utility Board Votes to Restart a Nuclear Reactor in Alabama That Has Been Idle Since 1985
5/16: Relatives of 9-11 Victims Distraught Over Report Bush Received Advance Warnings
5/16: U.S. Military Aid Programs Forge Ahead Without Congressional Oversight
5/16: Bush Wins the Final Battle for Star Wars
5/16: Berkeley Course on Mideast Raises Concerns
5/16: Woody Allen Condemns Jewish Call to Boycott Cannes
5/16: Khatami Says U.S. Group Threatens World with War
5/16: Group Says Agency Is Needed to Replace Elections Panel
5/16: 230 in House Back Bill to Reform Death Penalty
5/15: White House Admits: Bush Knew of Hijacking Threat Before Sept 11
5/15: George Bush? He's Nice But Dim, Says Crown Prince
5/15: Going Backwards: Corporate Bribery on the Rise Worldwide
5/15: Bush Plans to Tighten Sanctions on Cuba, Not Ease Them
5/15: At MIT, They Can Put Words in Our Mouths
5/15: Carter Criticizes Cuba, Calls on US to Lift Embargo
5/14: Forget Kyoto Deal for Another 10 Years, Says Bush Adviser
5/14: Expert Warns World is Warming Faster Than Forecast
5/14: Antarctic Ice Melt Poses Worldwide Threat
5/14: Israeli Settlements Control Nearly Half of West Bank
5/14: Crusader a Boon to Carlyle Group Even if Pentagon Scraps Project
5/14: Carter Suggests Bush Misled Him; He says U.S. gave no proof of Cuban bioterror efforts
5/14: E-mail on Energy Shocks Capitol Hill; Member of Bush administration task force asked that California be avoided in report
5/13: OPEC Chief Warned Chavez About Coup
5/13: How A Disappearing Oil Field Was The Answer To One Tribe's Prayers
5/13: Spies, or Students? Were the Israelis just trying to sell their paintings, or agents in a massive espionage ring?
5/13: Jordanian King Warns Of Growing Arab Rage
5/13: Castro Says Carter Can Inspect Biotechnology Centers
5/12: Large Tel Aviv Rally Calls for Pullout From Territories
5/12: Atomic Plant Casts a Pall on Paradise
5/12: Teen Vegetarians Healthier Than Meat-Eaters -Study
5/11: Digging a Grave for Capital Punishment? State moratoriums have some in the U.S. predicting the end is near
5/11: A Town Out of Work: Globalization Takes Toll on Industries
5/11: $2 Million in U.S. Aid Is Missing From Colombian Police Fund
5/11: Maine at Front Line in Fight Over the High Cost of Drugs
5/11: South America, Europe Up in Arms over US Farm Bill
5/10: Venezuela's Chavez Says United States Must Explain Reaction To Coup
5/10: Kids Demand Action From World Leaders
5/10: An Anti-American Boycott Is Growing in the Arab World
5/10: Ruling on Dumping of Mine Waste Stuns Coal Industry
5/10: U.S. Action on Iraq Slowed by Rift Over Whom to Support
5/10: UN to Press on with Jenin 'War Crimes' Report
5/10: U.N.: Pollution Kills 5,500 Kids Daily
5/9: Bush Approach on Mideast Conflict "Out of Step" with U.S. Public, Poll Shows
5/9: Judge Rejects Easing of Mine-Waste Rules; Bush's decision to allow dumping into streams 'must fail,' he says
5/9: Justice Department, CIA Not Being Fully Cooperative With Sept. 11 Inquiry
5/9: Experts Warn Aid Bill Will Lower Income of World's Poor Peasants
5/9: Mailbox Bombing Suspect Was Drawing A 'Smiley Face' on the Map of the US
5/8: Smithsonian Lost Public Trust Over Donor Flap, Report Says
5/8: The Road of Death Remembered; Fear of New US Assault Rekindles Iraqis' Gulf War Nightmares
5/8: U.S., in a Shift, Tells Justices Citizens Have a Right to Guns
5/8: Study Finds Far Less Pesticide Residue on Organic Produce
5/8: Pressure at WTO to Eliminate Fishing Subsidies
5/8: Israel Vows Harsh Response to Attack
5/7: Recent Events Raise New Nuclear Power Safety Questions
5/7: 'Smoking Gun' Enron Memos : Papers Show That Enron Manipulated Calif. Crisis
5/7: Israel Leans on Supporters of Objectors
5/7: WWF Knocked Out by Environmentalists
5/7: 'Massive Scale' of Child Labor Cited
5/7: International Court Rejection Seen as Symbolic, Risky
5/7: Iraq Now Expects War With US
5/6: Some on Harvard, MIT Faculties Urge Divestment in Israel
5/6: Activists Welcome Ruling That Corporations "Must Speak Truthfully"
5/6: The IDF Soldiers Who Moved into West Bank Cities Left Behind Destruction and Degradation
5/6: Dutch Far-Right Leader Shot Dead
5/6: Le Pen Defeated But Defiant; Far-Right Leader Gains 5.8m Votes
5/6: UN Says Israel Caused $300-400 Million in Damage
5/6: Enron Pipeline Leaves Scar on South America
5/5: AIDS Fear as Bush Blocks Sex Lessons
5/5: Prejudice Also Claimed Victims in Sept. 11's Wake
5/5: US Finds a Palatable Word for Military Aid to Colombia: Terrorism
5/5: US to Renounce Its Role in Pact for World Tribunal
5/5: Peace Concert is to be Staged at Colosseum
5/5: France Thinks Le Pen Will Lose. But Will He Lose by Enough?
5/4: Documents: Hastert Belittled Human Rights
5/4: Surprise Best Seller Blames U.S.
5/4: Serb Town Still Waiting for NATO Bombing Clean-Up
5/4: Bush Ready to Restart Program to Shoot Down Drug Planes in Amazon
5/4: Scientists' Deaths Are Under the Microscope
5/4: Pride in President May Have an Expiration Date
5/4: Schooled in America, Seething in the West Bank
5/4: NRC Warns of Missing Radioactive Materials
5/3: Relief Workers Describe Squalor Seen in Mideast
5/3: Press Freedom Faces Hard Times, Say Groups
5/3: Nobel Peace Icon Suu Kyi in Myanmar Democracy War
5/3: Whisper of Betrayal as Arafat is Shunned
5/3: Israeli Army Rejects Human Right Watch Report on Jenin
5/3: Wars Take Toll on Women and Children, Says Group
5/3: New Tack in Nike Lawsuit; State Justices Reinstate the Case, Now Attacking a Promotional Campaign
5/2: Rights Groups Criticize US Aid to Colombia
5/2: North American Fair Trade Movement Reports Big Advances
5/2: College Further From Poor's Grasp, Study Shows
5/2: Arabs Reach for an Economic Weapon
5/2: Most Americans Breathe Polluted Air: Survey
5/2: World's Biggest Forests in Danger
5/2: Jewish Groups Battle Media Over Perceived Bias
5/1: No Link Between Hijacker, Iraq Found, U.S. Says
5/1: Egypt Assails the Lumping of U.S. War With Israel's
5/1: UN Will Disband Jenin Team Rather Than Yield To Israel
5/1: For Activists With Arafat, a Whiff of Relief
5/1: State-Level Lobbying Cost $570M
5/1: May Day 2002: A Million French Rally vs. Le Pen
5/1: Genetic Gains Unlikely to Help World's Poor, Report Predicts
5/1: White House Yields to Democratic Pressure on Student Loans
5/1: Left, Right and Center Join Global May Day Marches



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