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April 2002

4/30: UN Looks Ready to Scrap Jenin Probe After Israel's Latest Snub
4/30: U.S. Promise on Jenin Won Arafat's Freedom
4/30: U.S. Regains Seat in U.N. Human Rights Body
4/30: Pentagon Seeks Release From Environment Laws
4/30: G-8 Activists Hit Roadblock to Rent Alberta Native Land for Tent Village
4/30: Oil Company Execs to Testify on Gasoline Prices
4/30: States Worry About Bush Welfare Rules
4/29: A Venerable Voice in Israel Is Muted After Questioning Army's Actions
4/29: American Navy 'Helped Venezuelan Coup'
4/29: Kennedy Rips Bush Plan to Let College Loan Rates Float
4/29: 'Frankenfish' Spawn Controversy; Debate Over Genetically Altered Salmon
4/29: United Nations Launches an International Movement to Tap the Peacemaking Creativity of Young People
4/29: Massachusetts Clean Election System: Auction Revs Campaign Debate
4/29: Italian Right Incensed at Arrest of Riot Police
4/28: Bush Seeking to Squeeze School Loan Program
4/28: Israel Bans U.N. Mission to Jenin
4/28: California Man Risks Life to Aid Palestinian Civilians
4/28: Pentagon Finalizing Iraq Plans
4/28: NRA Takes Credit for Bush's Election
4/27: Chernobyl Victims Tell World: Don't Forget Us
4/27: Across West Bank, Daily Tragedies Go Unseen
4/27: Tens of Thousands Due in Anti-Le Pen Rally in Paris
4/27: Khatami Says "Radical Warmongers" Drive US Policy
4/27: E-Mail Suggests Energy Official Encouraged Lobbyist on Policy
4/27: INS Roundup of Illegal Immigrants Leaves Those Left Behind In Turmoil
4/26: New York on Nuclear Alert After Blast
4/26: Going Backwards: Senate Passes Energy Bill Favoring SUVs
4/26: White House Shifted Carbon Dioxide Emissions Policy After Lobbyist's Letter
4/26: Bush Rule Could Let Mine Debris Fill in Valleys and Streams
4/26: Global Warming: 2002 'Warmest for 1,000 Years'
4/26: Chernobyl's Legacy of Radioactive Poisoning Passed On
4/25: Going Backwards: US Senate Erodes Incentives for Wind, Solar Power
4/25: What Really Happened When Israeli Forces Went into Jenin?
4/25: U.S. Bankrolling Is Under Scrutiny for Ties to Chávez Ouster
4/25: Federal Judge Says He Believes Federal Death Penalty is Unconstitutional
4/25: Berkeley Suspends Group in April 9 Takeover; Part of Crackdown on Disruptions, Says University
4/25: Coalition Targets Environment in Corporate Thinking
4/25: Rights Groups Fault Israel for Blocking U.N. Team
4/25: Global Fund Rebuffs U.S. in Picking Leader
4/25: Deadly American Mistake No Surprise to Residents of Kandahar
4/24: Lack of Money Sets Back Hopes for Global AIDS Fund
4/24: Berkeley Rejects Mideast Boycott Measure
4/24: Income Gap Widens Between Rich and Poor in 5 States and Narrows in 1
4/24: Egypt's Mubarak Says Israel Uses 'State Terrorism'
4/24: US Diplomatic Might Irks Nations
4/23: Israel Rejects UN Mission to Jenin
4/23: Berkeley Readies a Boycott of Israelis and Palestinians; Divestiture Seen As Way to Bring Peace
4/23: French Street Protests Against Le Pen Grow Bigger, More Violent
4/23: U.S. Forces Out Head of Chemical Arms Agency
4/23: Cuba's Castro Calls Mexico's Fox a Liar
4/23: U.N. Mission to Probe Israeli Actions in Jenin Camp
4/23: Amnesty Demands War Crimes Inquiry Into Jenin Invasion
4/23: Afghans Allege U.S. Is Ignoring War Errors
4/22: Mideast Street Anger Turns into Calls for Boycott of U.S. Goods
4/22: Honoring Earth's Defenders; 8 Grassroots Environmentalists Awarded Goldman Prize
4/22: Arafat Siege Goes on as Tanks Pull Out
4/22: Groups Look to Future After Vote Against Oil Drill in Arctic Reserve
4/22: Palestinian Trapped in Basilica of the Nativity 'Shot by Sniper as He Picked Grass for Food'
4/22: White House Hasn't Sought Money to Guard Atomic Plants, Energy Official Says
4/21: 20,000 March in San Francisco
4/21: A Sometime Champion of Democracy: Bush administration erodes the United States' moral authority
4/21: Israel Winning Broad Support From U.S. Right
4/21: DC Police: 75,000 Demonstrators Rally to Palestinian Cause
4/21: Venezuela Coup Linked to Bush Team
4/20: 50,000 Protesters March Peacefully in D.C.
4/20: Americans' War Support Fracturing, Poll Suggests
4/20: US and Oil Lobby Oust Climate Change Scientist
4/20: Israel's Invasions, 20 Years Apart, Look Eerily Alike
4/20: Wider Arab Protest Movement Takes Root; Palestinian Woes Inspire Activism In Unlikely Places
4/20: World Bank Chief, NGOs Wrangle Over Access
4/20: DeLay Criticized for 'Only Christianity' Remarks
4/20: 'W is for War': Police Prepare for D.C. Protests
4/19: Israelis Try to Pin Blame for Jenin on Suicide Bombers
4/19: US Finds Strange Bedfellows in UN Vote on Torture
4/19: Israelis Reject Visit From American 'Human Shields'
4/19: Palestinians in U.S. Lament the Unheard Side in Conflict
4/19: PETA Says Tape Shows Rat Research Violations
4/19: Anti-Kissinger Protesters Welcome Legal Moves
4/19: Weekend D.C. Protests Against World Bank, IMF Adopt An Anti-War Theme
4/18: Only Label for American in Ramallah Is 'Human Being'
4/18: Fresh Evidence of Jenin Atrocities
4/18: UN Envoy Says Jenin Camp "Horrific Beyond Belief"
4/18: Helicopter Pilot 'Refused Order to Blast Palestinian House'
4/18: Bush Throws US Support Behind Israel
4/18: Israel Accused of Using Palestinians as Hostages, Human Shields
4/18: Study Sees 6,000 Deaths From Power Plants
4/17: Bush's Response to Coup Criticized; Latin Americans Say U.S. Ignored Democratic Ideals
4/17: Nader Says Lawsuit Settlement Will Aid Third-Party Candidates
4/17: Democrats Continue to Rely Heavily on Soon-to-Be-Banned Soft Money
4/17: Amnesty Reports Abuse, Torture of Immigrants
4/17: Scientists Urge the EU to Stop Cooperation with Israel
4/16: Nader to Get Apology for Exclusion From Debate
4/16: The Lunar Landscape That Was the Jenin Refugee Camp
4/16: "Tell the World": Amid the Ruins of Jenin, The Grisly Evidence of a War Crime
4/16: U.S. Regrets Hasty Embrace of Chavez Coup - Experts
4/16: Global Warming: 'Catastrophic Threat' From World's Mountain Lakes, Warns UN
4/16: United Nations: Israeli Assault Starves Palestinians
4/15: Israelis Blast Church with Invisible Weapon
4/15: Relief, Exhaustion and Joy as Backers Greet Chávez
4/15: Palestinian Captives 'Tortured and Humiliated' at Israeli Army Base
4/15: The Arctic Meltdown: Quick Thaw Alarms Natives and Scientists
4/15: Amnesty Blasts US Over Detainees in Afghanistan and Cuba
4/14: On The Front Lines of a War on Dissent; Bush and friends move to quash criticism of war
4/14: Jenin: The Camp That Became a Slaughterhouse
4/14: U.S. Companies Hired to Train Foreign Armies
4/14: The White House, Activists are Clashing Over Mountaintop Mining
4/14: G8 in Open Disarray Over Kyoto Protocol
4/14: Thousands March in Germany Against Israeli Offensive
4/14: White House Ends Environmental Fellowship
4/13: Groups Urge Countries to Oppose Bush's Nuclear Plans
4/13: Israel Buries the Bodies, But Cannot Hide the Evidence
4/13: Crackdown on Nuclear Protesters Promised; Offenders To Be Hit with Federal Charges
4/13: Venezuelan Slums Seethe at Chavez's Overthrow
4/13: 10 Mainers Leave for Cuba Today, Despite Federal Agency’s Warning
4/13: Alaska Oil Drilling Backers Target Steel-State Democrats
4/12: Poll: Americans Support Cutting Aid to Israel
4/12: Rev. Berrigan Calls U.S. Sites of Terror Symbols of Idolatry
4/12: Refugees Flee Camp With Reports of Israeli Abuses
4/12: World Court to Try War Criminals Beginning July
4/12: Amid Israeli Attack, Tales of Abuse
4/12: Democrat Implies Sept. 11 Administration Plot
4/11: Rumsfeld Wants Nuclear-Armed Missiles For Star Wars
4/11: War Crimes Court Pits United States Against the World
4/11: 16 Members of A Jewish Voice for Peace Arrested at Israeli Consulate
4/11: Jenin: 'My Mother Ran for Help. A Soldier Shot Her in the Head'
4/11: Concerns Mount Over West Bank Death Toll
4/11: U.S. Activists Demand More Funds To Combat AIDS
4/11: Sharon Tells US to Back Off Ahead of Powell Visit
4/11: Environmentalists Had Just 48 Hours to Comment to Energy Dept
4/10: Germany, in Protest, Suspends Arms Sales to Israel
4/10: Palestinians Say Israelis Sow Hatred in the Raids
4/10: UC Police Arrest 79 After Sit-In During Pro-Palestinian Rally
4/10: Playground of War Blessed by an Angel
4/10: New Fund-Raising Units Hard to Track
4/9: Powell's Trip is Called a Way to Buy Time for Sharon Sweep
4/9: Children Scream for Water in the 'City of Bombers'
4/9: Witnesses Tell How Elderly Were Used as Human Shields for Tank Forces
4/9: Middle East: UN Rights Mission Heads to Zone of Conflict
4/9: US Intellectuals Call for European Criticism of US War on Terror
4/9: Veterans Wage Air War Against Land Mines
4/9: Green Campaigners Accuse FBI of Covering Car Bomber's Tracks
4/8: Media Watchdogs Decry Israeli Attacks on Press
4/8: GM Activists Call for Ban to Protect Poor Farmers
4/8: Voices for Peace Find Renewed Purpose
4/8: Breaking a Cultural Taboo, War Widows Join the Anti-War Protest
4/7: Message at Tel Aviv March -- 'We Must Get Out'
4/7: Front Line Life of an Irish Peace Crusader
4/7: Anti-Israeli Protests Spread
4/7: Sharon Says Israel at "Point of No Return" as Fighting Rages On
4/6: Rights Group Accuses Israel Of Torturing Palestinians
4/6: Mary Robinson to Head UN Fact-Finding Mission to Middle East
4/6: Israeli Troops Increase Killings in Defiance of Bush's Call
4/5: Angry at His Predictions of Global Warming, the Bush Administration and the Energy Industry Strive to Unseat a Prominent Scientist
4/5: Connecticut Woman Is Witness To The Torment Of Bethlehem
4/5: Nobel's Regrets on Peres Award
4/5: Bush Mulls "Unsigning" Treaty for International Criminal Court
4/5: Israeli Troops Throw Stun Grenades at Journalists
4/5: Boycott of Israeli Products Gaining in South Africa; Mideast Conflict Hits SA Shop Shelves
4/5: White House Backs Off Demand for Immediate Israel Pullout
4/5: Fear of Wider Conflict as Army Pushes On
4/4: 'He Kept Bleeding': Wounded Die as Israelis Restrict Ambulances in Bethlehem
4/4: Washington Is Criticized for Growing Reluctance to Sign Treaties
4/4: Truce Plan Let Israel Continue Attacks; Furious Palestinians Leak 'One-Sided' US Envoy Draft
4/4: Fees Threaten to Silence Web Radio
4/4: Pope Accuses Israel of Humiliating Palestinians
4/3: Peace Advocates in Arafat Compound Hope to Deter Israeli Troops
4/3: U.S. Pro-Israel Position Criticized
4/3: Threatened, Couple Flee Apartment in Brooklyn
4/3: US Rejects Proposal, Report from UN's Robinson
4/3: Most U.S. Coastal Waters Polluted
4/2: US in the Firing Line at UN-Sponsored Disarmament Conference
4/2: Israel Holds Veteran French Activist Jose Bove
4/2: Peace Activists Vow to Remain with Arafat Until Siege Over
4/2: Bush Stands Back as Israel Tightens Siege
4/2: Sharon Accused of 'Second Holocaust' Against Arabs
4/1: 'We Want Peace Not War': Foreign Peace Marchers Hurt as Israeli Troops Open Fire
4/1: As Sharon Declares War, Peace Groups Struggle
4/1: Thousands Attend Easter Peace Marches Across Germany to Protest U.S. War on Terrorism, Middle East Violence
4/1: US Navy Bombing Resumes on Vieques
4/1: Britons Join 200 in Human Shield



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