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October 2001

10/31: Opposition Says UK's War Aims Unclear
10/31: CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News; Reporters Are Told To Remind Viewers Why U.S. Is Bombing
10/31: Going Backwards: U.S. Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana in California
10/30: US 'Deeply Disappointed' by Venezuelan President Chavez's Speech on War
10/30: UK Poll: Majority Want Bombing Pause
10/30: Dissenters Find Colleges Less Tolerant of Discord Following Attacks
10/30: Whispers of Vietnam Haunt US War on Terror
10/30: Clinton: Globilization Can Win War
10/30: Poll: Americans Starting to Doubt War
10/30: Political Repression Spawns Extremism in Arab World
10/29: U.S. Warns Afghans of Yellow Cluster Bomblets
10/29: Aid Agencies Prepare for 'Anarchy' in Afghanistan
10/29: Growing Scandal Over Red Cross Misuse of September 11 Funds
10/29: Bush Gives Green Light to CIA for Assassination of Named Terrorists
10/29: FTAA (Free Trade in the Americas) Is a Threat, Warns Nobel Laureate
10/29: U.S. Is Taking a Back Seat in Latest Talks on Climate
10/29: Uzbekistan: The Ugly Face of Washington's Ally Against Terror
10/28: On Campus and Off, Antiwar Movements See New Vigor
10/28: Propaganda: U.S. Appears to Be Losing Public Relations War So Far
10/28: 'Collateral Damage': U.S. Bombers Kill Kabul Family, Bus of Refugees
10/28: US Muslim Groups Urge Bush to Halt Air Strikes
10/27: NGOs Urge US to Halt use of Landmines in Afghanistan
10/27: Next in 'War on Terror'?: US Sees Role in Colombia on Terror
10/27: Anthrax: FBI and CIA Suspect Domestic Extremists
10/27: Pay Back: U.S. Is Planning an Aid Package for Pakistan Worth Billions
10/27: Heroes of Ground Zero at Risk from Breathing Toxic Cocktail
10/26: Pentagon Admits Using Cluster Bombs, Runs Into Stiff Criticism
10/26: UN Slams Use of Cluster Bombs as 8 Die
10/26: Messy and Brutal End to Israel's 'Surgical Strike'
10/26: Going Backwards: Anti-Terrorist Bill Passes to Groups' Dismay
10/26: Trying Osama bin Laden: A Trial Too Big for U.S.?
10/26: New Studies Cite Evidence of Global Warming
10/26: Going Backwards: Mining Industry Cheers Bush Plan
10/25: Anthrax Probe Shifts To Homegrown Hate Groups
10/25: War Descends Like a Scythe on Innocent Afghan Village
10/25: Wellstone Voices Concern About Afghan Civilian Casualties
10/25: Official Toll Varies in Trade Center Losses
10/24: Plaintive Afghan's Plea From Community: Stop the Bombing
10/24: U.S. Turns to Madison Avenue for PR War
10/24: UN Says US Bombs Struck Mosque, Village as Civilian Casualties Mount
10/24: Protesters Weigh Action at G8 Summit in June as Security Concerns Loom
10/24: Pentagon To Develop Genetically-Modified 'Super-Anthrax'
10/24: A Harvest of Anger at the US: A remote Pakistani village recoils at American bombing of Afghan 'cousins.'
10/23: Israel Defies Stinging US Demand to Quit Palestinian Land
10/23: Scientists Fear Miracle of Biotech Could Also Breed a Monster
10/23: UN: US Bomb Hit Military Hospital
10/23: Election Reform is Not Likely Soon
10/23: Professors Plead for Academic Freedom
10/22: FBI Considers Torture as Suspects Stay Silent
10/22: Bastion of Dissent Offers Tribute to One of Its Heroes, Congresswoman Barbara Lee
10/22: Media Suppress the News that Bush Lost Election to Gore
10/22: Arab Leader Sees Mideast as Root Cause of Anger
10/22: U.S. Demands Israeli Withdrawal
10/22: Two Sikh Men Attacked Near Seattle
10/21: Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma
10/21: UN Set to Appeal for Halt in the Bombing
10/21: Genial Grandmother Is 'Top Gun' in Environmental Activism
10/21: Nuclear Mystery: Crashed Plane's Target May Have Been Reactor
10/21: Military Rollout Leaves Gays in Old Quandary
10/21: Anthrax Attacks Now Being Linked to US Right-Wing Cranks
10/20: Border Chaos After Refugee Surge; Thousands flee allied bombing of Kandahar
10/20: 'We Blew It' Nike Admits to Mistakes Over Child Labor
10/19: Pentagon Hires Image Firm to Explain Airstrikes to World
10/19: Increased Ecosystem Destruction in the 1990's Caused Unnatural Disasters
10/19: Add Logic to List of Casualties; 'Top Ten' contradictions leave us baffled
10/19: Bombing Aftermath: Health Specialists Fear TB Outbreak
10/19: U.S. Propaganda to Taliban: 'You are Condemned'
10/18: Fleeing Refugees Turn Against US Over Gunships
10/18: Aid Agencies Plead for Pause in Raids
10/18: More Than 100 Environmental Organizations Propose ''Clean Energy Blueprint''; Fight Over Arctic Refuge Intensifies
10/18: Rep. Barbara Lee Faces Challenge From Ex-Green Official Over Courageous Vote
10/17: Bush's Angry Rhetoric Keeps America on Edge
10/17: War Hurting Afghani Children the Most
10/17: US Buys Up All Satellite War Images
10/16: Nobel Laureate Encourages Global Justice Movement: Keep It Up!
10/16: Collateral Damage: U.S. Bombs Hit Red Cross
10/16: Anti-War Rallies in Italy and India Attract Hundreds of Thousands of Supporters
10/16: U.S. Raids Draw Fire for Civilian Casualties
10/15: Week of Bombing Leaves US Further From Peace, But No Nearer to Victory
10/15: US Said to Pledge Not to Expand War
10/15: Boston Protest March: Antiwar Activists Urge US to Atone
10/15: A Week of Air War Leaves Air Power Insiders Bewildered and Depressed
10/14: Conscientious Objectors in Military Want Out
10/14: Stop the War, Plead Parents of NY Victim
10/14: Situation is Ripe for Chaos: Bush Whips Up a Desert Storm
10/13: 20,000 Anti-War Protesters Rally in London
10/13: Campus Free Speech? Debating Terrorism Can Be Costly
10/13: Lawyers Worry About Secrecy Being Used in Roundup
10/12: UN's Robinson Calls for Suspension of Air Strikes
10/12: Two-Thirds in US Fear Escalation into Wider War
10/12: Intended to Unite, Displays of Patriotism Divide Some Schools
10/12: US Puts Squeeze on Israel Amid Fears Over Propaganda Battle
10/11: Pakistan Cricket Hero Imran Says bin Laden is Hooking Bush for Six
10/11: Media Fear Censorship as Bush Requests Caution
10/10: U.N. Head 'Disturbed' by U.S. Statement on Broader Attacks
10/10: Profit Alone Motivates Drug Companies, Say Health Activists
10/9: UN Confirms: 4 Anti-Mining Staffers Killed in US Air Strikes
10/9: U.S. Waging Battle of Words on Two Very Different Fronts
10/9: Bush's Young Maine Neighbors Rally for Peace
10/9: Alarm Over Aid Drop in 'World's Biggest Minefield'
10/9: Tens of Thousands Join Rallies for Peace
10/8: Nobel Peace Prize Winning Doctors Group Calls US Afghanistan Aid 'Military Propaganda'
10/8: Test Shows Presence of Anthrax in Second Florida Man
10/8: Repressive Arab Regimes Breed Discontent and Anger at U.S., Analysts Say
10/8: AID Agencies: US Food Drops 'Virtually Useless'
10/7: American Wrath Unleashed on Afghanistan
10/7: Private Justice: Millions are Losing Their Legal Rights
10/6: U.S. Steps Up Criticism of Sandinistas
10/6: U.N. Terrorism Talks Favor Cooperation Over Retaliation
10/6: US and Britain Accused of Creating Heroin Trail
10/6: No Sympathy for Terrorists, but Warnings About Overreaction
10/5: 'Cruel and Unusual': Georgia Court Blocks Electric Chair Use
10/5: Abandoned Anthrax Dump Site Sitting Unguarded
10/5: Alternative Nobels Honor Israeli Peace Group That Favors Palestinian State
10/4: No Logo  Author Naomi Klein Deplores U.S. Quest for Vengeance
10/4: 'It's Nothing but a Publicity Stunt'; Books Outweigh Food in Convoy to Famine Area
10/4: U.S. Pressures Qatar to Restrain TV Outlet
10/3: School of the Americas: 'Shocked' Judge Acquits Five Protesters Arrested at GOP Convention
10/3: Post-911: Many Search Souls, Try to Add Meaning to Their Lives
10/3: India Demands U.S. Action on Kashmiri 'Jehadist' Group
10/2: Anti-Terror Coalition: Posse with a Price?
10/2: Attacks on US Change Course of Globalization
10/2: A Sense of American Unfairness Erodes Support in Gulf States
10/1: Scientists Appeal: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Must Be Slashed Quickly
10/1: Environmental Issues Will Resurface As Truce Ends
10/1: Mixed and Messy: Anti-War Message Blunted



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