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November 2001

11/30: Mexico's GM Corn Shocks Scientists; Researchers baffled as ancient variety of maize tests positive for modified organisms
11/30: What is the U.S. Response to Quashing of Revolt?
11/30: Going Backwards: US Wins Defeat of Depleted Uranium Study
11/30: Greenpeace Germany Says U.S. Expert Believed Behind Anthrax Attacks
11/29: Radiation Threat: Agency Weighs Buying Drug to Protect Against Radiation-Induced Ailments
11/29: Allies Justify Mass Killing of Taliban Prisoners in Fort
11/29: Historians File Suit to Quash White House Decree on Presidential Records
11/28: Cuba Hails 'Knockout' U.N. Anti-Embargo Vote
11/28: Mexican Study Raises GM Concern
11/28: New Evidence Indicates Palestinians Died Hours After Surviving Camp Massacres
11/28: Injustice Seen as Fertile Soil for Terrorists
11/27: Amnesty Urges Inquiry Into Afghan Killings
11/27: Alliance Accused of Brutality in Capture of Kunduz; Wounded Prisoners Shot and Left to Die
11/27: U.S. Will Use Once-Banned Pesticide Human Tests
11/26: New Push to Pump Oil from Alaska Refuge
11/26: Landmine Risks Touted as U.S. Reviews Stance
11/25: Mexico 'Dirty War' Report Said to Detail Abuses
11/25: Greens Back Deployment in War on Terror, Save German Government Coalition
11/25: Arab-Americans: After Sept. 11, Complaints of Job Bias Mount
11/25: Health Bill Endangers Civil Rights; Bush Pushes Plan to Expand Control in Bioweapon Attack
11/24: Author Gore Vidal Slams U.S. for Waging 'Perpetual War'
11/24: US Criticized for 'Belligerent' Language; Restraint Urged Over Prisoners
11/24: U.N. Finds 'More Misses Than Hits' by U.S. Bombs in Kabul
11/24: Patriotism Slows Inquiries into Intelligence Failures
11/24: German Greens Open Party Congress with Coalition at Stake Over Terror War
11/23: Fear of Bloodbath as Alliance Advances on Kunduz
11/23: Bomb Remnants Increase War's Toll
11/22: New Roadblocks for Travel to Cuba
11/22: Rich Countries Owe 'Eco-Debt' to Poor Ones, Say Activists
11/21: Criticism Over Aid Widens US-UK Rift
11/21: Native Groups Mourn on Thanksgiving Day
11/21: Harvard Figures Show Most of Its Grades are A's or B's
11/21: US Warned on Human Rights over Treatment of Troops
11/20: Paris Speaks Out Against US Stance on Biological Weapons
11/20: RFK's Daughter Questions Police Powers
11/20: High School Speech by Howard Zinn Raises Ire
11/20: Hawks Urge Bush to Extend Military Campaign to Iraq
11/20: America Will Take No Prisoners
11/20: Powell Fails to Spell Out Clear Vision for Peace in Middle East
11/20: Going Backwards: In War, It's Power to the President
11/19: Some Foreign Household Workers Face Enslavement
11/19: Thousands Protest Ga. Army 'School of Assassins'
11/19: Bush Administration Resists World Bank, IMF Plan To Aid Poor Nations
11/19: Carpet Bombing 'Kills 150 Civilians' in Frontline Town
11/18: The World Asks: Are Americans Getting the Full Picture?
11/18: Thousands Call for End to War in London March
11/18: Greens Rise in California
11/18: Aware of New Strength, Vermont Progressives Are Cautious
11/18: Anti-war Protesters Rally at Bush's Maine Estate
11/18: When the Dust Settles in Afghanistan, Where Will Bush Take His War on Terror?
11/18: British Troops 'In Peril' As Net Closes On bin Laden
11/17: Al-Jazeera Accuses US of Bombing Its Kabul Office
11/17: Pressing Greens, German Leader Wins Historic Vote on Sending Troops to Afghanistan
11/16: Small Vote for Universal Care Is Seen as Carrying a Lot of Weight
11/16: U.S. Bombs Strike Mosque as Ramadan Starts
11/16: National Council of Churches Opposes Bombing
11/16: Nuclear Dump Lobbyists: Probe Finds Law Firm Had Dual Roles
11/16: A Catch-22 on Drugs for the World's Poor
11/15: U.S. Policy Towards Taliban Influenced by Oil - Authors
11/15: Feuds Begin Among Southern Warlords
11/15: Across N.Y., Many Doubt Crash Was an Accident
11/15: Plan to Question 5,000 Raises Issue of Racial Profiling
11/15: Kesey's Words Resonate at the End of a Long Trip
11/15: Victorious Alliance Says: We Don't Want Your Peacekeepers
11/14: President Bush's Order on the Trial of Terrorists by Military Commission
11/14: Robert Christian 'Bob' Eckhardt - 1913-2001: Liberal Icon Sought Justice as Editor, Lawyer and Lawmaker
11/14: 'With or Against Us' War Irks Many UN Nations
11/14: Accused Gay Egyptian Men Sentenced to 1-5 Years
11/14: Killing and Plunder as Alliance Claims Its Revenge; Taliban Face Deadly Wrath After Collapse of Kabul Lines
11/14: New Coalition Vows Fight Over Welfare Law
11/13: Going Backwards: Bush Orders Terrorist Trials by Military Tribunal
11/13: Going Backwards: Salvation Army Rescinds Benefits to Gay Partners
11/13: Al-Jazeera Kabul Office Destroyed by US Missile
11/13: Catholic Bishops Seek 'a Just War'; Draft Proposal Urges U.S. Bombing Limits, Policy Shifts
11/13: 'McCarthyism': Rightwingers Target Voices of Dissent
11/13: U.N. Fears for Civilians as Afghan Cities Fall
11/13: Hundreds of Pakistanis Believed Massacred; Northern Alliance Shoots Troops Taliban Left Behind
11/12: Northern Alliance Defies US, UK; Opposition Forces Enter Kabul as Taliban Withdraw
11/12: More Than Half of World’s Freshwater Lakes at Risk
11/12: World Trade Conference Hosts 'Secret Policeman's Ball'
11/12: Israel Uses Torture in Defiance of Court Ban, Report Says
11/12: Showdown Looms as Nuke Train Approaches German Dump
11/12: German Anti-Nuke Activists Protest Waste Convoy from France
11/11: Two Months On, The New Battles at Ground Zero
11/11: Lobbyists Shaping Stimulus Bill; Special Interests Scramble for Tax Breaks, Other Windfalls
11/11: Red Cross Collected Unneeded Blood; Resources Lacking To Freeze Surplus
11/11: Going Backwards: U.S. Reports Sharp Rise in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/11: UN Told Poverty Breeding Ground for Terrorism
11/10: 'Done in by a bum liver'; Novelist, 60s Icon Ken Kesey Dead at 66
11/10: Chelsea Clinton Joins Anti-War Hecklers at Rally
11/10: U.S. Isolated as World Moves on Climate Treaty
11/10: Thai Farmers Fight for their Rice Outside US Embassy
11/10: Osama Claims He Has Nukes: If US Uses N-arms It Will Get Same Response
11/9: Terror Attacks Reveal U.S. Flaws in Resource Use, Ecologist Says
11/9: U.S. to Boycott U.N. Meeting on Nuclear Test Ban
11/9: Going Backwards: Strong Calls for Widening War Come From Democratic Front
11/9: Opponents of War Are Scarce on Television
11/9: Splits Open in UK-US Alliance
11/9: Afghan Activist Decries U.S. Bombing; Woman Presents Sober Lessons on Impact of War
11/8: Government Proposes to Eavesdrop on Phone Calls Between Lawyers and Clients in Terrorist Probe
11/8: Pakistani President Musharraf: Allies Losing Image War
11/8: UN Fears 'Disaster' Over Strikes Near Huge Dam
11/8: U.S. Push for Cheap Cipro Haunts AIDS Drug Dispute
11/8: Blair Appeals to Bush: Don't Bomb Iraq
11/8: Germany's Foreign Minister Threatens to Quit Unless Greens Support Use of Troops
11/8: Colombia's FARC Deny 'Terrorist' Label Imposed by US
11/8: Going Backwards: Court Overturns Jury Award in '89 Exxon Valdez Spill
11/7: War Support Ebbs Worldwide; Sept. 11 Doesn't Justify Bombing, Many Say
11/7: Former UN Man Denis Halliday Warns of Afghan 'Catastrophe'
11/7: Time Runs Out for the Humanitarian Effort; Aid prospects bleak as snow begins and agency staff are attacked
11/7: Anti-Terrorism Gives Cover to New Abuses - U.N. Official
11/7: Corporations Charged with Plundering Patriotism
11/7: Universal Health-Care Initiative Passes in Maine; Insurance Industry Outspent Proponents 25-1
11/6: Anti-Global Activists Seek Direction
11/6: FEC Staff Recommends Party Status for Green Party of the US
11/6: Going Backwards: Federal Government Saves Private Prisons As State Convict Population Levels Off
11/6: Revealed: How Bungled US Raid Came Close to Disaster
11/6: Report Finds 'Weakness' In Nuclear Controls; 'Substantial Amounts' of Plutonium, Uranium Not Accounted For
11/6: World's Largest Non-Nuclear Weapon: U.S. Dropping Huge Bomb on Taliban
11/6: Going Forward: UN's FAO Votes for Broad Limits on Crop Patents
11/5: Exxon Oil Spill's Cleanup Crews Share Years of Illness
11/5: Support for U.S. Feared Waning; Anger grows in region, Pakistani politician warns
11/5: Rights Groups Find Atmosphere Difficult; Security US focus, not civil liberties
11/5: Bombing Alters Afghans' Views of US
11/4: Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools Seen Vulnerable to Attack
11/4: Insurers Attack Universal Health Care Plan in Maine
11/4: Secret CIA Site in New York Was Destroyed on Sept. 11
11/4: More and More, War Is Viewed as America's
11/4: Going Backwards: Tragic Failure in Fight against Hunger, Says FAO
11/3: Bombing of Farming Village Undermines U.S. Credibility
11/3: UN Shuts Lid on Sunken Treasure Chests: New Convention Aims to Outlaw the Pillage of Ancient Shipwrecks and Drowned Civilizations
11/3: Voices of War Dissent Grow Louder as Starvation Stalks Afghanistan
11/2: War in Afghanistan Evokes War Memories in Indochina
11/2: Activists Keep Hopeful Eye on Climate Talks
11/2: Anti-Nuclear Pakistanis Persevere; Ban-the-Bomb Activists are Few in the Weaponry-Proud Country, But They Remain Stout of Heart
11/2: Nuclear Industry Responds to Terror 'Wake-up Call'
11/2: 'Disaster for History': Critics Blast Bush Order on Presidential Papers
11/1: Feingold's Stances Earn Him Respect; Constituents Favor His Vote Against 'USA Patriot Act' by 2-1
11/1: More Christian Leaders Voice Concern Over Israeli Actions
11/1: US Bombs Knock Out Dam, 'Imperil Thousands', in Heaviest Raids Yet
11/1: Nuclear Plot Suspects Freed After Mix-Up



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