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May 2001

5/31: AIDS Drugs: U.S. vs. the World
5/31: Smog Cuts a Global Swath
5/31: Ari & I White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Thursday, May 31, 2001 12:00 Noon
5/30: Amnesty International Savages US Over Human Rights Record
5/30: Left Becomes Target at Colombian Universities
5/30: Israel Defies U.S. With Settlement Expansion Plans
5/29: Sweden Pushes Its Ban on Children's Ads; Broad Campaign is Waged in EU on TV Commercials
5/29: World Bank To Fund ‘Risky’ Project Involving Shell Oil in Nigeria
5/29: NATO Won't Back Bush's Star Wars Plan
5/29: Medal of Honor Recipient Now Leads A Life of Civil Disobedience
5/29: Britain's Beloved Welfare State ; Conservative Party Backs Policies Considered Liberal in U.S.
5/28: Poll Shows More Than Half of Americans Doubt Bush's Trustworthiness
5/28: New Approach to Colombia Urged;Canada Should Distance Itself From U.S. Militaristic Strategy, Conference Told
5/28: Japan's Nuclear Industry in Shock After 'No!' Vote
5/27: Florida's Felon Purge Sacrificed Innocent Voters
5/27: UN Bid to Save Child Soldiers Criticized
5/26: Biggest US Power Firm Vetted Bush Energy Regulators
5/26: Smithsonian Group Criticizes Official on Donor Contract
5/26: Worldwide Spying Network is Revealed; MEPs confirm eavesdropping by Echelon electronic network
5/25: SOA Protests: 88-Year Old Nun Rejects Lenient Sentence For Equal Treatment
5/25: McGreed Refuses to Help Raped Employee
5/25: Plan Colombia: U.S.-Trained and Ready for Combat
5/24: Security Guards Claim Rightwing Congressman Bob Barr Yelled Racial Slurs
5/24: Seattle Deputy Fired for WTO Acts is Reinstated; Pepper-spraying of 2 in car appropriate, arbitrator rules
5/24: Judge Sentences School of the Americas Protesters to 6-Months in Prison; 88-Year Old Catholic Nun Among Those Imprisoned
5/24: Efforts to Ban Human Cloning May Not Hold Up, Legal Scholars Warn
5/23: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Wednesday, May 23, 2001 1:30 PM
5/23: Scientists Doubt 'Carbon Sinks' Will Have Much Impact on Slowing Global Warming
5/23: Proud Protesters: Judge to rule today on School of Americas challengers' charges
5/23: Bush Tax Cuts Widen US Income Gap
5/23: Going Backwards: Nuclear Power Convention Applauds Cheney, Energy Program
5/22: Summit of the Americas: Activist Groups Demand Quebec City Inquiry
5/22: Bush's Dirty War: Colombia's peasant farmers are being driven off their land. And we are helping.
5/22: First Battle Begins Over Drilling Policy; Bush Administration OKs Billionaire's Montana Oil Well
5/22: Cheney's Fund-Raising Event Is Criticized
5/21: Outsourcing War: $4.3M Report to Colombia Questioned
5/21: Last Chance to Save Great Apes from Extinction; Conservationists Launch Desperate Effort to Stop Humanity Killing Closest Relatives
5/21: UN's Kofi Annan Criticizes Bush on Global Warming
5/21: Allies Alarmed as US Opposes Biological Weapons Inspection
5/20: SOA Protests: Elderly Iowa Protester Prepares for Prison
5/20: GW Bush's America: O’Neill Lays Out Radical Vision for Tax
5/20: Going Backwards: Corporate Income Tax In O'Neill's Sights
5/20: For Hindus and Vegetarians, Surprise in McDonald's Fries
5/20: Going Forward: The 'Dirty Dozen' UN Treaty To Be Signed in Stockholm This Week
5/19: Map Maker Fired Over Arctic Chart a Cult Hero
5/19: Going Backwards: Production in Mind, U.S. Reconsiders Enforcement of Pollution Laws
5/19: Native Peoples Pay the Price of a Poisoned Arctic; Industrial Pollutants are Entering the Food Chain
5/18: No Truth in Clinton White House Vandal Scandal, GSA Reports
5/18: California's PUC Chief Alleges Plot to Raise Prices
5/18: 'Private Contractors': Role of U.S. Companies in Colombia Is Questioned
5/18: Global Reaction: Environmentalists Blast U.S. Energy Plans
5/17: There's power in here... and we don't have to drill for it. New Turbine Can Extract Energy from Flowing Water
5/17: Protesters Gather to Greet Bush in St. Paul
5/17: Bioengineered Corn Shows Up In Far Higher Numbers Than Previously Reported
5/17: Wellstone Calls on Bush to Force an End to Oil Industry 'Price Gouging'
5/17: Going Backwards: US Drug War 'Aids Colombian Paramilitaries'
5/16: Dept of Interior's Second-in-Command: Symbolic of Corporate Takeover
5/16: Labor-Rights Group: Nike, Knight Not Living Up to 1998 Promises
5/16: Massachusetts Legislation Would Label Jail Cells 'Affordable Housing'
5/16: Pacifica Radio Airs Its Troubles At Hill Forum
5/16: Taking Action: All-Out Attack on Bush Energy Plan Is Readied
5/15: Nicaraguan Court Eyes Billion-Dollar Damages Figure in Suit Against US Firms
5/15: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer May 15, 2001 1:30 P.M
5/15: 5 Palestinian Police Shot Dead By Israelis While Cooking Supper of Tomatoes and Peppers
5/15: Taking Action Against Boston's 'Open Space'; Artists Carpet Sidewalk with Grass in Protest
5/15: NATO's Bombing Unleashed Deadly Chemicals on City of 80,000
5/14: Going Backwards: Supreme Court Says No Medical Marijuana Necessity
5/14: Trade Restrictions Cost World's Poor 2.5 Billion Dollars Each Year
5/13: Private, For-Profit Charter Schools Industry Flunking
5/13: Save the Whales? Not if Japan's Bribes Pay Off
5/12: AIDS Activists Call U.S. Contribution to New Fund 'Shamefully Insufficient'
5/12: GW Bush's America: Corporate Lobbyists In Control: Bush Picks Industry Insiders to Fill Environmental Posts
5/11: U.S. Allies In Drug War In Disgrace;"The U.S. was our partner in every respect"
5/11: Economic Espionage: EU Investigators 'Snubbed' by the US
5/11: Official Salvadoran Report Says Its Factories Are Brutal; Sweatshops make clothes for U.S. retailers
5/10: World Faces New Nuclear Disaster as Experts Quit
5/10: Going Backwards: Bush Administration Abandons Deadline for 80 mpg 'Supercars'
5/9: U.S. Emergency Health Safety Net Unraveling
5/9: Ex-U.N. Leader Decries Iraqi Sanctions
5/9: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer May 9, 2001 12:30 P.M.
5/9: Going Backwards: U.S. to Militarize Space
5/9: Defending Indigenous Cultures against Globalization
5/9: Nuclear Comeback? Chernobyl Raised Mutations 600%
5/9: To Cheers, Harvard Wage Sit-In Ends
5/8: Jaggi Singh freed after 17 days in jail
5/8: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer May 8, 2001 12:30 PM
5/8: Evolution Is In Our Hands, Say Scientists; Biologists warned to focus on the future, not the riddles of the past
5/8: Poor Countries - the North's Radioactive Dump
5/7: What is the U.S. thinking? Cold War Stalks Bush's U.N. Pick
5/7: Going Backwards: Bush Plans to Slash Spending on Nuclear Safety Aid to Russia
5/6: Bid for Cheap Foods Triggers Global Protest
5/6: Free Market Fails: Shortages of Drugs Threaten Patients
5/6: U.S. Accused of Diluting a Global Pact to Limit Use of Tobacco
5/6: U.S. Scientists See Big Power Savings From Conservation
5/6: Israel Death Squad Defies Call for Truce
5/5: U.S. Green Berets Train Colombians
5/5: Forest Plan Greeted with Skepticism; Critics claim Bush's roadless scheme deceptive
5/5: America Braced for 'Brutalization Effect' as McVeigh Waits to Die
5/5: So It Goes for Vonnegut: At Smith, 78-year-old author still shaking up the Establishment
5/4: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer May 4, 2001, 12:45 p.m.
5/4: Cuba Giving 8 Americans Free Medical Education
5/4: McDonald's Confirms Its French Fries Are Made With Beef Extract
5/4: U.S. Loses Seat on U.N. Rights Body; Defeat Laid to Irritation At White House Policies
5/3: Quebec City Protest Organizer Jaggi Singh Faces New Charges
5/3: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer May 3, 2001, 12:30 p.m.
5/3: The Troublemaking Berrigan Brothers: Keeping Alive the Spirit of Vietnam War Protest
5/3: A Life of Its Own: Harvard sit-in, now in Day 16, goes far beyond protesters' expectations
5/2: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer May 2, 2001, 2:00 p.m.
5/2: Democratic Leadership Team Cuts Off Appropriations; Massachusetts Clean Elections Dealt Blow
5/2: Scientists Fear Biotech Will Contaminate Human Food Supply
5/2: Going Backwards: Cheney Promises Big US Nuclear Power Expansion
5/1: Supreme Court Rejects Nader Debates Suit
5/1: Harvard Living Wage Campaign Sit-In: AFL-CIO Chief Joins Protest at Harvard
5/1: Vieques Bombing Protests: Chicago Congressman Still in Custody Three Days After Arrest
5/1: Free-Market Under Fire as Hundreds of Thousands Europeans Take to Streets
5/1: Going Backwards: Bush Appoints Moral Crusader to Fight 'War on Drugs'



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