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March 2001


3/31: Global Warming? US Economy Comes First, Says Bush
3/31: Privatized Disaster: California is No Plug for Private Power
3/31: Silence of the Fans in Insane Power Struggle
3/30: Germany's Greens Disappoint the Anti-Nuclear Movement
3/30: Major Victory for Biotech Giant Monsanto; Farmer Liable For Growing Biotech Crops
3/30: Going Backwards: Workplace Harassment of Gays Isn't Illegal, Judges say
3/29: Zapatistas, Minus Marcos, Have Their Day in Parliament
3/29: Europe Reacts With Disgust To Bush's 'Scandalous' Repudiation of Kyoto Treaty
3/28: Thousands of Protesters Force Back German Nuclear Waste Train
3/28: Cold War Reborn: Russia Assails U.S. as Tensions Grow
3/27: Protests Halt German Atom Waste Train
3/27: Killer with IQ of 60 Prompts Review of US Death Penalty
3/27: US Supreme Court Clears Way for Relatives to Sue Shell over Saro-Wiwa's Death
3/27: German Atom Waste Train Rolls Towards Showdown with Activists
3/26: Confrontation Builds in Germany as Nuclear Waste Convoy Rolls
3/26: Critics Decry Oil Investors' Link to Sudan War; Villages attacked to secure supply
3/26: After 'Silent Spring,' Chemical Industry Put Spin on All It Brewed
3/25: 300 Tractors Protest Against Nuclear Shipments in Germany
3/25: Bush's U.N. Pick Faces Battle Over Contra Role
3/25: George Bush's America: America Turns the Clock Back to Cold War
3/25: With Bush, Happy Days Here Again for Corporate Lobbyists
3/24: Energy Crisis? What Energy Crisis?
3/24: Europe Pleads with Bush to Show 'Political Courage' on Global Warming
3/24: Farmers Joining Efforts Against Bioengineered Crops
3/23: Polluted Water Sets Stage for Future Wars
3/23: Nato Pays Price for Letting Extremists Off the Hook
3/22: Cheney: Nuclear Power Will Solve Global Warming
3/22: Texas Fight Takes on Race and Death Penalty
3/21: Eco-Nightmare: World's Largest Oil Rig Sinks
3/20: Frustrated Zapatistas Head Back to Jungle
3/19: Lori Berenson: Second Trial of New Yorker Jailed in Peru to Begin
3/19: European Union Sends Strong Warning to Bush Over Greenhouse Gas Emisssions
3/18: Massive New Top Secret Spy-Satellite Program to Cost up to $25 Billion
3/18: Biotech Grain Is in 430 Million Bushels of Corn, Firm Says
3/17: Global Forum: Riot Police Crush Anti-Globalization Protests in Italy
3/17: Global McDomination: Burger Chain Brings McMarketing to Hotels
3/17: Bush Proposes Suspending Forest Ban
3/16: 36 'Democratic' Senators Vote For Credit Card/Banking Industry's Bankruptcy 'Reform'
3/16: Going Backwards: Bush's Reversal Could Affect Global Warming Agreement
3/16: NGOs Criticise Lack of Women Nominees to War Crimes Tribunal
3/15: Going Backwards: Bush: National Monuments Have Oil-Drilling Potential
3/15: French Activist Jose Bove Gets Suspended Jail Term, Vows To Fight On
3/15: In Senate Debate on Drugs, 'Traffic' Moves Minds ; Movie Helps Build Support for Greater Emphasis on Treatment and Prevention
3/15: Report: Oil Companies Complicit in Mass Displacements, Killing of Thousands
3/14: Going Backwards: How Bill in Senate Would Add Hurdles to Erasing of Debt
3/14: Going Backwards: Bush U-Turn Angers Environmentalists
3/13: Harvard Students Rip New President Lawrence Summers on Toxic Waste Memo
3/13: AIDS Activists March Against Pharmaceutical Companies
3/13: It's Pay Back Time: Lobbying Campaign Led by Credit Card Companies and Banks Nears Bankruptcy Bill Goal
3/13: Campus Revolt Challenges Yale Over $40 Million Aids Drug Deal
3/12: Hundreds of Thousands Cheer Mexico's Peace Caravan; Rebellious Road Show Reaches Its Destination
3/12: George Bush's America: Colin Powell Losing Policy Battles to Hardliners
3/11: Soaring Electric Use More Fiction Than Fact; Power Companies Manipulate Data to Excuse Their Towering Rates
3/11: Going Backwards: Early Wins Embolden Lobbyists for Business; Groups to Push Much Broader Agenda
3/10: Under-Votes Could Have Meant Victory for Gore
3/10: Public Financing To Bring A Revolution in the Race for Maine's Next Governor?
3/10: Germany's Green Party Divided Over US Bombing of Iraq
3/9: Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Memo Enlists Lobbyists to Trade White Collars for Hard Hats at GOP Tax Cut Rally
3/9: Miami Teacher Fired Over Remarks on a Pro-Palestinian Website
3/9: U.S. Plans to Boycott UN Racism Conference
3/8: Taking Action: Landmine Opponents Turn Up the Heat in Washington
3/8: Going Backwards: U.S. Will Buy Back Genetically-Altered Corn Seed
3/8: New Peace Prize to Honor Women
3/7: US Test Failings Make Weapons 'Unreliable': Pentagon Report Lambasts Missile Shield Evaluation
3/7: UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Calls for a Global Campaign to Prevent Child Marriages
3/6: 'Gouging Democracy': Report Accuses TV Stations of Raising Prices of Political Ads
3/6: New Report: Mix of Policies and Technologies Can Cut Greenhouse Emissions
3/5: The Carlyle Group: Elder Bush in Big G.O.P. Cast Toiling for Top Equity Firm
3/5: George Bush's America: New Milestone for US Executioners
3/5: McCain-Feingold: Democrats Have Fresh Doubts on 'Soft Money' Ban
3/4: An Unrepentant Nader Sticks to His Plan
3/4: Idols Are Reduced to Rubble; Despite Western pleas, the Taliban have deliberately destroyed two ancient statues of Buddha
3/3: Albright Warns of Bush's Choice Policy; She says restricting funds will lead to more deaths
3/3: Rich Countries, Oil Firms Blasted on Renewable Energies Policy
3/2: Foot and Mouth Disease: Ireland Calls Off St. Patrick's Day Celebrations
3/2: 'Active Denial System': Pentagon Unveils Plans for a New Crowd-Dispersal Weapon
3/1: Afghan Taliban Begin Destruction of Ancient Buddha Statues
3/1: Foot-and-Mouth Crisis Points Finger at Modern Agriculture Industry
3/1: New Report Criticises US Health Care 'Maze'
3/1: Genetically-Engineered Corn Turns Up in US Seed



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