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June 2001

6/30: The Last Frontier: Space is Key to Bush Defense Plan
6/30: Global Warming: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Jump 2.7% in the U.S.
6/29: Global Warming: Red Cross: Disasters Will Outstrip Aid Effort as World Heats Up
6/29: US House Backs Measure to Label Chocolate as Slave-Free
6/28: US Under Fire as Countries Stake Out Position at Climate Talks
6/28: US-Islamic Alliance Waters Down UN AIDS Commitment
6/28: Going Backwards: Bush Hints Nuclear Test Moratorium May End
6/27: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Wednesday, June 27, 2001
6/27: 'Too Little, Too Late': Global AIDS Fund Falls Far Short of Target
6/27: Flag Protest Aims to Get U.S. Thinking
6/27: Report Finds Deep Flaws in Wetlands Program
6/27: Thomas Book Author Says He Lied in His Attacks on Anita Hill
6/26: Global Warming: Kyoto Treaty Rescue Effort Runs Into Money Problems
6/26: Corporate Donors' Influence Spilling into UC Classrooms
6/26: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Tuesday, June 26, 2001
6/25: Islamic Maneuver On Gay & Lesbians Plunges UN Conference on AIDS Into Disarray
6/25: Police Accused of Starting Fight to Smash World Bank Protest
6/25: Study Flags Radioactive Threat
6/24: US Professor Under Police Protection After Accusing Sharon of War Crimes
6/24: Sibling Nuns Will Go to Prison for Protesting at U.S. Military School
6/23: Missile Fragments Collected in Iraq
6/23: BIO2001: Police Buy Pepperball Guns for Protest
6/23: Plan Colombia: Verdicts Deliver Lesson to Students About Activism
6/23: Going Backwards: Housing for the Poor in U.S. Faces Crisis
6/23: The Ethics of Genetics: Battle for Control of World's Crop Genes Underway in Rome
6/22: Poll Says More Americans See Gap Between Haves, Have-Nots
6/22: US Doctors Weigh in Against Antibiotics in Animal Feed
6/21: Global Warming: Deep-Sea Current Faltering in Atlantic
6/21: WTO Meets; US Defends Drug Companies
6/20: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Wednesday, June 20, 2001
6/20: French Anti-Globalization Activist Jose Bove Arrested in West Bank Protest
6/20: Lobbyist for National Mining Association: Nominee for No. 2 Spot at Interior Stirs Opposition
6/20: Cyber War Declared on World Bank
6/20: World Refugee Day: US Isn't Taking in All Refugees Law Allows
6/19: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Tuesday, June 19, 2001
6/19: Atrocity Survivors Ask Belgian Court to Indict Ariel Sharon
6/19: A Transcript: 'The Accused'; Aired June 17, 2001 on the BBC's Panorama
6/19: Going Backwards: World Losing Its Languages At a Fast Clip
6/19: Putin Says Russia Would Counter U.S. Shield
6/18: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Monday, June 18, 2001
6/18: Navy's Latest Ocean Surveillance System Could Be Lethal to Whales
6/18: Smoggiest Summer Ever? Haze Hangs Over US
6/17: Report: Bush Stunned by U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Size
6/17: Ex-U.N. Officials Attack U.S.-British Plan on Iraq
6/17: How Global Battle Against Drugs Risks Backfiring; The international war on narcotics is going awry
6/17: MI6 'Firm' Spied on Green Groups
6/16: Study Finds Most U.S. Doctors Favor Unionization
6/16: Naomi Klein: Global Crusader; Anti-corporate No Logo author grew up in Montreal, a typical teen mall-rat
6/15: Fewer Signs of Support for Genetically Altered Crops
6/15: Royal Row Over Support for GM Foods
6/15: Leaked Oil Industry Memo Suggests Bid to Curb Refinery Output
6/15: Americans Blamed in Colombia Attack
6/14: Street Clashes Greet the 'Toxic Texan'
6/14: 'Abortion Ship' Due in Ireland Friday, To Fury of Pro-Lifers
6/14: Corporate Codes of Conduct Deemed Insufficient
6/14: Protesters Converge on Swedish City
6/13: Protesters Try to Block Bush Motorcade
6/13: Energy Execs Gain Millions in Stock Sales
6/12: Warming Threat Requires Action Now, Scientists Say
6/12: Bush Renames Spanish PM
6/11: McVeigh Execution Unleashes Condemnation Abroad
6/11: Jail McVeigh for Life, Victim's Husband Says; Execution Cheapens Value of Life, Former Marine Says
6/10: As Biotech Crops Multiply, Consumers Get Little Choice
6/10: Bush Given Idiot's Guide to Europe
6/9: An Execution Backlash in an Unlikely Place: Oklahoma City
6/9: Bush Flies Into a Firestorm; President's team fears showdown in Europe this week over global warming and defense
6/8: New Study: US Will Greatly Overshoot Greenhouse-Gas Goals
6/8: "Yankees get out of Colombia and the rest of the world"; Colombia Hit by Huge Protests
6/8: It's True Mr President, The World's Hotting Up; Warnings from his own scientific advisers add to Bush's isolation on global warming
6/7: Going Backwards: Japanese in Move for Full-Scale Whale Hunting
6/7: 'Global Gag Rule' Faces Legal Challenge
6/6: Palestinians Not Sending Campers to U.S.-Based Peace Camp
6/6: Widespread Sexual Harassment Found in U.S. Schools
6/6: White House Revives Iran-Contra Memories; US diplomat urges action to block Ortega in Nicaragua
6/6: Snatched Indian-Rights Activist's Safety in Doubt
6/6: Los Angeles Power Customers Awash in Cheap Energy
6/5: Congressman Accuses Navy of 'Dehumanizing, Degrading and Punitive Treatment' of Vieques Protesters
6/5: Ollie North's Iran-Contra Gun Runners Now Work 'Plan Colombia'
6/5: New Poll: 56% of Americans Favor Limits on Electricity Prices
6/5: Habitat Releases Pioneering Reports on the World's Cities
6/5: Students Punished at Harvard Law for Participating in Living Wage Sit-In
6/4: Anti-SUV Query: "What Would Jesus Drive?"A Boston-area protest questioning the ethics of gas-guzzlers had unusual sponsors: clergy
6/4: Going Backwards: Army Corps Seeks to Relax Wetlands Rules
6/4: Book Traces Justices' Stance Toward Gays
6/4: UN Chief Endorses Generic Drugs for Global AIDS Fund
6/3: Sharon's Hawks Plan for War
6/3: Toxic Chemicals Killing Great Barrier Reef
6/3: Big Oil and an Activist's Death; Family sues to probe role played by Shell in Nigerian's execution
6/3: Going Backwards: Cutting a Deal on the Environment; Activists accused of favoring cash over mission
6/2: A Plane is Shot Down and the US Proxy War on Drugs Unravels
6/2: Women Profit Less Than Men in the Nonprofit World, Too
6/1: Bush, Cheney Have Millions in Assets
6/1: Going Backwards: Defense Execs Get Top Pentagon Posts
6/1: Young Liberal Law Group Is Expanding
6/1: The Rich Pay To Get to Front of the Line for Organ Transplants
6/1: The Rich Pay To Get to Front of the Line for US Visas



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