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July 2001

7/31: Surprising Result in Welfare-to-Work Studies
7/31: Strike on Iraq Would Be Suicidal for US Interests in Mideast: Gulf Paper
7/31: Police Gunman Shouted 'I'm Going to Kill You:'G8 Protester
7/31: Chile Court OKs Kissinger Queries in 'Missing' Case
7/30: Iraq Says It Can Defeat Any New U.S. Attack
7/30: Bush Doctrine: We're #1 and Don't Have To Play By Global Rules
7/29: The Horrific Torture of Genoa Protesters; 'You could sense the venom and hatred'
7/29: FBI Traitor Hanssen Spied on US Activists for Reagan/Bush
7/29: Riots Cloud Message, Globalization Foes Say
7/28: Britons Among 18 Protesters Still Missing in Genoa
7/28: Star Wars Test Missile Was Guided by Beacon
7/28: EPA Rejects Biotech Corn as Human Food
7/28: Official History Describes U.S. Policy in Indonesia in the 60's
7/28: Law Firm Lobbied for Nuclear Industry While Advising Government
7/28: Bogota Judge Suspends Fumigation of Coca Fields in Southern Colombia
7/27: Japan Winning Battle to End Whaling Ban, Campaigners Warn
7/27: British Protesters Claim Genoa Police Took Brutal Revenge for Summit Riots
7/27: M.I.T. Physicist Says Pentagon Is Trying to Silence Him
7/27: U.S. Warns It May Skip Conference On Racism
7/26: Going Backwards: Green Power a Victim of Quick Fix in California Energy Crisis
7/26: Germ Warfare Treaty Founders; Washington alone rejects agreement on inspections to enforce 1972 treaty
7/26: UN Exerts Pressure to Save Anti-Racism Conference
7/25: Weapons-Grade Uranium Seized
7/25: Conservation Bill Benefits Coal Industry, Critics Say
7/25: Loggers Try to Demonize Environmental Groups as 'Terrorists'
7/24: Tens of Thousands Across Italy Protest Police at G8
7/24: US Mounts Procedural Challenge to Bonn Climate Deal
7/24: Germ Warfare Talks Open in London; U.S. Is the Pariah
7/24: World Deal on Climate Isolates US
7/23: Activists Hail Climate Accord as "First Step" But Rue Concessions
7/23: Global Accord on Small Arms Trade Sabotaged by US
7/22: Oregon Democratic Party Backs US Supreme Court Impeachment
7/22: Bush to Raise 'Private Army' in Drugs War
7/21: Police in Brutal Raid on G8 Protesters' Press Center
7/21: Death of Anti-Globalization "Martyr" Stirs Controversy
7/21: Kyoto Protocol: Climate Talks Face "Moment of Truth"
7/21: Israeli Call-Up Raises New War Fears
7/20: Study Sees Earth's Temperature Soaring by 2100
7/20: Colombia Drug Policy Questioned; Groundswell Against Plan Colombia Comes as the U.S. Congress Debates New Aid for Colombia
7/20: Coca-Cola To Be Sued for Bottlers' Abuses
7/19: Bread and Roses Founder Singer-Activist Mimi Farina Dead at 56
7/19: Selling Out Our Common Treasures: Smithsonian Museum Close to Naming a Hall for General Motors
7/18: Genoa on Minds of Protesters
7/18: 88-Year-Old Nun Begins Prison Term
7/17: Lawsuit Alleges Oklahoma May Have Killed Wrong Man
7/17: New Study: The United States is the Primary Supplier of Post-Cold War Surplus Weapons
7/17: Going Backwards: Pentagon Revives Reagan-Era Star Wars Proposal
7/17: Bush Condemns Anti-Globalization Protesters
7/17: Colombian Governors Demand Halt to Coca Fumigations
7/17: Going Backwards: Bush to Delay Plan for Clean Waterways
7/16: Nuclear Employee 'Borrows' Tube of Plutonium
7/16: Going Backwards: Democrats Accuse Bush of Being Soft on Defense
7/16: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Monday, July 16, 2001
7/16: Smog Feared in Bush's Power Buildup
7/16: Successful US 'Star Wars' Test Provokes Anger Around World
7/15: Going Backwards: Bush Cuts 'Green' Aid to Third World
7/15: Greenpeace Demonstrators 'Delayed' Missile Test
7/14: Jeb Bush's Recount Role Examined; Though he 'recused' himself, Gov. Bush and his staff made calls
7/14: U.S. Opposes Plan for Financing of Clean Energy Over Fossil Fuel
7/13: Colombian Nobel Laureate Rips US Drug Policy
7/13: Peruvian Farmers Battle Canadian Mining Giant Over Future of Their Lands
7/13: Nader Aims to Muster Populists
7/13: Global Warming: Fear Growing Over a Sharp, Sudden Climate Shift
7/13: US Defies Global Fury Over Missile Shield
7/12: Troops, Ships, Minesweepers for G8
7/12: Study: 300,000 Children Worldwide Used in Armed Conflicts
7/12: Documents Show U.S. Expects to Violate ABM in Months
7/11: Global Warming Much Worse Than Predicted, Say Scientists
7/11: Going Backwards: Justice Department Reverses Gun Rights Position
7/11: Missiles to Protect G-8 Summit Leaders
7/11: Global Warming: EU Accuses US of Kyoto Foul Play
7/11: Global Warming: Warmer World Will Starve Many, Report Says
7/11: An Ever-Developing Anti-Globalization Movement Prepares for Genoa Summit
7/10: D.C. Braces For IMF Protests This Fall
7/10: Small Arms Trade: Biggest Sellers 'Damage' UN Effort
7/10: Politics, Profits Increasing Risks of Biotech Foods
7/9: UN Cautions Africa on Genetically Modified Crops
7/9: Free Trade Critics Invoke Canadian Town's Poisoned Wells
7/9: Illegal Small Weapons Pose Global Threat
7/9: New Fears for US Food Safety
7/9: Bush Triggers Fresh Arms Trade Row
7/8: US Electorate 'Moving Steadily to the Left'; As Nation Changes, Parties Are Warned They Need New Tactics to Woo Voters
7/8: CIA Cash Funded Drugs Trade
7/8: Kudzu-like Expansion of Wal-Mart Transforms Rural Life, Landscape
7/8: Front-Row Exposure to Global Warming; Engineers say Alaskan village could be lost as sea encroaches
7/7: Alarm as Bush Plans Health Coverage for Unborn
7/7: White House Wants to Bury Pact Banning Tests of Nuclear Arms
7/6: 'Slow Food' Movement Defends Culinary Diversity
7/6: Chileans Call on Kissinger for Answers About Killing; Judge reopens case of US writer murdered during Pinochet coup
7/6: Europe Sees the Heavy Hand of U.S. Over Climate Treaty
7/5: Laws Skirted Using NAFTA; Clause Lets Firms Sidestep Labor, Environment Rules
7/5: Plan Colombia: Anti-Coca Fumigation Takes Toll in Border Area
7/5: Pentagon Reveals Next Superweapon: The Stinkbomb
7/4: Medical Supplies for Cuba Seized at Maine Border
7/4: Texans Cool to Idea of Becoming Bomb Target; State could replace Vieques, Puerto Rico range
7/4: Norman Lear's Declaration of Independence: Historic Document, Hollywood Hit Road to Promote Activism
7/3: Plan To Burn Chemical Weapons Worries Alabamians
7/3: Greenpeace Activists Invade British 'Star Wars' Base
7/2: Going Backwards: Time Runs Out for Welfare Families
7/2: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer Monday, July 2, 2001
7/2: Bush To Push Congress To Grant Him Special WTO Negotiating Powers
7/1: 'Media Consumer Fraud': Fox News Channel Said Unbalanced
7/1: Anti-Globalization Protesters Rally at Economic Summit in Salzburg
7/1: Biotech Soybeans Plant Seed of Risky Revolution
7/1: Plan Colombia: British Chemical Company ICI Pulls Out of Cocaine War
7/1: Pressure Grows on Sharon After Milosevic Handover



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