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February 2001


2/28: Foot and Mouth Disease: Spread of Virus Brings New Chaos
2/28: Human Rights Abuses: China Tells U.S. To Look In Own Backyard
2/27: Colombian Farmers Count Cost of Airborne Assault on Drug Fields
2/27: US Schools Hooked on Junk Food Proceeds
2/26: Going Forward: Clean Elections Act Alters Terrain in Maine
2/26: Going Backwards: Subway Sponsor Plan Irks Some Bostonians
2/25: Taking Action: Nurse Derails Corporate Genetic Testing
2/24: Landmark Ruling for Women's Human Rights: Mass Rape Ruled a War Crime
2/24: US Bombing Fallout Continues: Protests Mount in Support of Iraq
2/23: Plan Colombia: U.S. Military Contractors Involved in Colombian Gun Battle
2/23: Genetic Pollution: Escaped Farm Salmon Raise Alarm in Maine
2/22: Israel's Army Launches 'Preventative Attacks'
2/22: Renewed Campaign To Help the World's One Billion Homeless
2/21: UN Backs Use of Cheap Generic Anti-Aids Drugs
2/21: Global Citizen Donella Meadows, Lead Author of The Limits to Growth, Has Died
2/20: 'Mad Cow' Risk in US Tiny but Real, Experts Say; Gaps in food quality rules are raising questions
2/20: Mexicans Feel Upstaged by US Raid on Baghdad; Observers find it odd that Bush's visit, bombing of Iraq happened at same time.
2/19: Labor Leader Sweeney Sounds Do-or-Die Warning
2/19: Iraq Basks In Worldwide Support After US Attacks
2/18: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Extreme Storms Darken Global Horizon
2/18: Backfire! Iraq May Have Gained From U.S. Airstrike
2/17: 'Connection' Personnel Quit over WBUR Rift
2/17: For Bush and Blair, Iraqi Raids an Act of Male Bonding
2/16: U.S., British Planes Attack Iraqi Targets
2/16: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair Ready to Support US Missile Shield: Report
2/16: Indicators Show D.C. Homelessness Getting Worse
2/15: Pro-Choice Challenge to Bush;Bill in Congress would undo his abortion criteria for foreign aid
2/15: West Rebukes Israel's Assassins; Major powers declare that murdering Palestinian fighters is illegal
2/14: Return of the Reaganites; Bush fills foreign and defence ranks with cold war veterans
2/14: Dozens of the Wealthy Join to Fight Estate Tax Repeal
2/13: Consumers Want Engineered Food Labeled; Shoppers Express 'Outrage' That Product Choices Aren't Clear, FDA Reports
2/13: Industry Stalks the US Corridors of Power; How drug firms reach the heart of government
2/12: At the Mercy of Drug Giants: Millions struggle with disease as pharmaceutical firms go to court to protect profits
2/12: Health-Care Industry Lobbies Bush To Erode Patients' New Privacy Code
2/11: Race Is Underway for Campaign Cash Before New Limits
2/11: Eco-Warrior Unveils a New Tunnel Vision
2/10: European Union To Consider Ban On TV Commercials Targeting Kids
2/10: Colombian Death Squads Target Volunteers
2/9: Reporters Without Borders: 45 Countries Smothering Internet Freedom
2/9: Activist French Farmer Jose Bove On Trial
2/8: George Bush's America: Religious right on the rise, Congress prepares to limit right to choose
2/8: Democrats Rip Into 'Charming' Bush
2/7: Indian Firm Offers AIDS Cocktail for $1 a Day; Undercuts Multinational Companies
2/7: Mad Cow Risk Strikes Fear Down On Ranch
2/7: Warming Arctic Releasing Greenhouse Gases
2/6: In Alaska, the Hunt for Oil, Gas Only Begins at Wildlife Refuge
2/6: WTO Chief: Seattle Protesters Make Me Sick
2/5: Rural Advocates: Global Poverty Targets Bound to Fail
2/5: Islanders Take on US Navy; Puerto Ricans seek damages for cancer rates
2/4: Russia Says U.S. Missile Plan Risks Space Arms Race
2/4: Health Care Firms Pamper Rich Patients
2/3: Fears of Insurance No-Go Zones as Global Warming Claims Rise
2/3: Jimmy Carter Opposes Alaska Oil Drilling; New Poll: Americans Oppose Drilling, 55% to 33%
2/2: Maine Judge Sentences Depleted Uranium Activists To 1-Year in Prison
2/2: World Social Forum Could Represent Re-Birth of the Left
2/2: Major Glacier in Antarctica is Shrinking, Say Scientists
2/1: Wine Country Activists Stand Up To Fight Pesticide Spraying
2/1: At Tampa's Turnstiles, Crowd Wasn't Faceless; Super Bowl Surveillance Stirs Debate



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