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December 2001

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12/31: Israeli Activists Urge Army to Probe Civilian Slayings
12/31: U.S. Lacks Stockpile of Special Drug; Anti-Radiation Doses Goal Unmet Since '79
12/31: We Will Win Nuclear War, Says India
12/31: More Than 100 Civilians Reported Dead in U.S. Afghan Air Raid
12/31: Whales' Deaths Linked to Navy's Sonar Tests
12/30: Bush's Global Ultimatum May Backfire
12/30: 60,000 Flee Kashmir Border Amid India-Pakistan Military Build-up, Shelling
12/30: Last Train for Pakistan Leaves India
12/30: Argentine Police Tear Gas Protesters in Day of Chaos
12/29: Bin Laden Will Become "Elvis Presley of the East"
12/29: Mideast Peace Activists Join Forces
12/28: Deaths Blamed on US Blunder; Pressure mounts on Karzai to call for end to US air strikes
12/28: Pakistani Officer Warns Of Nuclear War Danger With India
12/27: Lori Berenson: Father, Lawyer Allege Abuse of Jailed American
12/27: India-Pakistan: Talk of War Drowns Out Peace Calls, Say Activists
12/26: US Propaganda War in Danger as Hunt for bin Laden Drags On
12/26: Groups Denounce Treason Verdict Against Russian Journalist
12/26: Indians, Pakistanis March for Peace
12/26: Nuclear- Armed India, Pakistan Prepare for War
12/26: Since Sept. 11, the White House is Tipping the Balance to Business, Environmentalists Say
12/25: Campaign Gifts, Lobbying Built Enron's Power In Washington
12/25: Report Scolds Commission on Nuclear Plant Monitoring
12/24: Religious Right Finds Its Center in Oval Office; Bush Emerges as Movement's Leader After Robertson Leaves Christian Coalition
12/24: Another Deadly, Errant US Attack is Alleged
12/23: Going Backwards: Bush Expected to Weaken Portions of Clean Air Act
12/23: Christmas in America 2001: 'Shop Til bin Laden Drops'
12/22: Enron's Political Gifts Haunt Texas Politicians
12/22: U.S. Inquiry Tried, but Failed, to Link Iraq to Anthrax Attack
12/22: Campaign Finance Reform Revived
12/22: New Thermobaric Bomb a Powerful Addition to US Arsenal in Afghanistan
12/21: French Farmer Jose Bove Sentenced to Jail
12/21: Anti-Radiation Drug Will Be Offered to U.S. States
12/21: Bush Predicts 'War Year' in 2002
12/20: Global Poll: US Policies Played "Significant Role" in Terror Attacks
12/20: Groups Fear U.S. Aid for Poorest Countries May Go To Afghanistan
12/20: FDA Warns of Misleading Labels On Genetic Modification in Foods
12/20: No Link Between Iraq and Terror Attacks: Britain's Jack Straw
12/20: Bin Laden Translation Omitted Sections
12/20: Irish Vow to Force Nuke Plant Shutdown
12/20: Some Applaud as Pork-Laden Economic Package Bogs Down
12/19: Shareholder Attack on ExxonMobil's Climate Policy Gets Big Boost
12/19: Bush Administration Wants To Build New Nuclear Bomb; Critics Charge 'Dirty' Bomb Would Send Wrong Signals
12/19: Global Warming: Earth's 2001 Temperatures to Be Second Highest
12/19: Fallout Continues from Interrupted Sacramento Speech
12/19: Rich Get Richer on Subsidies: Schwab Duck Club Qualifies for Federal Rice Crop Supports
12/18: Federal Judge Throws Out Death Sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal
12/18: Putin Warns U.S. Against Expanding War to Iraq
12/18: Whalers Hit Greenpeace Protesters with Water Cannons
12/18: FBI Software Program Records Each Keystroke
12/17: Coffee Fans Find Justice in the Beans
12/17: Harvard Alumni Want Hourly Workers Paid More
12/17: Abuse Trial of Circus Elephant Trainer to Begin
12/17: Researchers Worry That Radiation From Nuclear Test Decades Ago May Be Damaging Marine Life Today
12/17: CIA Denies Being Source of Anthrax
12/17: Nuclear Sites Ill-Prepared for Attacks, Group Says
12/16: Graduation Speech Cut Short by Hecklers
12/16: Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army's Stocks; 5 Labs Can Trace Spores to Ft. Detrick
12/16: Practicing People-to-People Diplomacy: 'Forgotten Cities' Hope to Bridge Chasm Between U.S. and Cuba
12/16: Air Pollution Harmful to Babies, Fetuses, Studies Say
12/15: World Bank and IMF Anti-Poverty Schemes Still Rile Grassroots
12/15: Experts Propose a New Global Public News Network
12/15: U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution on Mideast Monitors
12/14: Chinese Paper Says U.S. ABM Move Threat to Peace
12/14: Annan Fears Arms Race After U.S. Abandons ABM Treaty
12/14: Tourist Explosion Strains World's Resources
12/14: Bush Halts Inquiry of FBI and Stirs Up a Firestorm
12/13: A Unified Call to End War on Drugs; Doctors, Pharmacists, Lawyers Say It Doesn't Work
12/13: 80,000 Peacefully Protest EU Summit
12/13: Progressive Radio Network Ends Legal Fight Over Decision-Making
12/13: Russia Warns of New Arms Race if US Tears Up ABM Treaty
12/13: US Army Confirms Making Anthrax in Recent Years
12/12: FBI Confirms 'Magic Lantern' Project Exists
12/12: Suspected Israeli Spies Held by U.S
12/12: Bin Laden in Pakistan, Source Claims
12/12: Vieques Mayor Vows More Protests
12/12: Environmental Group Sues for Records Of Energy Task Force
12/12: A Warning on Climate Change: Pollution's Effects Could Be Sudden, NAS Report Says
12/12: Anthrax Matches Army Spores; Bioterror; Genetically identical to those mailed to members of Congress
12/11: Bush Advisers Cashed in on Saudi Gravy Train
12/11: Defiant Nigeria to Import Cheap Copies of HIV Drugs
12/11: AIDS: Young People Dying of Embarrassment - HIV Report
12/11: Witnesses Recount Taliban Dying While Held Captive
12/11: United States Lawmakers Set to Strike Out at Global Tribunal
12/10: U.S. Ties to Saudi Elite May Be Hurting War on Terrorism
12/10: Nobel Peace Winners Urge Disarmament, Non-Violence
12/10: Afghan Women's Group Gloomy on Post-Taliban Era
12/10: UN Chief Warns Against Iraq Attack
12/9: The Consequences of Objection: Students Who Speak Out Against War Find Themselves Battling to Be Heard
12/9: Kandahar on Brink of Chaos as Warlords Ready for Battle
12/9: 'Peace on Earth': Shot Just Misses Antiwar Demonstrator
12/9: Unicef Says Afghan Children Need Immediate Aid to Survive
12/9: Robbed of Their Legacy: Blacks Have Been Stripped of Millions of Acres Through Legal Maneuver Called Partitioning
12/8: British Reporter Robert Fisk Badly Beaten in Pakistan
12/8: In Letter, 300 Law Professors Oppose Tribunals Plan
12/8: Terminate America: Message From an Afghani Mother in Mourning
12/8: Don't Expand Anti-Terror Drive to Iraq, Other States - Nobel Peace Chief
12/8: War Crime? CIA Told Their Taliban Prisoners to Talk or Die
12/8: 'Water for All' Demands International Conference
12/7: Angry Arafat Accuses US Of Pro-Israel Bias
12/7: U.S. Forces Suspension of Germ War Pact, EU Angry
12/7: Ashcroft: Critics Aid Terrorists and Undermine National Unity
12/7: Our Best Point the Way: 100 Nobel laureates warn that our security hangs on environmental and social reform
12/6: Environmentalist Sailor Peter Blake Killed by Pirates
12/6: Russia Says Move to Dump ABM May Destabilize World
12/6: US Endorsed Indonesia's East Timor Invasion: Secret Documents
12/6: Nobel Winner Warns of Anger Caused by Gap Between World's Rich and Poor
12/6: Why New Law-Enforcement Powers Worry Civil Libertarians
12/5: Jewish Group Assails Israeli Policies Toward Palestinians
12/5: 'They Ran for Their Lives Through a Field of Death'
12/5: 'Collateral Damage': Unintended Victims Fill Afghan Hospital
12/4: The Peace (Flag) Makers
12/4: Turkey Warns of Mideast War Far More Dangerous Than in Afghanistan
12/4: Going Backwards: Leaked E-Mail Exposes How Bush Team Lets Lobbyists Set the Agenda
12/4: Going Backwards: Lobbyists Seek Badges That Allow Wide Access to Legislators
12/4: Bush's Backing for Israeli Retaliation Puts Role as Broker into Question
12/3: How Far Can Cities Go in Controlling Protests?Case before high court argues whether free-speech rights extend to permit process
12/3: Keeping Quiet: So Far, Politicians' Dissent Left Out of the War
12/3: Special Interests: Since Sept. 11, Lobbyists Use New Pitches for Old Pleas
12/2: Diana Fund Calls for Action Against Cluster Bombs
12/2: U.S. Military Boosts Firepower in Colombian Drug War
12/2: Torn from the Land: Black Americans' Farmland Taken Through Cheating, Intimidation, Even Murder
12/2: Secret US Plan for Iraq War; Bush Orders Backing for Rebels to Topple Saddam
12/2: 15 Killed as US Mistakes Private Jeep for Military Vehicle: Victim
12/1: China Cuts Greenhouse Gases, Contradicting U.S.
12/1: Anti-Terror Coalition Under Fire for Refusing Massacre Probe
12/1: Going Backwards: Ashcroft Seeks Looser Limits on FBI Spying
12/1: 'Collateral Damage': US Planes Rain Death on the Innocent



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