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August 2001

8/31: And the rich get richer... In 90's Economy, Middle Class Stayed Put, Analysis Suggests
8/31: Protesters Go into Training for Summit in Washington
8/31: 'Star Wars' Poses Nuclear Risk to Britain
8/30: D.C.'s Answer to IMF, World Bank Protests: Miles of Chain-Link
8/30: Israeli Death Squads Kill Palestinians
8/30: Yale's History Tied to Slavery: Study
8/30: Global Weapons Purchases on the Rise - UN
8/30: Keep Space Weapons-Free, UN Urges
8/30: US Investigates Sale of American Arms to Israel
8/30: Cloud of Despair in Bhopal
8/29: New Poll: Labor Unions Gain Sympathy
8/29: Landmines Still Widely Used Despite Some Progress, Campaigners Say
8/29: Going Backwards at the Smithsonian: McNuggets to Join Moon Rocks at Air and Space
8/29: France Attacks America's High-Handed Unilateralism
8/28: DC Protesters Lash IMF, World Bank
8/28: Greenpeace 'Star Wars' Activists Await Bail Hearing
8/28: Global GM Market Starts to Wilt
8/28: Taking Action: Environmental Groups to File Suit Over Missile Defenses
8/27: The Congressional Black Caucus, Once a Foe, Enjoys Soft-Money Games
8/27: Race Concessions Fail to Appease US
8/27: Rather Than Hikes and Swimming, Union Interns Spend a Summer Learning to Organize
8/26: France's 'Peasants Confederation' Destroy Genetically-Modified Crops
8/26: Palestinians Accuse Bush of Aiding and Abetting Israeli Attacks
8/26: Going Backwards: Bush's Energy Plan Bares Industry Clout
8/26: Going Backwards: US Presses Europe to Drop Biotech Food Labeling Rule
8/25: The Swoosh is Coming! Demonstrators prepare to protest Nike's annual meeting in Portland, Maine
8/25: Going Backwards: Doctors Serve Wealthy for a Price
8/25: Texas Justice: Vigilante Killer Gets 6-Months For Migrant's Murder
8/25: Peace Corps Applications Rise After Dot.Com Fall; Many Seeking Work They Find Rewarding
8/25: Anita Hill Writer Says Judge Leaked FBI Files
8/24: A New Front in Pacifica's Civil War
8/24: Plan Colombia: Fumigation at the Eye of Anti-Drug Storm
8/24: Probe of G-8 Genoa Police Violence Expands
8/23: Colombian 'Peace Communities' Issue Call for Help
8/23: India Outraged as US Company Wins Patents on Rice
8/23: Going Backwards: Papers Link Pentagon to Easing Species Act
8/23: Israeli Riot-Gear Sale Fuels Concern
8/23: US Drug Laws Are 'Racist'
8/22: Human Shields Put their Lives on the Frontline in the West Bank
8/22: Mysterious Maddening Buzzing Probed in Southwest Germany
8/22: Rich Countries Should Pay Taxes to Poor: Malaysia's Mahathir
8/21: Forests Face Global Extinction, Study Says
8/21: No Nukes Billboard in Livermore; Protest Group Aims Message at Scientists
8/20: Globalization Foes Consider Joining Forces Against WTO
8/20: Family, Friends Remember Death of Anti-G8 Protester
8/20: Going Backwards: Global Arms Sales Rise Again, and the U.S. Leads the Pack
8/20: Green Party Finds Fertile Ground in Pennsylvania; Nader's Tally Brings Official Recognition
8/17: Big Fence Planned To Curb Protests; Area Around IMF to Get 9-Foot-High Protection
8/17: Gore Vidal Praises Oklahoma Bomber for 'Heroic Aims'
8/17: For Big Hog Farms, Big Subsidies; Taxpayers May Foot the Bill for Environmental Cleanup
8/17: Colombia Increases Military's Powers; Hemisphere's worst human rights record
8/17: Fossil Fuel Cuts Would Reduce Early Deaths, Illness, Study Says
8/16: Bush Forces Greenpeace Back To Its Roots
8/16: Bush Gets Low Marks in Europe; Poll Finds Wide Disapproval of President's Conduct of Foreign Policy
8/16: Going Backwards: Bush Administration Seen Retreating from Global Hazardous Waste Pact
8/15: Released Theater Group Accuses Genoa Doctors of G-8 Brutality
8/15: Activists: Taiwan Exports Sweatshops to Central America
8/14: UN's World Water Forum Sees Future Wars Over Water, Not Oil
8/14: Tie Goes to the Killers: 3 Justices Abstain as High Court Declines to Halt Texas Execution
8/14: Prohibited Meat Entered U.S., a Report Finds
8/13: WWF: World Wildlife Fund Beats World Wrestling Fund
8/13: French Farmer José Bové Leads New McDonald's Protest
8/12: 15 Greenpeace Star Wars Protesters Face Felony Charges
8/12: U.S. Faces Day of Reckoning as Fresh Water Supplies Run Out
8/12: World Food Summit May Be 'Dumped' on Africa
8/12: Land Mines -- Deadly Tradition in Colombia; War-torn country the only one in this hemisphere where devices are still being sown, U.N. says
8/12: Bush Lets Industry Set the Rules in Oil & Gas Drilling Rush
8/11: Governor Threatens to Bar U.S. Plutonium Shipments
8/11: Bush's New 'Star Wars' Base a Radioactive Danger
8/10: US Warplanes Strike Iraq
8/10: Protesters Raise Voices Against Iraq Sanctions; US demonstrators begin a 40-day fast against the 11-year UN economic embargo
8/9: Sen. Joe Lieberman Says Visit to Colombia Reinforces Support for Herbicide Spraying
8/9: LA Police Sued Over Democratic Convention Protests
8/9: Activists Look For Way Forward After Genoa Violence
8/9: You Pay for the Night, She Pays with Her Life
8/9: US Lets Fight Against Smog Disappear into Thin Air
8/8: Red-Faced Greens Running -- Away From Influence of GOP
8/8: Italy Holding a New Jersey Woman, 21, Snared in the Genoa Fracas
8/8: Police Use of Force in Genoa Raises Outcry Weeks Later
8/8: Israel Gives Soldiers Increased Powers to Use Live Ammunition
8/8: Pressure Building on Bush to Reveal His Energy Advisers
8/7: Going Backwards: Colombia to Resume Drug Crop Spraying
8/7: Evicted by the US Military, The Inuit Prepare to Fight Star Wars
8/6: Private Prosperities, Public Breakdowns: Amid Nationwide Prosperity, ERs See a Growing Emergency
8/6: An Unrepentant Nader Unveils a New Grass-Roots Project
8/5: Israel's Peace Movement Buoyed by Surprise Turnout at Rally
8/5: CNN Chief Courts GOP
8/5: Ralph Nader Draws 7,000 to Rally
8/5: Labor Pushes Some Democrats To Vote for Bush Energy Plan
8/5: Private Prosperities, Public Breakdowns: The '90s: Private Boom Stingy on Public Good
8/3: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer
8/3: The Missile Defense System That Gets By With A Little Help From Its Friends
8/3: Fashion Victims: Inside the Sweat Shops of Los Angeles
8/3: US Volunteers Act As Human Shields for Palestinian Families
8/2: South Africans Slam US Over Racism Conference Boycott Threat
8/2: Thousands to Protest at Racism Conference: Activists
8/2: Hall of Shame: 36 Democrats Give Bush, Big Oil Green Light To Drill in Alaska Wildlife Refuge
8/2: Negotiator In Global Tobacco Talks Quits Over Bush Policies
8/1: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer
8/1: Was Former Fascist Behind Genoa Crackdown?
8/1: Chocolate Firms Launch Fight Against 'Slave Free' Labels
8/1: Bush's Latin America Nominations Reopen Wounds
8/1: Going Backwards: AFL-CIO Backs Plan to Drill Oil



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