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September 2000

9/30: 'Battle for Jerusalem' May Escalate Out Of Control
9/30: Gay Man's Death Led to Epiphany for Wyoming Officer
9/29: Colombia Rebels Set Sights on American Troops
9/29: Civil Disobedience Is Planned to Try to Force Milosevic Out
9/29: New Book Takes Hard Look at Small Arms Trade
9/28: Anti-Globalisation Activists Seek Dialogue with World Bank/IMF
9/28: Report Says Global Accounting Firm Overlooks Sweatshop Factory Abuses
9/27: A Government by the People, for the Military-Industrial Complex
9/27: UN's 10-year-old Embargo on Iraq Threatens to Unravel
9/26: Festive Anti-Globalization March In Prague Stalls
9/26: Protests Again Target World Bank
9/25: Canada Calls For Immediate Halt To Debt Repayments By The World's Poorest States
9/25: FDA Advisers Tied To Industry
9/24: Gore Willing To Consider Including Nader In Debates
9/24: GOP Convention Protesters Reject Fine, Seek Trials
9/24: Thousands Of IMF/World Bank Protesters Turned Away At Czech Border
9/24: 8,000 Rally for Nader in Seattle
9/23: Nader Rallies More Than 11,000 At Minneapolis' Target Center
9/23: Scientist 'Killed Amazon Indians To Test Race Theory'
9/22: Japanese Celebrate Their Slaughter Of 88 Endangered Whales
9/22: States Without Death Penalty Have Lower Homicide Rates
9/21: Prague Protesters To Face Down Money Men
9/21: Greenpeace Wins Key GM Case; Protesters who destroyed crops are cleared
9/20: CIA Had Covert Tie To Letelier Plotter
9/20: 'Civilian Army' of Americans Helps Fight Colombia's Drug War
9/19: Who's Testing Our Genes - And Why?
9/19: NY Jury To Decide Oil Giant Shell's Role In Torture/Deaths Of Nigerian Activists
9/18: Serbia Accuses NATO of War Crimes
9/18: Protesters Prepare For Battle Of Prague
9/18: Biotech Critics Cite Unapproved Corn in Taco Shells
9/17: Nuclear Disaster Averted; Russian power plant workers praised for 'heroic' operation to cool reactors
9/17: Allies Deliberately Poisoned Iraq Public Water Supply In Gulf War
9/16: Nader Rally To Protest Debates; Campaign Books Boston's Fleet Center
9/16: Nader Plans To Shadow Debates
9/16: Prague Braced For Demos; Borders jammed as thousands arrive for IMF-World Bank annual conference
9/15: New Glacier Test Shows Global Warming
9/15: Czechs Face Green Blockade Over New Nuclear Plant
9/15: Russia May Defy Ban on Air Service To Iraq
9/15: S-26: Czechs Brace for World Banking Protests
9/14: Nader Blasts NOW Claims He's Been Fighting for Women's Issues Since 1957
9/14: College Sports: What Was Sacred Is Now Up For Sale
9/14: A Backlash To 'Bully' America
9/13: France's Anti-Globalization Hero Gets Jail Term For McDonald's Attack
9/13: Study Finds Racial Gap on Death Row
9/13: Going Forward: Amtrak Reports Record Ridership
9/12: Depleted Uranium: Evidence is mounting that allied soldiers may have been fighting more than Saddam Hussein
9/12: Globalization Targeted Down Under
9/11: Anti-Globalisation Protesters Claim Victory In Melbourne
9/11: 'Green' Fuel Taxes Target Of Oil Blockades
9/10: Rumors Had Troopers Seeing Reds During The GOP Convention
9/10: Activists Primed to Blockade World Economic Forum
9/10: An Aimless War in Colombia Creates a Nation of Victims
9/10: US 'Covered Up' For Kosovo Ally
9/9: Ruling in Colombian Child Slayings Dismays Activists
9/9: Hole In Antarctic Ozone Now Three Times Size Of The United States
9/9: House Considers $100, Million More To Colombian Police
9/8: New Crusade Targets Cluster Bombs
9/8: Ozone Hole Bigger Than Ever, NASA Says
9/7: UN Panel: Global Warming Crisis Worse Than Thought
9/7: State Police Infiltrated Protest Groups, Documents Show
9/6: Greenpeace: Genetically-Modified Crops Worse Than Nuclear Waste
9/6: World Bank Slammed For Eco-Destruction Of Russia
9/5: Red Cross Urges Cluster Bomb Halt
9/5: Friends of the Earth Decides to Back Gore, Reluctantly
9/4: Stricter Rules for Tire Safety Were Scrapped by Reagan
9/4: New Study: Despite US Economic 'Boom', Inequality Continues To Widen
9/3: Tests Show Gulf War Victims Have Uranium Poisoning
9/3: Ex-Naderite, Now Monsanto's Lobbyist, Leads Gore's Anti-Nader Attacks
9/2: Despite Allies Relief, US 'Star Wars' Saga Far From Over
9/2: Global Warming Talks: Can They Be Saved?
9/1: Clinton Leaving Missile Defense To Successor
9/1: Global Warming Report Predicts Doom for Many Species
9/1: Crisscrossing Manhattan, Nader Criticizes Corporate Misdeeds



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