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October 2000

10/31: California Shuts Down Vote-Trader Web Site
10/31: Support for a Moratorium in Executions Gets Stronger
10/30: Ralph Nader Interview With Sam Donaldson Transcript from ABC's This Week Sunday, October 29, 2000
10/30: 5-State Tour Seeks to Shift Nader Voters to Gore Camp
10/30: Israel To Deploy Army Units Trained In Guerilla Warfare
10/29: Action! Roll Out The Propaganda War
10/29: Robert Reich Breaks Ranks On Vouchers
10/29: Wealthy Trio United In Targeting The Drug War
10/28: Trends In Increasing Voter Apathy Point To A Record Lack Of Interest In Casting Ballots This Presidential Election
10/28: Ralph Nader Visits University of Iowa; Full house turns out for Green Party hopeful
10/28: An Experienced Hand Leads Nader's Youthful Legions
10/27: Sierra Club Responds To Nader's Environmental Letter
10/27: Global Warming: Earth Will Get Hotter Than Expected
10/27: Disgust With McDonald's Ignites A 'Slow Food' Movement
10/26: Nader Calls Gore 'Cowardly'
10/26: Firm Seeks Temporary Approval for Biotech Corn
10/26: Palestinians Haunt The International Conscience
10/26: Nader, Facing Democratic Fire, Attacks Gore's Record
10/25: Nader Or Gore? Jim Hightower Vs Paul Wellstone
10/25: Protests Planned Against Pacifica Network Radio; The award-winning host of 'Democracy Now!' accuses her bosses of censorship
10/25: Democrats Hear Thunder on Left, and Try to Steal Some of Nader's
10/25: Attacking McDonald’s made French farmer José Bové a folk hero. Now he is taking on other multinationals.
10/24: Enforcing The 'No-Fly Zone': Stray Missiles, Shattered Lives
10/24: A Potent, Illegal Weapon Against Unions; Employers know it costs them little to fire organizers
10/23: Gore 'Cowardly' On Mideast, Says Nader
10/23: Nader's Gains Seen As Real Threat to Gore
10/23: 'Declaration Of Interdependence' As 2,000 Eco-Visionaries Gather
10/22: Voters Are Tuning In, Turning Sour; People express disappointment with Bush, Gore; 'Like a fraternity election'
10/22: Now Europe's Biggest Glacier Falls To Global Warming
10/21: $8 Million Gift by AOL's Case Draws Protest
10/21: Saudi Arabia Urges Arabs To Cut Ties With Israel
10/20: Israel Refuses To Cooperate With UN Human Rights Inquiry
10/20: US Sells Half The World's Arms Exports
10/19: Biotech Corn May Be in Various Foods
10/19: Consumer, Environmental Groups Blast Spate Of Big Oil Mergers
10/18: Gore Invokes Reagan in Coming Ad Blitz
10/18: UN to Hold Emergency Special Session on Palestine
10/17: Death Penalty Moratorium Attracting Unlikely Adherents
10/17: Plan Colombia's Herbicide Spraying Causing Health And Environmental Problems
10/16: Bill Would Give Push To 'Mini-Nukes'; The legislation would allow research of what critics call a "user-friendly" nuclear weapon
10/16: Arabs' Distrust Of US As Honest Broker Grows
10/15: Nader Packs 'Em In At The Garden
10/15: Plan Colombia Is Faltering
10/14: Nader Rocks The Garden 15,000 Pack New York City Super Rally
10/14: New Concerns Rise on Keeping Track of Modified Corn
10/13: US Blocks United Nations Action On Resolving Mideast Crisis
10/13: Nader Turns Trickle of Donations Into $4.7 Million War Chest
10/12: Workplace Blues Leave Employers In The Red; Dramatic increase in stress has led to spiralling anxiety, burnout & depression
10/11: U.S. May Be Left Holding Purse Strings on Colombia
10/11: High-Voltage Rally Brings Nader A Chorus Of Cheers
10/10: Maine 'Seeds of Peace' Youth Shot To Death By Israeli Soldiers
10/10: How Big Money Buys Big Votes In US Race
10/9: Humiliation Of Palestinians Triggers Rush To War
10/9: US Corporate 'Biopirates' Still Staking Claim On Basmati Rice
10/8: Sanctions Will Stay In Place Until Milosevic Handed Over, Says US
10/8: Child Martyrs Line Up To Die
10/7: Protesters May Obstruct Columbus Day Parade's Path in Denver
10/7: Plan Colombia: Antidrug Effort Is Fearful Of High Coca Prices In Peru
10/6: California's Prop 36 Could Start War on Drug Laws
10/6: Palestinian Demand to Probe Killings May Be Vetoed
10/5: Nader Wants Apology From Debate Panel for Turning Him Away
10/5: Going Backwards: Judge Nixes Labels For Genetically Engineered Foods
10/5: Gore Holds Post-Debate Lead, Nader 'Surges'
10/5: Activists Target Vice Presidential Candidate for His Involvement in Burma
10/4: New Study: US Sites Responsible For Dioxin Pollution In Arctic
10/4: Israeli Troops Accused of Excessive Force; Israel Criticized At Home And Internationally
10/3: FDA Will Widen Probe Of Biotech Corn Misuse
10/3: The Boston Debate: Activists Take Time To Speak Up
10/2: Nader 'Super Rally' Draws 12,000 To Boston's FleetCenter
10/2: Muhammad al-Durrah: A Young Symbol of Mideast Violence
10/1: Pictures of Death of Palestinian Child Plunge Israel into Embarrassment
10/1: Philadelphia Protesters Trusted Wrong Volunteer
10/1: Condemnations Pour In Over Israeli Violence
10/1: Colombia's Creeping War



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