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June 2000

6/30: Gore Resists Calls To Halt Oil Drilling in Colombia
6/30: Nader's Candidacy May Not Automatically Hurt Gore's
6/30: Festive Anti-Globalization Protesters Descend On French Town For McDonald's Trial
6/30: Nader Criticizes Clinton-Gore Energy Policies
6/30: Bush's Death-Row Headache Grows
6/29: U.S. Fugitive Back In Jail After 29 Years; Clemency for Richardson, a 20-year resident of B.C., would 'send the wrong message': judge
6/29: Wildfire Threatens Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump
6/29: Divided World: Rich Live Longer, Poor Die Younger
6/28: Anti-Globalisation Groups Line Up For 'French Seattle'
6/28: Activists Renew Calls For Stalled Genetic Privacy Laws
6/28: House Republicans Say 'No Need' For Genetic Anti-Bias Laws
6/28: For Jailed Mentally Ill, A Way Out
6/27: Brazil Battles Over Genetically-Modified Soybeans
6/27: Greenpeace Refuses Order To Leave Site Where Nuclear Waste Is Being Dumped In Sea
6/26: Gore/Bush: When It Comes To Economics, The Differences Are Hard To Find
6/26: The 'Book Of Life': Battle For Profits Threatens Pact On Human Genome
6/26: Greens Nominate Nader for a Serious Run
6/25: American Company Granted a Patent On The World-Renowned Basmati Rice; Developing Countries Outraged
6/25: Going Backwards: Clinton 'Rethinking' Lobbying Ban On White House Staffers
6/25: Ralph Nader Set To Win Green Party Nomination Today
6/24: Star Wars Critic Accuses Pentagon Of Trying To Silence Him
6/24: After Defeat, Campaigner for 'Free Burma' Begins Anew
6/24: Bored With Bush/Gore, Cartoonist Feiffer Gives Up His Strip
6/23: Democratic/Republican Convention Planners Wary of a New Style of Protest
6/23: Texas Lynching: Defiant Inmate Executed After Uproar in Texas
6/23: Odd Man Out of Race, Nader Rocks Gore's Boat
6/22: Hoffa Heaps Praise, Stops Just Short Of Nader Endorsement At Today's Press Conference
6/22: Execution Day In Texas: Time arrives for Graham
6/22: New Poll: 73% of Californians Favor Halting Death Penalty
6/21: San Francisco Takes Local Action Against Frankenfoods
6/21: America's Health: We're #1 In Cost. We're #37 In Care.
6/20: Jesse Jackson To Witness Texas Execution
6/20: Big Business Wins Big Supreme Court Case Over Activists
6/19: Going Backwards: Supreme Court Kills 'Think Globally, Act Locally' Laws
6/19: Ralph Nader In Court Today In Bid To Halt Corporate-Sponsorship of 2000 Presidential Debates
6/18: Going Backwards: Sale of Naming Rights Hits Amateur Fields
6/18: Nader Donates More Than 80% Of His Substantial Income
6/17: Torricelli Sells Out Democratic Heritage In Quest For Corporate Checks
6/16: Going Backwards: Number of US Nuclear Targets Has Grown Since 1993
6/16: Under Iraqi Skies, US Bombs Paint A Canvas Of Civilian Deaths
6/15: The Secrets Are Unveiled Of America's Nuclear Madness
6/15: Clinton's Star Wars Plan Undermining US Arms Control Goals
6/14: Ralph Nader Wins Endorsement Of Big California Nurses Union
6/14: Vieques Trials: Puerto Rican Activist Sentenced To Six-Hours In Jail
6/14: Going Backwards: Global Spending On Weapons Rose In 1999
6/13: Going Forward: US Starts To Find The Death Penalty A Turn-Off
6/13: US Angers Allies As It Fights Creation Of International War Crimes Court
6/12: US Spies Inflate Risk From 'Rogue' States
6/12: Protesters At World Petroleum Meeting Meet High Fences, Lots Of Police
6/12: Death Penalty System Called Highly Flawed; Two-Thirds of US Cases Overturned
6/12: 'America's Alarm Bells Should Go Off' As Drastic Climate Changes Forecast
6/12: Going Backwards: Weapon Makers Get Clinton Administration To Ease Controls On Arms Exports
6/11: Our Genetic Blueprint: Pure Science or Goldmine for Big Business?
6/11: GW Bush Has Executed 131 Inmates - Many With Seriously Flawed Trials
6/9: War Hero Sent To Prison For Protesting US Army's 'School of Assassins'
6/9: Military Experts: Pentagon Has Been Rigging Star Wars Tests
6/8: Brits Question Recent Dramatic Increase In Bombing Of Iraqis
6/8: 'Prejudice & Punishment': Blacks Unfairly Targeted In 'War on Drugs'
6/7: Amnesty International: NATO Deliberately Attacked Civilians In Serbia
6/7: Going Forward: US Rejects Testing Pesticides On Humans
6/6: OAS Protests: Quiet Day of Activism Ends As Many Feel Another Piece Of The Global Puzzle Has Been Exposed
6/6: Desire to Be Rich and Famous Called a Sure Path to Discontent
6/5: Congressional Task Force: CIA Should Spy On Every Foreign Student In U.S.
6/5: New Studies: Moderate Air Pollution Triggers Heart Attacks
6/4: US Companies Persist In Use Of Genetically-Altered Foods
6/4: Russian President Putin Outsmarts US On Star Wars Plan?
6/4: Castro Offers Free Medical Training For US Students From Poor Areas
6/3: US Fails To Sell 'Son Of Star Wars' To Allies
6/3: Tom Hayden Questions $4 Million For LAPD's Democratic Convention 'Crowd Control' Gear
6/2: Fearing US Indictment, Clinton Stifles International War Crimes Court
6/2: World Bank To Vote Tuesday On 'Nightmare' African Pipeline
6/1: 'Ficus For Congress' Takes Root In 24 Congressional Campaigns
6/1: The Issues Take Center Stage In Nader Campaign



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