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July 2000

7/31: Nader's VP Hopeful's Position Irks Anti-Whalers
7/31: Jeers Jar McCain During Shadow Convention
7/30: Corporate America Foots The Bill To 'Salute' GOP Lawmakers
7/30: Fury As Japan Unleashes Its Harpoons On Endangered Whales
7/29: Conventions, Policies World Away From Streets Of Philadelphia
7/29: Going Backwards: Corporate Cash Fuels Parties At Conventions
7/28: GOP Convention: Pentagon Taking Opportunity for Show
7/27: Cuba Winning Cancer Race
7/27: Activists Mull Attention-Getting Actions As GOP Convention Nears
7/26: Clinton Administration Appoints A Former Monsanto Corp. Lobbyist To Represent US Consumers On GM Food Issues
7/26: R2K: Activists Rival Republicans In Their Planning Ability
7/26: UN Offers Firms 'Logo For Human Rights' Deal To Companies Giants
7/25: How A Little Band of London Activists Forced the Diamond Trade To Confront The Blood On Its Hands
7/25: Police Arrest 81 In Genetic Engineering Protest Clash
7/25: Report Links Environmental Rulings, Judges' Free Trips
7/24: Genetically-Modified 'Superfish' Worry Even Proponents
7/24: Billion Dollar G-8 Meeting Fails To Act On Debt Relief For World's Poor
7/23: How Companies Stall Generics and Keep Themselves Healthy
7/23: Health Care Firms Spend Big to Head Off Reforms
7/23: Nader Talks, Labor Listens and Many Democrats Worry
7/22: America Runs Out Of Execution Witnesses
7/22: Global Warming: Booming US Breaks Fuel Cut Pledges
7/22: Activists Check In For Minneapolis Animal Genetics Meeting
7/21: UN Says Sanctions Have Killed Some 500,000 Iraqi Children
7/21: UN, Corporations Form New 'Global Rights Partnership'
7/21: World Leaders Will Today Promise To Help The Poor. Empty Words Again?
7/20: Thousands Form Human Chain Around American Air Base
7/20: Groups Launch National Campaign Against Biotech Foods
7/19: Missile Defense Would Take President - And Maybe Humans - Out Of The Loop
7/19: Ocean Warriors: Anti-Hunting Campaigners Call It The 'Cruellest Sport Hunt In The World'
7/18: Gay Boy Scouts Returning Prized Eagle Badges In Protest
7/18: Anti-US Military Protests Set To Overshadow Group of Eight Summit
7/17: Conventions 2K: 'Fun' & Fervor Used To Teach Protest Strategy
7/17: Clinton Administration Reduces Standards For Wholesome Meats
7/16: 100,000 Killed By Global Warming
7/16: Seattle Protests Focus Minds Of Group Of Eight Leaders
7/15: Taking Lead, Italy to Forgive Billions in Third World Debt
7/15: N.J. Donations To Gore Raise Questions
7/14: Gore Gets A Reminder From Town Hall Meeting About The Threat Of Nader
7/14: Colombians Tell of Massacre, as Army Stood By
7/14: In Drug War, Treatment Is Back
7/13: Political Scandal In US As Bush Advisers Tell Israelis To Be Ready To Walk Out Of Camp David Negotiations
7/13: Okinawans Outraged Over Crimes By Troops Of 'Rogue Superpower America'
7/12: Wellstone Torn Between, Gore, Nader
7/12: 'Carnivore': FBI's Internet Wiretaps Raise Privacy Concerns
7/12: Picasso's Message Of Peace Comes To Colombia's War
7/12: A Nader Action Figure? Ad Maverick Signs On to Team
7/11: Whitman Critics Vow To Protest Over Camden Pat-Down Photo
7/11: With AIDS, `Rich or Poor' Means `Life or Death'
7/10: AIDS Activists: Drug Companies 'Inflicting Holocaust On The Poor'
7/10: Public Barred as Corporations 'Host' Governors' Meeting
7/9: The Doctor Is Out: More and more doctors, frustrated with managed care, are trying new professions and finding life less stressful
7/9: Addicts Face Treatment Rather Than Jail As Portugal Decriminalizes Drugs
7/9: A Cry in Mississippi: 'Stop the Lynching Now!'
7/9: Missed! $100M Foul-Up For Star Wars; Report From On Board Greenpeace's 'Arctic Sunrise'
7/8: Iraqi Sanctions: It's Called Genocide
7/8: Rwanda Fallout: Denial, Anger; Report's Author Blasts America's Albright
7/7: GOP Tacks Massive Cut In Water Pollution Clean Up Program Onto Clinton/Gore's Colombian Package
7/7: Critics Asking Clinton to Stop Advancing Missile Plan
7/7: Brushing Aside Concerns From Democratic Party's Liberal Wing, Gore Camp Drafts 'Centrist' Platform
7/6: Philadelphia Political Activists Under A Mysterious Gaze
7/6: Organizers Of Convention Protests To Outline Plans Today
7/6: Slavery Link Shames Newspaper
7/5: Going Backwards: World Moves Closer To Lifting Whaling Ban
7/5: A Corporate Coup d'Etat
7/4: French Prosecutor Launches Probe Of US Spying For Corporate Interests
7/4: Rebirth Of Union Activism: Los Angeles Leads America Back
7/3: Gay and Lesbian Scouts Received With Open Arms in Tolerant Canada
7/3: 'Shadow Conventions': Activists Plan To Counter The Conventions
7/2: The New Cold War: How America Spies On Europe For Its Oldest Friend - The Dollar
7/2: Going Backwards: US Prepares To Spray Genetically-Modified Herbicides On Colombians
7/1: A Historic Day in Vermont as Civil Unions Become Legal
7/1: José Bové: Big Mac Protester A 'French Gandhi'
7/1: The Green Candidate: Unlike '96, Nader Runs Hard in '00



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