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December 2000

12/31: Clinton OKs US War Crimes Court Entry
12/31: Green Party Makes Inroads in Local Governments
12/31: US Uranium Shells Linked To Kosovo Veterans' Deaths
12/30: Nader Now Concedes That Bush Will Cause More Damage Than Gore
12/30: Clinton Likely to Act on War Crimes Treaty by Sunday
12/30: Gore's Growing Lead Now Exceeds 539,000 Votes
12/29: Clinton Cynically Reverses 5-Year Ban On Lobbying by Appointees
12/29: Clinton Pressed to Sign International Criminal Court Treaty
12/28: Birth Over, Nigerian Teen Awaits Flogging
12/28: Bush Adviser Talks Tough on Colombia; Aligns the new administration with the Colombian military and the death squads
12/27: Bush Team Likely To Escalate US War on Colombians
12/27: A Racial Gap in Voided Votes; Precinct Analysis Finds Stark Inequity in Polling Problems
12/27: US Rules To Get Pro-Business Overhaul; It's payback time for campaign's corporate donors
12/26: Activists Urge Americans To 'Adopt-a-Minefield'
12/26: Going Backwards: Growing Use of Private Judges Raises Questions of Fairness
12/24: Midnight Coup at Pacifica's WBAI: KPFA Report on WBAI takeover
12/24: Hollywood Grasps Nettle of America's Failed Drugs War
12/24: Now It's Unofficial: Gore Did Win Florida
12/23: Last-Minute Deal Cuts $34 Billion Debt for Poor Nations
12/23: Flo Kennedy, Feminist, Civil Rights Advocate and Flamboyant Gadfly, Dies at 84
12/22: Salmon in Gender Crisis; Pollution seen as probable cause
12/22: Activist Group Links Pentagon, Firms to Child Labor
12/22: Shoot-To-Kill Policy is Exposed in Israel
12/21: Plan Colombia: Anti-Drug Plan Adds Fuel to the Flames
12/21: Inaugural Protests Take Shape
12/20: Wider Gaps Between Haves and Have-Nots by Year 2015, Says US Intelligence Report
12/20: Sahara Jumps Mediterranean into Europe; Global warming threatens to create dust belt around the globe
12/19: Global Petition Puts Pressure on US to Abolish Death Penalty
12/19: Going Backwards: Americans Dash Hope of Climate Change Deal
12/18: In America's 'Boom Time', A Record Cry for Food
12/18: Jackson Predicts 'Direct Action,' Plans Inaugural Week Rallies
12/17: GW Bush Cash Linked To Death Hospitals
12/16: Fissures Widening Among Democrats After Gore's Loss; DLC charges that populist themes responsible for loss
12/16: Tobacco Companies Expect 'Bush Dividend'
12/15: General Tries Some Old Guerrilla Tactics To Make United Nations Toe Israeli Line
12/15: Black Anger: 'This is not about Gore. This is about us'; Justices verdict stirs African Americans to renewed struggle
12/14: Trafficking in Human Beings Reprehensible, Says UN's Kofi Annan
12/14: Palestinian Activist Slain, the Third in 3 Days
12/13: D.C. Police Prepare for Protests at Inauguration
12/13: Hail to the Thief! Chill Winds Blow as Rightwing Justices Deliver for GW Bush
12/12: Job of Clarence Thomas's Wife Raises Conflict-of-Interest Questions
12/12: Despite Final Shutdown, Chernobyl Nuclear Time-Bomb Will Tick On
12/11: George W Bush vs Albert Gore Jr: Battle for US Presidency Reaches Supreme Court
12/11: Alternative Nobel Prize For Lawyer-Activist Munir
12/10: Yoko Ono May Help Lead New US Gun Control Campaign
12/10: Jesse Jackson Jr: Supreme Court's Moral and Legal Authority Is At Stake
12/9: California Restarts Dirty Power Plants
12/9: How California's Consumers Lost With Electricity Deregulation
12/8: Global Warming Deal Stalls
12/8: On the Streets at the Nice Summit: Amid the Clouds of Tear Gas, A Disparate Alliance is United in Protest
12/7: Town Defies HMO, Rallies Around Doctor
12/7: World Bank's 'Market-Driven' Health Policies Hurt Nations, Critics Say
12/6: Network Pulls Movie After Advertiser Protests
12/6: UN Mediator Tells Israel: Lift Blockade or Risk War
12/5: US Presidency Change Puts Gun Against Heads Of Climate Negotiators
12/5: Countries Broadly Agree on Global Convention to Ban "Dirty Dozen" Poisons
12/5: UN Human Rights Chief Urges Colombia To Stop Right-Wing Militias
12/4: New Study: Corporations Get Bigger and Bigger
12/4: 'Lori is No Terrorist ...She's Guilty of Speaking Loudly for the Poor'
12/3: 1,200 Celebrate Visionary David Brower's Life
12/3: Critics Calling U.S. Supplier in Nicaragua a 'Sweatshop'
12/2: Senator Paul Wellstone Takes The Lead Against 'Plan Colombia'
12/2: Gulf War Uranium Warning Failed To Reach Troops
12/1: US, Europe Under Pressure To Restart Global Warming Talks



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