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April 2000

4/30: AIDS Is Declared Threat to US National Security
4/30: Going Forward: Mass Transit Popularity Surges in U.S.
4/29: US Tells Russia: Let's Keep Nukes Forever
4/29: Millennium March: Gay Rally Bares Deep Divisions
4/28: Federal Authorities Said to Be Preparing to Rout Protesters on Vieques
4/28: NAFTA: Environmental Groups Condemn Secret Trade Meetings
4/27: US Study: Medical Bills Main Culprit In Bankruptcies Americans are 'one illness away' from financial collapse
4/27: Campaign 2000: Civil Rights May Prove Pivotal For Fall Races
4/27: US Double Standard On 'War On Drugs' Angers Colombians
4/26: Study Confirms That Racism Infects America's Juvenile Justice System
4/26: FDA Fails To Warn Public Of Tuna, Swordfish That Is Laced With Mercury
4/25: The Millenium March: A Gay March on Washington Spawns a Major Movement Rift
4/25: Justice For Janitors: Janitors Victory Galvanizes Workers Across The Nation
4/25: Sweatshop King: Nike Exec Reneges On $30 Million Pledge
4/24: UN Chief Kofi Annan: Nuclear War Is 'A Real Possibility'
4/24: Going Backwards: U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Plans Draw Scrutiny
4/24: US Conference On Disarmament Opens Today; Growing US Isolation To Put Increased Pressure on Israel
4/23: Earth Day Crowd Targets Global Warming
4/23: Agent Orange Effects Still Being Felt 25 Years After End Of Vietnam War
4/22: Last World Bank-IMF Protesters Leave DC Jails With A $5 Jaywalking Fine
4/22: Western Oil Companies Under Fire Over Human Rights, Environment
4/21: Coast Guard Runs Down Woman Protesting Whale Slaughter
4/21: Colombians Face Increased Violence From Right-Wing Forces
4/20: World's Drug Traffickers Are Thriving On Globalization, Privatization
4/20: We're #1: Population In Prisons Grows In US
4/19: Gun-Control Movement Split by Ambition to Ban Handguns
4/19: Protesters Looking Toward L.A. -- After a Detour to D.C. Court
4/18: CIA Sends Agents To Schools -- To Teach
4/18: Post-A16: Corporate Globalization Opponents Look To Future
4/17: Police Detain Hundreds More in Rain-Soaked World Bank Protests
4/17: Monday Morning Rains Fail To Dampen IMF Protests
4/17: Goldman Prize: The Year's 7 Environmental Heroes Honored
4/16: Protesters Lift Siege Of IMF, World Bank As Demonstrations Continue
4/16: Police Fire Foam Bullets, Tear Gas As Protests Escalate
4/16: Free-Market Excesses Call Students To Arms; Activists demand moral accountability
4/15: Protesters' Headquarters Raided, Shut Down
4/15: Poor Nations Send A United Message: Rich Getting Richer
4/15: Globalization Foes Organize in Worldly Ways
4/14: South African Bitterly Criticizes IMF Policies
4/14: Peaceful Protest Belies Rising Tension
4/14: Activists Go To Boot Camp; Bostonians learn nonviolent tactics for World Bank, IMF protests
4/13: Justice For Janitors: Organization, Commitment Power Strike
4/13: Shaking A Fist At Global Finance: Washington Protests Focusing Anger On World Bank And IMF
4/13: Preparations For Protests In Full Swing Around D.C.
4/13: Environmentalists Warn Clinton of Reversal on Strip Mining
4/12: Judge Says Tuna Must Remain `Dolphin Safe'; Ruling in S.F. blocks attempt by White House to lower standard
4/12: From Worker's Rights To The Environment, Today's Protesters Take On The World
4/12: Antimissile System Is Called 'No Defense'
4/11: Albright Says That Pollution Is Threat To US Interests; Half Of World's Rivers, Lakes 'Seriously Sick'
4/11: Microsoft Hires Bush Adviser Ralph Reed To Lobby Bush
4/10: Rise of the Corporate Nation-State
4/10: Justice For Janitors: LA Strike Spreads Across The Country
4/9: Mass Slaughter Threat To Whales: Norway and Japan accused of buying Third World support to bring back industrial-scale hunting
4/9: U.S. Resists Plan to Remove Tariffs for Poor Nations
4/8: Polluted Willamette River Sullies Image Of A Green Oregon
4/8: Graduate School for Protesters: D.C. is next for the Ruckus Society and its well-trained troublemakers
4/8: DC April 16/17: From All Walks of Life, They Make a Stand
4/7: Global Banks Draw Fire Over African Oil Project
4/7: Texas Man Sentenced To 16-Years For Theft Of 'Snickers' Candy Bar
4/6: Report on Genetically Altered Foods Hit as Pro-Agribusiness
4/6: Europeans Baffled by US Support of Death Penalty
4/5: Jailed, Tortured Mexican Activist Wins Environmental Award
4/5: New Study: Ozone Layer Over Europe Thinner By Two-Thirds
4/4: New Coalition Launches The 'Global Action Plan for Education'
4/4: Pacific Islanders: After Facing War, Nuclear Testing Now Victims Of Global Warming
4/3: 'Get In Step': Over Six Hundred Begin 4-Day March Against Confederate Flag In South Carolina
4/3: New Study: Despite Biotech Push, Consumer Demand Sends Organic Farming Soaring
4/3: New Poll: Americans Eager For Far-Ranging Campaign Finance Reform -- Even Public Funding For Elections
4/2: With Seattle in Mind, Police Show Strength at New Jersey I.M.F. Rally
4/2: Eleanor Smeal: War On Cancer Held Hostage By Politics
4/2: After Seattle: April 16/17 In DC Movement's Strong Energy & Appeal Surprise Even The Organizers
4/1: Pentagon Trained Troops Led by Officer Accused In Colombian Massacre
4/1: Thousands Gather In Baltimore As 'Feminist Expo 2000' Opens
4/1: 'Eager Mace 2000': US Marines Stage Live-Fire 'War Games' On Iraqi Border



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