Published on Friday, November 10, 2000
Why Gore Will Win Florida on Manual Recount

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This message was posted earlier today on the rightwing Free Republic website - and has sent shockwaves through conservative circles.

Gore Will Win Florida on Manual Recount

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Source: CNN
Posted on 11/10/2000 09:09:54 PST by Bot-a-Bing

I just saw an interview of the woman in charge of the recount effort in Palm Beach. This is critical for people to understand.

There were 19,000 ballots invalid due to double-punching. These are invalid by law, and will not be counted.
BUT, there were about 10,000 ballots under-punched. That means they were either not punched at all, or they were punched too softly for the vote to be picked up on the computer.

As we speak, the precincts are being selected, 4 of them in the county. The manual recount looks at those under-punched ballots, and if the election committee determines that by looking at the under-punched ballot, they can discern the 'will of the voter' then that vote will be added.

Gore carried Palm Beach county almost 2 to 1. That means any extra ballots are likely to be 2 to 1 in favor of Gore. Just in Palm Beach county alone, all they have to find is 1000 under-punched ballots where that 3 person committee says they can determine the will of the people, and Gore will pick up enough votes to win (according to AP numbers). (Out of 1000, 666 are likely to be Gore votes.)

Prepare yourselves people. Gore is going to win Florida.

Democrats picked the 4 largest liberal counties to recount, and now they are picking the 4 precincts in each of those counties that had the most under-punched ballots.

The obvious statistical meaning of this is that Gore is going to pick up a LOT of vote in the manual recount.

The ONLY way Bush can fight this is to challenge EACH AND EVERY SINGLE Pro-Bush county in Florida, then Challenge EACH AND EVERY SINGLE precinct with under-punched cards, and thereby hope to come up with more Bush votes.

The main problem of course, Republicans are much less likely to be morons who cant even figure out how to vote, and so the under-punching is likely to favor Democrats.

I hate to break this news, but the odds are that Gore is going to win Florida based on the manual recount.