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August 2008

Tuesday, August 19

  • Washington Offers No Relief for Savers
  • Border Park Visitors Face New Controls
  • You Can’t Be Serious: How a Comedian Became the Most Influential Voice in American Politics
  • Lawsuit Seeks EPA Pesticide Data
  • Lobbyist Parties for Lawmakers Bend Rules

    Monday, August 18

  • Forever 21 Development on South Central Farm Site Protested
  • Stanford Biologist Sees Money in Preservation
  • In Rural New York, Windmills Can Bring Whiff of Corruption
  • A Modest Proposal for Sustainable Eating
  • Helen Thomas Stars in New Kennedy Documentary
  • Wastewater Often Used in Urban Agriculture: Study
  • Musharraf Walked a Tightrope
  • Journalist Says US Target was Al-Jazeera
  • Tour of Tskhinvali Undercuts Russian Claim of Genocide

    Sunday, August 17

  • Prosecutors Focus On Blackwater Case: Report
  • Antiwar Activists Want Table at School Career Day
  • Democrats to Offer Bill With Offshore Oil Drilling
  • Military Aid Work Puts Humanitarians at Risk -NGO
  • Pakistan Coalition Gives Musharraf Two-Day Ultimatum
  • The Why-Haven’t-You Impeached-the-President Tour

    Saturday, August 16

  • Jackson Browne Sues McCain For Using ‘Running on Empty’
  • US Town Turned Into An Open-Air Prison
  • Did Washington Waste Millions On Faulty Voting Machines?
  • US May Ease Police Spy Rules
  • US Officials Admit Worry over a ‘Difficult’ al-Maliki

    Friday, August 15

  • 32 Picketers Arrested Outside Disneyland In Labor Protest
  • White House Reporter Helen Thomas Profiled on HBO
  • Buying Into ‘Organic,’ ‘Natural,’ ‘Local’
  • Raleigh County Mountain at Center of Coal vs. Wind Debate
  • Russia Accused of Dropping Cluster Bombs on Georgian Civilians
  • Escaping The Poverty Trap
  • Pentagon Legal Adviser’s Objectivity Challenged
  • Arar’s US Lawsuit Resurrected
  • Suffocating Dead Zones Spread Across World’s Oceans
  • Russia: Poland Risks Attack Because of US Missiles

    Thursday, August 14

  • US Groups File Election Complaint Against Wal-Mart
  • Hamdan Jurors Disappointed Convict Could Be Held
  • Ecuador Says Could Help Settle Chevron Suit
  • Nothing Behind US Allegations?
  • Civil Liberties: Outrage at New York Police Plan to Track Vehicles
  • Under Surveillance: Backers of Privacy Rights Track GPS Use
  • Canada To Evict US Deserter
  • Shell Rebuked For ‘Greenwash’ Over Ad For Polluting Oil Project
  • Back to Nature: The Cheeky New Way To Save The Planet
  • West’s Diplomats Rush To Save Musharraf From Impeachment as Resignation Rumors Grow
  • Guantanamo Trials Put Generals At Odds

    Wednesday, August 13

  • US Sergeant Shot, Mutilated Afghan Man, Soldier Testifies
  • ‘Gitmo On The Platte’ Set As Holding Cell For DNC
  • War Court Resumes, Readies Canadian’s Trial
  • Amazon Rainforest Threatened By New Wave of Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Study Finds 115 Million Animals Ued in Tests Worldwide
  • Mukasey Won’t Pursue Charges in Justice Department Hiring Scandal
  • Prince Charles Sees Red Over GM Crops
  • Police Revoke RNC Permit For Welfare Rights Group
  • Pelosi Says Open To House Vote On Offshore Drilling
  • US Warns Against Israeli Plan To Strike Against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

    Tuesday, August 12

  • Bush Plan Takes Scientists Out of Decision Making On Endangered Species Status
  • Most Companies In US Avoid Federal Income Taxes
  • FBI’s Use of Phone Records Shows Need to Protect the Press, Senators Say
  • Israeli Arms Sales To Georgia Raise New Concerns
  • 21 US Cities to Measure and Report Carbon Emissions
  • Are Stun Guns Too Deadly? Louisiana Case Adds To Debate.
  • Group Concerned About Climate Change Challenges Oil Sands Development
  • House Judiciary To Probe Allegations White House Ordered Forged Letter Linking Saddam-Al Qaeda
  • Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says
  • Rush to Arctic As Warming Opens Oil Deposits

    Monday, August 11

  • An End To Mountaintop Removal Mining?
  • California: Marijuana Law Goes Up In Smoke As Federal Agents Raid Dispensaries
  • US-Led Force Kills Eight Civilians in Afghanistan
  • Maine Dairy ‘Somewhat Vindicated’ As Monsanto Leaves Bovine Hormone Business
  • A Solar Success
  • Morales to Push Bolivian Reforms After Winning Vote
  • Meltdown In The Arctic Is Speeding Up
  • Guaranteed Health Care Key Plank in Democrat’s Platform

    Sunday, August 10

  • Reclaiming an Ecosystem: A California Success Story
  • Iraq Demands ‘Very Clear’ US Troop Timeline
  • UK Denies Money to Wounded Afghans

    Saturday, August 9

  • AIDS Meet – Fine Words, Few Concrete Actions
  • Nagasaki Commemorates Anniversary of Nuclear Attack
  • Marine Ordered to Stand Trial in Fallujah Killings
  • nti-war Activist Cindy Sheehan on the Ballot
  • From Beijing to Battery Park, Activists Stress Causes

    Friday, August 8

  • Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate
  • US Weighs Stepped-Up Military Forays Into Pakistan
  • Fury After Israeli Officer in Charge of Prisoner’s Shooting Is ‘Reassigned’
  • US Attorney Scandal Probe Enters White House Circle
  • Besieged Morales Pins Hopes on Popular Vote
  • US and Canada Found Guilty of Racism
  • Opponents Reach Deal to Impeach Musharraf
  • Hamdan Gets Light Sentence, Thanks Military Jury
  • Sadr To Disarm If US Withdraws On Timetable
  • Hard Times For Hollywood, Florida
  • Medellin Execution Highlights Flaw In International Law: Experts
  • Myanmar Arrests “8-8-88? Anniversary Marchers
  • Worldwide Protests On Eve of China Olympics
  • Russia Sends Forces Into Georgian Rebel Conflict

    Thursday, August 7

  • End Nuclear Threat, Next President Told
  • Did Dick Cheney Give Bush Plausible Deniability?
  • Iraqi Parliament Adjourns Without Setting Elections
  • After Split Decision In Guantanamo, Legal Debate Rages On
  • Human Rights in the Age of Counter-Terrorism
  • US Says Submarine Leaked Radiation in 3 Japan Ports
  • E-waste Poisoning Environment In Ghana: Greenpeace
  • Growing Hesitancy Over A Military Test
  • Anti-War Protesters Freeze In Place
  • Guantanamo Detainee Petitions Rights Panel Over Torture
  • Prepare For Global Temperature Rise of 4C, Warns Top Scientist

    Wednesday, August 6

  • Tree Lovers Urged To Spread The Love in A forest - and Film It
  • Afghans Increasingly Caught in Crossfire
  • Doubt Cast on US Version of Terror Suspect’s Arrest
  • Texas Executes Mexican Inmate Amid International Protests
  • New Map Aims to Help Battle for Arctic Territories
  • Rockies Wilderness at Risk From Latest Dash For Gas
  • Gun-Control Groups Fear Top Activist Was NRA Spy
  • Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump Cost Soars
  • Hiroshima Marks Bomb Anniversary With Hope For US Change
  • ‘Split Verdict’ Reached At Guantanamo Tribunal

    Monday, August 5

  • Doubts About Anthrax Story
  • Gaza ‘Fulbright Three’ Stripped of US Visas
  • US May Have Taped Visits to Detainees
  • Police Block Food Supplies To Power Station Protesters
  • Enron Setbacks Could Hurt Other White-Collar Prosecutions
  • Al-Arian Case: ‘When You Have To Leave America To Be Free’
  • Pelosi: At-Risk Democrats Permitted to Back Drilling
  • Mexican Set For US Execution in Defiance of Intl Court of Justice
  • Nearly Half of All The World’s Primates at Risk of Extinction
  • California Fights Nestle’s Plan to Bottle Pristine Waters
  • Author Claims White House Knew Iraq Had No WMD

    Monday, August 4

  • US Has ‘Under-Estimated Spread of HIV by 40 Percent’
  • Prescription Data Used To Assess Consumers
  • Battle Over Oil-Rich City Threatens To Derail Iraqi Elections
  • Anger at Police Raid on Green Camp Ahead of Coal Protest
  • Solar Power Breakthrough Stores Energy for Later Use
  • The Search For Osama (No, Not That One)
  • Israel’s Secret Police Pressuring Sick Gazans to Spy for Them, Says Report
  • March Sets Tone For AIDS Conference
  • Intelligence Spin by US Hardliners Sparked NKorean Crisis: Book
  • Solzhenitsyn, Soviet Dissident Writer, Dies at 89
  • Seoul Probes Civilian `Massacres’ by US

    Sunday, August 3

  • As the Fighting Swells in Afghanistan, So Does a Refugee Camp in Its Capital
  • Mixed Feelings Over WTO Failure in Geneva
  • A Voyage into the Great Arctic Meltdown
  • Group Protests Vacationing Bush

    Saturday, August 2

  • Attenborough Alarmed as Children are Left Flummoxed by Test on the Natural World
  • Many with HIV Hide Attendance at AIDS Conference
  • The Climate Costs of a Glass of Milk
  • Consumers are Raising Cane over Corn Sweetener
  • Iran Rejects Deadline Over Nuclear Proposal
  • Obama Would Consider Off-Shore Drilling as Part of Comprehensive Energy Plan

    Friday, August 1

  • FCC Rules Comcast Violated Internet Access Policy
  • Source: British Territory Used for US Terror Interrogation
  • Man Suspected in Anthrax Attacks Said to Commit Suicide
  • Afghanistan Spiralling Back to Days of Taliban, Say Charities
  • Bush Order Expands Role for National Intel Chief
  • Travelers’ Laptops May Be Detained At Border
  • Wal-Mart Warning Managers of Labor Bill
  • Judge Rules Bush Advisers Can’t Ignore Subpoenas

    July 2008




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