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US Expands Sanctions on Iran

- Common Dreams staff

The U.S. announced on Wednesday that it is expanding sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

Photo: CODEPINK Women For Peace The Treasury Department also said it was naming the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and its director, as well as three other entities in Iran, subject to sanctions for "involvement in the Iranian government’s censorship activities."

“Our policy is clear – so long as Iran continues to fail to address the concerns of the international community about its nuclear program, the U.S. will impose tighter sanctions and intensify the economic pressure against the Iranian regime,” David S. Cohen, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said in a statement.  “We will also target those in Iran who are responsible for human right abuses, especially those who deny the Iranian people their basic freedoms of expression, assembly and speech.”

The sanctions are purportedly to thwart Iran access to its oil revenues, and are stated not to affect humanitarian trade such as food and medicine.  However, medical groups in Iran have said that the sanctions have brought a health crisis to the country.