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Congressman Lays Out Public Option "Fix" if Health Care Mandate Goes Down

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Talks SCOTUS, Public Option, Pawlenty on 'The Last Word'

by David Freedlander

Anthony Weiner appeared (again) on MSNBC last night to talk about yesterday's lower court decision that called the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

Weiner said that the judge who rendered the verdict, was, like most conservatives, happy to engage in judicial activism when it suited his political interests, and he took a shot across the bow at  the Supreme Court, who will likely ultimately decide the constiutionality of the bill, saying that despite the merits of the law, it is impossible to predict how such a politicized body will rule.

And finally, Weiner took another shot at G.O.P. presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty, saying that his coffee cup "knows more about health care reform than Pawlenty knows."

Take a look:

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