Pandemic As Love Fest: Over 396,000 Dead But None of Them Named Trump, So It's All Good

Bringing out Trump's dead in New York. Reuters photo

Surreal. The Tinhorn Mussolini has gone blithely back to holding his pointless, spittle-flying, ego-boosting, super-spreading,  racist-dog-whistling rallies - despite the fact they're now confirmed public health hazards - because he has nothing left but steroid-fueled grievance and bombast, even if it's ever more dementedly focused on Clinton, Obama, hoaxes and California builidings with small windows and smaller fish. Having conquered COVID with perfect-human-specimen strength and lots of drugs the rest of us can't get - though alas without doing his Superman stunt - he returned to a panicked “ghost town” of a White House, now the pandemic's improbable epicenter thanks to Mark Meadows' dismal mismanagement. Having learned exactly nothing, he did his chest-thumping-if-wheeezing Covita routine on the balcony, held his COVchella event complete with paid crowds in North Korean-style uniforms, and moved on to Monday's non-distanced superspreader in hot-spot Florida, where - see drugs - he jubilantly declared himself "immune" and the pandemic "an incredible love-fest," tossed masks to people like his infamous paper towels in Puerto Rico, and boasted, "I feel so powerful...I'll kiss everyone in that audience... the guys and the beautiful women....I'll just give you a big, fat kiss." He was so high he attempted to "dance" to the gay anthem YMCA - see the hilarious reaction from a horrified Anderson Cooper - as the homphobic hordes cheered. Mostly, in a stunningly ambitious moving of the goalposts, he tried out his latest coronavirus defense - lookit all the people I haven't killed yet! - by repeatedly bragging he'd "saved" two million Americans, so heckuva job Donnie.

He repeated his new two-million shtick in Tuesday tweets. Reality, however, continues to rear its ugly head. The U.S. now has 7.85 million coronavirus cases, with over 45,000 more each day; it has seen 215,000 deaths, far more than any other country; and experts estimate that for every recorded two deaths, "another American is dying."An ABC News analysis found increases in new cases in at least 28 states. And most terrifyingly, a new model from University of Washington's School of Medicine predicts that at current rates, 181,000 more will die from COVID by February 1, bringing U.S. total deaths to over 396,000, peaking at 2,300 a day in mid-January. If social distancing is eased, there could be 285,000 more deaths by then, with a total death toll of over 500,000. The numbers are difficult to fathom, but sometimes harrowing individual stories emerge from the slaughter. The Guardian tells that of Adeline Fagan, a 28-year-old OB/GYN resident at a Houston hospital who loved delivering babies. She caught the virus in July, probably during an ER rotation, and died in September - her funeral was last weekend - after two months in intensive care and on ventilators as doctors tried to save her. Due to PPE shortages, her sister said Adeline wore the same N95 mask "for weeks and weeks, if not months" - the CDC recommends one be worn at most five times - a safety violation for which unions have lobbied and sued Trump. Fagan is one of over 250 medical staff who died during surges in southern and western states this summer. Astonishingly, repulsively, fresh from getting booed off a stage, Moscow Mitch found their deaths pretty hilarious during his debate with Amy McGrath; when she blasted his dismal failures  on COVID after he got booed off a stage, he went full, chortling, cackling, hideous super villain, "laughing like Confederate Voldemort at dead doctors, nurses, teachers, first line workers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and children." Because these people are fucking monsters, all of 'em. Below, see the chilling truth of what they've done.

Update: If you can stand any more, it turns out Americans are also dying - of COVID and other things - at rates way, like astoundingly way, higher than in other developed countries. Quite the love fest.

"As far as Trump is concerned, we know this about him: You can say, how many people have died of coronavirus? Well, if none of their names are Donald J Trump, then the answer is none.” - Republican strategist Rich Galen

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